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雅思口语第二部分话题16:A childhood toy

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雅思口语第二部分话题16:A childhood toy

摘要:雅思口语考试第二部分可能出现的话题涵盖生活中的方方面面。100教育小编为你整理了雅思口语考过的话题,以下是关于A childhood toy ,希望对考生们有所帮助!

雅思口语考试第二部分可能出现的话题涵盖生活中的方方面面。100教育小编为你整理了雅思口语考过的话题,以下是关于A childhood toy ,希望对考生们有所帮助!


A childhood toy

Describe a toy that you enjoyed playing with in your childhood.


You should say:

what it looked like

how you got this toy

what you did with this toy

and explain why you enjoyed playing with this toy.


I want to describe a toy in my childhood. Actually, and is a model car. When I was a kid, I was very interested in car models and guns. But my mother didn’t know that and she bought many story books for me. To tell you the truth, my father found that I liked model cars, so he bought me one as a little present. It’s as big as a book and the color was very bright, it was red. I think the car was cool and I liked it very much. I would always take it out and study it. I figured out many functions of the car. I felt it was amazing that people could invent this tool for transportation. Since it was the gift that my father gave me, I kept it very carefully. Even now, it still looks like a brand new car. I think it’s very meaningful for a kid to own something that they like.


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