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雅思口语第一部分话题18 Foreign Language Studies

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雅思口语第一部分话题18 Foreign Language Studies

摘要:Foreign Language Studies是雅思口语中经常会聊到的话题,考生们需要在回答中谈到学习该门外语的时间,遇到的困难怎么解决的等等。

雅思口语考试第一部分需要考生介绍自己的情况,可能出现的话题涵盖你生活中的方方面面。100教育小编为你整理了雅思口语考过的话题专栏,下面是关于Foreign Language Studies,希望对考生们有所帮助!


Foreign Language Studies


1. How long have you been studying English?

Hmm...let's see... that's hard to say. I started in middle school and so I guess you could say about 9 years in total. But it's been kind of "off and on."

2. Do you think English is important for China?

Well, I think it will help us become better at business and diplomacy. For the nation, it will just make us easier to deal with, and I think we will have fewer problems, when we engage other nations. You know, I believe that language problems are often the main cause of misunderstandings.

3. What do you think of English?

I think it's a tough language, frankly. Maybe not the toughest language, but I think there are lots of things that make it confusing. It seems to be a language that's easier to pick up if you're just listening and using it regularly.

4. What is most rewarding about learning a foreign language? Communicating. When you can communicate successfully, it makes all that hard work worthwhile. I love just talking with my foreign friends, and if they understand me I feel quite proud.

5. What do you think is the best way to study English?

I don't know. I mean, I've tried all kinds of ways. I suppose the best way is to use it regularly and to try and memorize a lot of different words and expressions, but I



guess you need a lot of persistence for that.

6. What aspect of English do you find the most difficult?

Well, that's difficult to say. I guess it's the grammar. I mean, it's simple enough to study the rules, but when I try to produce it I always seem to make mistakes. If I write the sentences I'm ok, but whenever I try tosay them I seem to make mistakes. Buildings

7. Does your hometown have a lot of modern buildings or are they mostly traditional?

Well, that's an interesting question, because it depends where in my hometown. The downtown area has mostly modem buildings, and you'll see a number of skyscrapers. Outside the city center you'll see a lot of older 1950s-style buildings and brick houses. As for traditional buildings, there are a few of those spread out throughout the town, but there aren't too many nowadays.

8. Which buildings do you prefer to look at?

Well, I love the old-style buildings with the steep roofs and balanced style. I like all the symbol designs on them too. But to be frank, I think we need to concentrate on replacing those older buildings that were built 20 or 30 years ago, because, in my view, they are just eyesores. 119. Could you describe the traditional architecture of your country?

Firstly, the buildings are made of wood or bamboo instead of stone or metal. Secondly, they are very high and always have curved eaves. Thirdly, the traditional buildings have doors and windows that are adorned with paintings.





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