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I'll describe my sister's wedding to you,This is the biggest event in my family in recent years.On that day, it is surprising that she woke up at about 6 o’clock ,which is unusual for her to wakeup at that time and she went to make up her face before the mirror,then at 10 o'clock her fiance came to my house to pick up my sister with beautifully decorated cars.

We are expected to play some tricks on the fiance when we were at home.The one I found the most interesting was hiding the my sister's shoes to let the him find,if he can't find them,he has to payme to get the shoes.However,that day the fiance find the shoes and then he put them on my sister's feet.After that her fiance drived us to the ceremony site which was a large hotel,someone who wasthe host introduce my sister and her fiance to all the guests.Then the new couple will drink a glass of wine with their arm crossed.

After that there was a big reception with dinner.When the guest eating around the tables,the new marriaged would toast to every table.And as for me I bought my sister's bag and her clothes,she usually need to change several clothes during the ceremony.And seeing the gorgeous smille from my sister’s face,a thought crossed



my mind is that it is simple to be happy.Sometimes having our lovers or family beside us is enough.



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