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一.单项选择 (1×20 =20分) (请把答案的英文大写编号写在答卷上)

1. _______ you ______to bed at ten yesterday evening?

A.Did,go B.Do,go

C.Did, went D.Do,went

2. The pupils of our school________ to visit Yuntai Garden ________this number bus tomorrow.

A.go,by B.going, by

C.is going, by D.are going, on

3.A:How do you like the film? B:_________.

A.I think So. B.1 don' t think so

C.Yes, I like it. D.It' s a good film

4.My story is ________than yours.

A.much interesting B.interesting

C.much more interesting D.interesting

5._________Children' s Day my mother goes to the Zoo with me·

A.In B.At C.Of D.On

6.A:―Thank you very much .‖ B:_________.

A.All right. B.OK. C.No, thanks . D.That‘s all right.

7.He doesn' t go to school today_________ he is ill.

A.and B.or C.because D.but

8.There________ ________ on the plate.

A.is,breads B.are,breads.

C.is,some bread D.are,some bread

9.Her TV is broken.There is________ picture.

A.no B.not C.Some D.any

10,Tom________ things.Now he is making a toy plane.

A.1ike make B.1ikes make C.1ike making D.1ikes making

11.Uncle Li, there' s something wrong with my computer.Would you give me a_______?

A.foot B.head C.hand D。face

12.That' s a good place for reading,________?

A.is that B.is it C.isn' t that D.isn' t it

13.My father likes_______books in the evening.He doesn' t often________TV .

A.1ooking at, watch B.watches,see

C.to read,watches D.reading, watch

14.--Would you like something to eat?

-- ________ .

A.Yes, I am. B.Yes,1 like it very much.

C.Yes,please. D.Yes,I'd like some water

15.--_________ ?

-- She is a nurse.

A.Where does your mother do? B.What does your mother do?

C.What is your mother doing? D.Who is your mother?

16.Give _________ some tomatoes,please.

A.Li Lei and I B.I and Li Lei

C.Li Lei and mc D.me and Li Lei

1 7.Which city will hold the Olympic Games in 2008 ?

A.Paris B.Beijing C.London D.Toky6

18.The capital of the USA is ____________ .

A.New York B.Washington C.Paris D.London

19.People use _________ in England.

A.dollar(s) B.yuan(¥) C.pound(£) D.HK..do11ar(HK $)

20.Koalas (树熊) live in_________ .(本题原稿是一幅世界地图,答案从4个洲之中选择)

A.Asia B.Africa C.Australia D.North America

二、完形填空(1×l0 = 10分) (请把答案的英文大写编号写在答卷上)

___21___ children like to watch TV.It' s very ___22___.On Tv ___23___can see and learn a lot and know many things ___24___. their country and the world.___25___they can learn over the radio.But they can learn better and more easily on ___26___ .Why ? Because they can hear and watch at the same time.But they can' t __27____ anything over the radio.

Many children watch TV only on Saturday or Sunday.evening.They are ___28___ busy with their lessons.But a few children watch TV every ___29___.They go to bed very late.They can' t have a good ___30____.How about you, my young friend ?

21.A.Much B.Most C.More D.Any

22.A.interesting B.new C.big D.CUte

23.A.we B.you C.they D.I

24.A.on B.about C.of D.with

25.A.By them B.Of course C.Because D.So

26.A.radio B.film C.newspaper D.w

27.A.hear B.enjoy C.see D.1earn

28.A.never B.always C.sometimes D.once

29.A.morning B.afternoon C.noon D.night

30.A.time B.rest C.day D.1ook

三.阅读理解 (1×10 = 10分) (请把答案的英文大写编号写在答卷上)


My mame is Lily.My father is a teacher.His students love him a lot because he is funny.I love him too,but I think he can be ?foolish‘sometimes.

Once we moved house and had to go shopping to buy new chairs and lights.In the supermarket.we saw many beautiful lights.I like some of them and made my father buy them. When we got home.my father began to work out how much money we had spent that day.Suddenly, he stopped.―Something is wrong.‖he said,―I have got 300 yuan more than l should.‖

―That' s great,‖ l said,?'You can buy me that cartoon book then,‖Father said nothing . Instead,he counted how much money he had again and again.―The salesgirl must have made a mistake(错误).We should go back to the shop,‖he said.―Do we have to go back?‖l asked,―Nobody will .It would be foolish to go back.‖―It would not be foolish,‖my father said angrily, ―It' s called being honest.‖At that moment, I looked into his eyes and knew he was right.

The salesgirl was surprised to see us in the shop again.But when we gave her money, she thanked us a lot.Suddenly my father stopped me and smiled.―Do you still want that cartoon

book?‖he asked.I looked at my?foolish‘father and answered loudly, ―Father, you‘re the greatest!‖

31.Why did they go to the shop?

A.To buy chairs and lights. B.To take a walk.

C.To buy a cartoon book for Lily. D.Just to look around.

32.Why didn't Lily let her father return the money to the shop? Because________ .

A.nobody knew what had happened (发生)

B.the shop was too far away

C.they were too tired to go back to the shop

D.she wanted to buy a cartoon book with the money

33.What's the meaning (意思)of the word "change‖ in the passage (文章) ?

A.something new B.something different

C.small money D.another kind of money

34.Why was her father angry when Lily didn't let him return the money ? Because_________ .

A.he didn't like money

B.he didn't think it would be honest

C.he didn't want to buy the cartoon book for Lily

D。he was a funny teacher

35。What do you think of Lily's father?

A.He's foolish. B.He's smart. C.He's honest. D.He's bright.


Hello,everyone! It's that time of have it at a very good price.Do you like sweaters? Do you like them at low prices? We have sweaters in all colors at 50 yuan each! Do you need a bag for sports or school? We have great bags for just 6 yuan! For young boys and girls,We have T-shirts in red,green,yellow, orange,blue and black for only 15 yuan! And socks in all colors for just l yuan! And that's not a11.Can't you believe it? Come down to Hualin and see by yourself !

36.This passage is_________ .

A.a story B.an ad (广告)

C.about family D.about buying and selling

37.What is the meaning of the word ―fantastic‖?

A.cheap B.important C.good D.expensive

38.You want to buy a sweater and a T-shirt.How much will you have to pay ?

A.¥51 B.¥21 C.¥56 D.¥65

39.You want some black socks.Can you buy them here?

A.No,I Can't. B.Yes,I can C.No, I can. D.Yes,I Can't.

40.Which sentence is right according to (根据) the passage ?

A.There are no green sweaters.

B.Young boys and girls like T-shirts very much.

C.The T-shirts in Hualin are for young boys and girls.

D.Only the things in this passage are cheap.

四.句型转换:按要求改写句子.(o.5×10 =5分)(每空—词,请把答案写在答卷上)

41.Please read Lesson One.(改为否定句)

_________ __________ Lesson One,please.

42.Jackie has lunch at schoo1.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ Jackie __________ lunch at school ?


___________ ____________ favourite subject ?


____________ ____________ they have maths ?

45.Ann is ten years old.Lucy is eight years old.(把两个句子连成一句)

Lucy is two years __________ _________ Ann.

五.用所给词的适当形式或时态填空.(o.5×10 =5分)( 请把答案写在答卷上)

46。Last year we ________________ ( fly) to Shanghai.

47。… Let's go _______________ (boat).… All right.

48.You can't see her now because she ___________ (have) a class in the classroom.

49.There are some ______________ (tomato) on the desk.

50,Would you like ______________ (play) tennis ?

51.Li Hong often _______________ (carry) water for the old lady

52.Jim is ______________ in our class.(tall)

53.All of ______________ (we) like new clothes.

54.This year is her ______________ (twenty) birthday.

55.I enjoy _____________ (1isten) to music.

六.综合填空;根据首字母填上文中所缺单词。(1×10 = 10分) (请把答案写在答卷上)

The Spring Festival begins on the first day of the f___56___ month of the Chinese calendar(日历) while the Western New Year starts on the first day of J___57___.Before the Spring Festival comes,everyone b___58___busy.They clean their houses,cook a lot of d___59___food and go s ___60___for presents. ‘

On the eve (前夕) of the Chinese New Year, every family member stays home for d___61___and welcomes the New Year with hope and happiness.They w___62___ the Spring Festival Evening Party ? by CCTV and go to bed very late.The children get ―lucky money‖f___63___ the older.With the m___64___ they can buy books, toys, food and many other t___65___.(完)


英语试题(时间:40分钟 总分:80分)

一、语音 (0.5×20=10分)

A) 找出划线部分读音与众不同的词。 B) 找出与所给得词划线部分读音相同的词。 二、单项选择。 (1×20=20分)

1. There isn‘t a nice book on the table ____________.

A. isn‘t it B. is it C. isn‘t there D. is there

2. There capital of Australia is ______________.

A. London B. Washington C. Sydney D. Canberra

3. Turn left __________ the second crossing, and the store is __________ the left.

A. at, to B. at, on C. on, at D. to, at

4. He doesn‘t like playing football. She doesn‘t like it, ___________.

A. also B. too C. neither D. either

5. -- _________ there _________ on the plate?

-- Yes, _______ only a little.

A. Is, a meat, and B. Are, meats, but

C. Are, any meats, and D. Is, any meat, but

6. The boy _________ blue is a friend of ___________.

A. of, my B. in, my C. of, mine D. in, mine

7. She has got __________ European stamp.

A. a B. / C. an D. some

8. Look at _______________. How nice it looks.

A. moon B. the moon C. a moon D. the moons

9. Please give ___________.

A. the ruler me B. the ruler for me

C. the ruler to me D. to me the ruler

10. -- _________ your raincoat ___________ you, please. It is raining outside.

A. Bring, to B. Bring, with C. Take, to D. Take, with

11. – Do you have a pen like this?

-- No. But I‘m going to buy _____________.

A. one B. it C. this D. that

12. Tommy lives on the _________ floor while Jacky lives on the _________ floor.

A. fivethe, nineth B. fifth, nineth C. fifth, ninth D. fiveth, ninth

13. There ________ a pair of shoes. Whose shoes ______ those?

A. are, are B. is, are C. is, is D. are, is

14. This book is __________ than that one.

A. much interesting B. interestinger

C. more interesting D. better interesting

15. We bought Granny a present, _______ she didn‘t like __________.

A. and, it B. but, it C. so, one D. but, one

16. -- _______ I have a look at the picture?

-- Yes, you ________.

A. Can, must B. Can, many C. May, can D. Must, must

17. The boy is getting ________ and he will be __________ enough to go to school next week.

A. better, good B. good, better C. good, well D. better, well

18. If you _________ work hard, you _________ pass the exam.

A. won‘t, won‘t B. won‘t, can‘t C. don‘t, don‘t D. don‘t, won‘t

19. My grandfather was born ________ a cold winter morning _________ January, 1949.

A. in, in B. on, in C. on, on D. in, on

20. -- _________ is that book?

-- _________ book?

-- The one on your desk.

-- It‘s Tom‘s

A. Who‘s, What B. Who‘s., Which C. Which, Whose D. Whose, Which

三、完形填空 (1×10=10分)

It is a fine Sunday morning. Ann and her mother are a bog bus. There are Some are from America. And some are from and Canada. They are going to the Great Wall.

There are two Chinese on the bus. One is a woman. She is He good English. He is now talking the Great Wall. The other people are all

him. They like the Great Wall. They want to see it .

1. A. in B. on C. at D. into

2. A. much B. any C. a little D. many

3. A. English B. England C. British D. Chinese

4. A. both B. all C. none D. no

5. A. riding B. taking C. driving D. carrying

6. A. Another B. The other C. The one D. He

7. A. speaks B. talks C. says D. listens

8. A. with B. on C. about D. at

9. A. listening B. listening to C. hearing D. hearing to

10. A. a lot of B. lots of C. very D. much

四、阅读理解 (1×10=10分)


The summer vacation is over. It‘s true that time always flies fast. During the vacation, the weather was hot and I could not do much work, but I lived happily. As the afternoon was hot, I did my work in the morning. I used to get up at 6:30 and take a walk in the garden for half an hour. After breakfast, I began reading English and Chinese and did some exercises in maths. Those took me there hours or more. I worked quite hard and made good progress. I spent the afternoon outside. I went to swim and it was funny. I would not go home until it was about five or six o‘clock.

Sometimes a friend of mine would come to see me and we would spend some hours listening to music. In this way I spent my vacation happily. And I not only studied well but also became a good swimmer. How I am in good health and high spirits.

1. What does the passage mainly tell us? It mainly tells us ___________.

A. how the writer spent his summer holidays

B. what the writer spent was like in that summer

C. when the writer got up in the morning

D. where the writer took a walk

2. The writer had very good summer holidays because he ___________.

A. worked very hard and made good progress

B. learned to swim and did his work well

C. got up early and went home late

D. liked swimming better than studying

3. A. The writer made progress in his lessons.

B. The writer took a walk for half an hour before breakfast.

C. The writer began studying as soon as he got up.

D. The writer spent more time swimming than listening to music.


Mr. Jones teaches history. He is a very good teacher. During this year, most of his students got at least a C on the tests and there were many A‘s. On the last test, however, Mr. Jones got a big surprise. He wrote down all of his students‘ scores. Then he counted the number of students that got between 91 and 100. There were only two! Only two students got A‘s! He found out that there were only a few B‘s and C‘s. Most of the students in his class got a D or and F on the final test. Mr. Jones looked at the test again. He thought that it was too hard. He decided to give every student 10 more points. Then many of the students got good grades on the test. What a nice teacher!

4. Why did many students get low scores on the test?

A. The teacher was mean (吝啬). B. The test was difficult.

C. The test was too long. D. They didn‘t study.

5. What did the teacher decide to do? He decided to _________.

A. change some test questions B. add points to each student‘s score

C. give another test D. take off points of the high scores

6. How many students got 70 points or better on better on the test in the end?

A. 2 B. 4 C. 10 D. 17

7. Another word for test ―score‖ is ___________.

A. answers B. parts C. questions D. points


On the first day of class, Tom‘s teacher asked the class to fill out a form. The information always helped her get to know her students. Tom filled out the form like this.

8. Which is true about Tom‘s family?

A. He is the only child. B. His father travels a lot.

C. His mother works. D. They live in a big house.

9. The teacher did not ask students about their ________.

A. blood type B. eye color C. height D. weight

10. If you ―fill out‖ a form, you _______.

A. explain about it B. give it away C. read over it D. write it away

五、句型转换:按要求改写句子。 (0.5×20=10分)

1. My watch is broken. (就划线部分提问)

_________ _________ _________ __________ Watch?

2. Baby Bear looked in the bedroom. (就划线部分提问)

_________ _________ Baby Bear __________?

3. He has a piece of bread for breakfast every day. (就划线部分提问)

_________ _________ _________ __________ for breakfast every day?

4. That bus is very old. (改为复数句)

_________ _________ _________ very old.

5. I like the actor Paul Smith best. (改为同义句)

_________ _________ actor is Paul Smith.

6. Can I look at your new sofa? (改为同义句)

Can I ________ ________ ________ _________ your new sofa?

六、用所给词的适当形式或时态填空。 (1×10=10分)

1. We‘ll have the meeting at half past eight. Will you please __________ (come) here a little ________ (early)?

2. Let‘s ________ (speak) English in class. __________________ (not speak) Chinese.

3. Look. The children __________ (play) football.

4. Would you like _________ (go) shopping with me?

5. I do my homework in the evening. But I __________ (not do) it at this time yesterday.

6. Tom ________ (go) to plant trees next day. He __________ (go) to plant trees every year.

7. Which is the _________ (popular) food in China?

七、综合填空:根据文章内容填上所缺单词。 (1×10=10分)

My name is Sally White. I am a school girl. My school is far my home. Every day it a lot of time to get there. The road is not flat (平坦的), so I go to school by bike. I often get there by bus on foot. I must up early every morning. I no time for

breakfast at home. I often have something for breakfast the way or on the bus. I don‘t want to late for school. So sometimes I to school. I am at maths. I like it very much.

(时间:60分钟 总分:100分)

2008年广州市小升初16所民校联考英语试题 A.dog B.water C.pants D.rabbit B.lawyer F.manager D.dress H.milk I.goose J.coach K.whale L.repoter M.shorts N.tea O.juice P.coat Q.driver R.giraffe S.jeans T.coffee U.turtle


( )1、A.three B.fifth C.thirty D. eight

( )2、A.grass B.plant C.rose D.tulip

( )3、A.Canadian B.British C.France D.Japanese

( )4、A.warm B.snowy C.interesting D.cool

( )5、A.wash B.bowl C.plate D.fridge


1、Thursday is the f day of the week in the UK.

2、Our national f is red with five yellow s

3、We can borrow pooks from the

4、I usually go s in the river with friends in summer.

5、In 1979, Deng Xiaoping ristted Guangdong and m an important speech.

6、The boy ran very tast. Soon he d up with other boys.

7、Jim and jack live on the d floor. Jim lives on the sixth and Jack lives on the tenth.


1( )My brother doesn‘t like pels. I don‘t like pets

A.too B.either C.also

2( )A. boy is Billy? B. That tall boy.

A.Who B.Which C.Whose

3( )Is this kite? No,it‘s

A.her,his B.him,hers C.mine,his

4( )Kate and I usually supper at school.

A.have B.has C.are having

5( ) you at home yestcrday?No,I

A.Were, wasn‘t B.Do,don‘t C.Was, wasn‘t

6( )

A.There are B.have C.

7( )We have sports every afternoon.

A.in B.on C./

8( )The book is .My sister is in reading it.

A.interested, interesting B.interesting,interesting


9( )The boys like the idea,but the girls are it.

A.against B.not like C.don‘t like

10( ) Tom and jim home at7:00.

A.Both,goes B.Alt,go C.Both,go

11( )Rwrsh I fly in the blue sky.

A.can B.would C.Both,go

12( )The new room is than the old one.

A.comfortable B.would C.Both,go

13( )Nust I borrow the book with an ID card?No, you

A.mustn‘t B.needn‘t C.shouldn‘t

14( )Mozart was one of the greatest in the world.

A.musician B.musicians C.writers

15( )My new house is closer to the school now.

A.much B.many C.little

16( ) eggs do you need?Nine.

A.How much B.How many C.How often

17( )Those books are my .

A.teachers B.teachers C.teachers‘s

18( )A:Shall we go to the museum next week?B:

A.Where is the museum? B.You are so kind. C.Good idea

19( )You are at the library. You want-to torrow the book Little Red Riding Hood You also

A.Do you like the book Little Red Riding Hood

B.Where can I find the book Little Red Riding Hood

C.Can I borrow the book Little Red Riding Hood

20( )You are having a meal with your friend. You want to ask him to eat some steak. What would you say?

A.Don‘t you like steak? B.Eat the steak

C.Help yourself to some steak


(It is aftemoon A and B are on the phone) ? ?

A.It‘s Sally here. Where you this morning Mike?you see?

B.The Lion kiog。

B.Go ahead. left.

A.Thank you very mnch.

B.You‘re welcome.


1、What‘s your favourite season?

2、Is New York the capital of America?

3、What doy was yesterday?

4、How do you go to school?

5、Which do you prefer, fish or chicken?


I think(1) likes dogs Dogs are our friends My friend Tomson likes dogs very(2) .He has a big dog.(3) name is Bobo. He‘s bright(聪明的).Every Saturday aftemoon Tomson takes Bobo for a long walk in the street. Sometimes Tomson takes Bobo to the park.Tomson(4) the frisby and Bobo catches it in the air.Bobo can open the door and close the door.When Tomson goes to school. Bobo stands in(5) of the door and waits door. When Tomson goes to school. Bobo stands in (5) of the door and waits(6) Tomson coming. When he esss Tomson.he(7) the door and cameshis bag What a bright dog.

I like Bobo. I often go to Tomson‘s home to play(8) him. I often give Bobo(9) to eat. I want to have a dog,too.

( )1、A.everyone B.all of us C.we

( )2、A.much B.many C.well

( )3、A.It‘s B.He‘s C.Its

( )4、A.throw B.is throwing C.throws

( )5、A.back B.front C.iniddle

( )6、A.in B.for C.of

( )7、A.opens B.open C.is opening

( )8、A.to B.with C.to

( )9、A.something B.nothing C.anything


1、 your sister (study)at school last year?

2、She (teach)us English yesterday.

3、 Joan usually (clcan)her tecth before breakfast?

4、Lucy often (and)in the evening.

5、Mike (come)to see us next week.

6、Kate likes dance.

7、Catr you (make) a paper plane now?

8、 Miss Whito often (have)classes in the afternoon?

9、The children usually (play)after class.


(一)读句子,判断句子意思是否合理,如合理的请在括号内写―T‖,否则写―F‖(占5分) ( )1、Leopard runs fastest in the world.

( )2、Thomas Edison was an American scientist.

( )3、The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.

( )4、The Olympics will be held in Beijing in 2008.

( )5、The capital of Australia is Sydney.


Mrs. Green doesn‘t like spqrts. She has much work to do at home.Her mother is coming this aftemoon and she goes to meet her. Near the school she looks at her watch. She has some time. So

she goes into the school. Her son isn‘t in the classroom.She asks a boy and knows they re bebing the school. She sees some boy-s playing there. Her son is there too. Shewatches them playing and soon she‘s angry. She takes her son to the wall. ―Go home with me,Richard‖. she says Don‘t play with them.I can buy a nice ball for you.Then you don‘t need to scramble for the ball.

( )1.Mrs. Green doesn‘t like sports so

A.she is at home B.she doesn‘t know about balls

C.she has much work to doat ho me

( )2.Mrs. Green goes to

A.see her son B.watch her son play

C.meet Richard‘s grandma

( )3.Richard is a A.schoolboy B.schoolgirl C.teacher

( )4.Mrs. Green thinks ,so she wants to buy one fer him.

A.her son likes balls B.her son needs a ball

C.her son is very small

( )5.What‘s the Chinese for―scramble for‖

A.抢夺 B.玩 C.投


There are many people in the bus. Some have seals, but some have to stand. At a bus stop, a woman gels on the bus. An old man hears the door and tries to stand up.―Oh, no thank you‖,the woman forces(强迫)him back to the seat.―Please don‘t do that. I can stand.‖―But, madam. Let me…,‖says the map.―I ask you to keep your seat.‖the woman says,She puts her hands on the old mau‘s shoulder.But the man still tries to stand up,―Madam, will you please let me?‖―Oh, no,‖says the woman,She again forces the man back.At last the old man shouts(大声喊),―I want to get off the busl‖

( )1、Ali the people have seats in the bus.

( )2、An old man gets on the bus at a bus stop.

( )3、The old man wants to give his seat to the woman.

( )4、The woman sits the old man‘s seat.

( )5、The old man wants to get off the bus.





一、判断下列单词划线部分发音,相同划“√”,不同划“×”(5分) ( )1.five thin ( )2.much usually ( )3.lake wait ( )4.phone bottle ( )5.me be ( )6.lot note

( )7.over old ( )8.tree eat

( )9.slow down ( )10.horse work

二、找出与其他三个划线读音不同的单词,将序号填入括号内。(5分) ( )1.A. cool B. food C. foot D. zoo

( )2.A. blow B. now C. know D. snow

( )3.A. name B. take C. date D. sat

( )4.A. teacher B. each C. machine D. chicken

( )5.A. heavy B. breakfast C. great D. sweater


( )1.A. bus B. box C. plane D. car

( )2.A. pen B. ear C. eye D. leg

( )3.A. month B. year C. weekday D. sunlight ( )4.A. worker B. doctor C. nurse D. mother

( )5.A. big B. cheap C. near D. safe


1.The months of winter usually are N___,D___,and J___.

2.Shanghai is in the e___ of China.

3.Women‘s Day is on the e___ of M____.

4.The ball is 200 yuan. It is e_____.

5.This plane f___ to Guangzhou every day.

6.Beijing is a b___ city.

7.The box is h____. I can‘t carry it.


( )1.I’ve got a toothache. I’m going to see the____.

A.park B.doctor C.teacher D.hospital

( )2.-- May I _____ your bike? -- Sure.

A.ride B.riding C.read D.to ride

( )3.-- Whose ruler is it? -- Maybe it’s _____.

A.Peter B.Peters C.Mary‘s D.Peters‘

( )4.I want to see the film. I am going to the____.

A.cinema B.school C.museum D.bank

( )5.-- ____ will you do this Sunday? -- I’ll play football.

A.What B.When C.Where D.How

( )6.-- What is she doing? -- She ______.

A.has a cold B.will dance C.is dancing D.usually goes swimming

( )7.Mr. Arthur can _____ piano.

A.played the B.played C.plays the D.play the

( )8.My father ____ a new car. He ___ it very much.

A.have, like B.has, likes C.has, like D.have, likes

( )9.More and more people in the world enjoy ____ now.

A.swim B.swimming C.to swim D.swims

( )10.This new pencil is only _____ Jimmy.

A.in B.on C.for D.a


1.I _____(see) his name in the newspaper yesterday.

2.Where ____ he ____(live)? -- He _____(live) in Nanjing.

3.I would like ____(be) your pen friend.

4.My father ____(like) ____(play) basketball.

5.We ____(visit) the farm next week.

6.It‘s two o‘clock in the afternoon. We ____(have) an English class.

7.September is ______(nine) month of a year.


1.That is her knife.(改成复数)

____ are ___ ___ ____.

2.I jump higher than my brother.(同义句转换)

My brother ____ _____ than me.

3.We ate lots of delicious food last Spring Festival.(改为一般疑问句)

____ you ______ lots of delicious food last Spring Festival?

4.Lily likes spring best.(对划线部分提问)

____ season ____ lily like best?

5.I picked oranges on the farm last week.(对划线部分提问)

_____ you _____ oranges last week?


1.____ We sang English A.songs and B.do some C.Chinese dances last night.

2.____ Is it A.yours? No, it isn‘t B.mine book. It‘s C.his.

3.____ I‘d like to A.buy a cake with B.a lots of C.strawberries.

4.____ Look, A.your pen B.is on the ground. C.Pick up it.

5.____ I like A.drinking tea. I B.drinked C.some tea last night.



(A)A young man was getting ready to finish his college study. He loved a beautiful sports car and he told his father that was all he wanted.

One morning, his father called him into the study. He told his son how proud he was to have such a good son, and told him how much he loved him. Then he gave his son a book, Success Stories, with the young man‘s name on the cover. The young man got very angry and ran out of the house, leaving the book.

Many years later, the young man was very successful in business. He had a beautiful house and a wonderful family. He thought of his father and thought he should go to see him. He had not seen

him since that morning. Unluckily, he was told that his father had died.

When he came into his father‘s study, he began to tidy up his father‘s papers.

He found the book, just as he had left it years ago. With tears, he opened it and turned the papers. Suddenly, a car key dropped from the back of the book. That was the key to the sports car he wanted so much.

( )1.What did the young man want his father to buy him?

A.A book. B.A beautiful house. C.A sports car. D.A gift box.

( )2.Why did the young man run out of the house angrily? Because ____.

A.his father didn‘t loved him.

B.his father gave him nothing.

C.his father said something wrong to him.

D.he thought his father only gave him a book.

( )3.Many years later, the young man ____.

A.had a hard life.

B.became a successful businessman.

C.went to see his father quite often.

D.was told his father was still healthy.

( )4.What does the underlined word “study” mean in Chinese?

A.书房 B.学习 C.研究 D.学问

( )5.Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A.The father was unhappy with the young man.

B.The young man didn‘t love his father.

C.The father was very angry when he saw his son.

D.The father was brought the young man a sports car.

(B)Helen Keller lived in the USA. When she was a baby, she got very sick. After she was better, she couldn’t and hear well. A few years later, things got worse. There was no way for Helen to speak to other people. She heard nothing. She saw nothing. She didn‘t understand anything.

One day a teacher came to live with Helen and her family. The teacher helped Helen learn about words. Helen was such a bright girl that she could spell her first word soon. When she was older, she went to college.

Helen became very famous later. She traveled around the world and helped many blind and deaf people. The world remembers her today as a brave and wonderful person. She was blind and deaf, but she found a way to see and hear.

( )6.Helen Keller got very sick when ___.

A.she was a baby

B.she went to college

C.she was taught by a teacher

D.she was very old

( )7.___ taught Helen Keller her first word.

A.Helen herself

B.Helen‘s a teacher

C.Helen‘s doctor

D.Helen‘s parents

( )8.Helen Keller was famous because ___.

A.She traveled around the world

B.She was an American

C.Her teacher taught her many things

D.She helped many disabled people in the world

( )9.People admires Helen Keller because ___.

A.she was very talented

B.she was blind and deaf

C.she was brave and wonderful

D.she went to college

( )10.Helen Keller was blind and deaf, but ____.

A.she found a way to understand the world

B.she found a way to travel around the world

C.she met a good teacher

D.she was proud of her parents

(C)One day an old man is selling a big elephant. A young man comes to the elephant and begins to look at it slowly. The old man goes up to him and says in his ear, “Don’t say anything about the elephant before I sell it. Then I will give you twenty dollars.‖ ―All right,‖ says the young man. After the old man sells the elephant, he gives the young man twenty dollars and says, ―Now, can you tell me how you found the elephant‘s bad ears?‖ ―I didn‘t find the bad ears,‖ says the young man. ―Then why are you looking at the elephant slowly?‖ asked the old man. The young man answers, ―Because I have never seen an elephant before, and I want to know what it looks like.‖ ( )11._____ the elephant.

A.The young man sells

B.The old man sells

C.The two men sell

D.The old man buys

( )12.The young man is looking at the elephant slowly. He wants to find out ___.

A.which foot of the elephant is bad

B.how heavy it is

C.which ear of the elephant is bad

D.what it looks like

( )13.The young man ___.

A.knows the elephant has bad ears

B.wants to buy the elephant

C.looks after the elephant

D.gets some money from the old man

( )14.The young man ____.

A.is not interested in elephants

B.knows what an elephant looks like

C.has seen some elephants before

D.has never seen an elephant before

( )15.Hearing what the young man said, the old man will probably be ____.

A.angry B.happy C.dangerous D.hungry


要求:语句通顺,意思连贯,标点正确,书写规范,不少于50个词。I wish I


注意事项:(时间:50分钟 分数:100分)

试题共六页,七大题。 请考生在试卷上用蓝色或黑色圆珠笔、签字笔或钢笔作答。



A) 找出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的词。(5%)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) A


( ) 6. ( ) 7. ( ) 8. ( ) 9. ( ) 10.


A) 选出能替换划线部分的选项,保持句意不变。(5%)

( ) 11.Yesterday‘s A. important B. exciting C .boring

( ) A. bad B. best C. tall

( ) A. energy B. activities C. engineer

( ) A. match B. make up with C. fit

( ) A. always B. seldom C. sometime

B) 选择最佳答案。(15%)

( ) 16.—Would you like ________ juice?—Yes, please .

A. any B. some C. a D. an

( ) 17.___________ does Lily dance every day?

A. how often B. how long C. how many D. how much

( ) 18.There __________ too much sugar in the coffee.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( ) 19. __________ his father, David ___________ playing football .

A. Like, like B. Likes, likes C. Likes, like D. Like, likes

( ) 20.—Who are you ____________, Andy ?—Mum.

A. wait B.waiting C. waiting for D. wait for

( ) 21.—How do you like the film, Shirley ? — __________ .

A. Yes, I do B. Good idea C. Very well D. Very interesting

( ) 22.Sandy‘s present _________ 20 yuan .

A. costs B. pays C.spends D.takes

( ) 23.Wendy has a teddy bear . You can also buy one in _______ .

A. an electrical shop B. a toy shop

C. a clothes shop D. a sports shop

( ) 24.—___________ you chatting with Frank on the Internet ?

—No, ______________ aren‘t .

A. Do, we B. Are, they C.Is, I D. Are, we

( ) 25.How do we say ―99, 118‖ ?

A. ninety-nine thousand, and one hundred and eighteen

B. ninety-nine thousands, one hundreds and eighteen

C. ninety-nine thousand, one hundred and eighteen

D. ninety-nine thousands, and one hundred and eighteen

( ) 26.—It‘ s cold in the room .________ I close the window, Mum ?

—Yes, you may .

A. Can B. May C. Must D.Can‘t

( ) 27.___________ is the capital of Japan .

A. Moscow B. Bangkok C.Paris D. Tokyo

( ) 28.Which of the following describes the right order ?

A. First – Next – Then – Afterwards – Finally

B. First – Then – Next – Afterward – Finally

C. First – Next – Afterwards –Then – Finally

D. First – Then – Next –Finally – Afterwards

( ) 29.The window of my bedroom is __________ the door .

A. under B. after C. below D. opposite

( ) 30.—We moved into a new flat , Eric . — _________________ .

A. It‘ s OK B. Of course C. Congratulations D. I see


A) 根据句意和首字母,写出句中所缺单词。(4%)

31. We needn‘t buy Ricky a bike . He has a new one a___________.

32. Do you usually make a shopping list b__________ you go shopping ?

33. Let‘s i____________ our teachers to our party . They‘ ll be very happy to be with us .

34. The box is very l________ . You can carry it easily .

B) 根据句意和中文提示,写出句中所缺单词。(4%)

35. The girl wants to __________ (改变) her hair style .

36. Annie has a ___________(圆的) face .

37. Hurry up . The ______________(出租车) is coming .

38. It‘ s midnight . Dad is _________( 仍,还) working .

C) 根据句意,用括号中所给词的正确形式填空。(7%)

39. The boy never ___________ (lie) . Believe him!

40. Now , the students _____________ (collect) stationery for the children from Wenchuan .

41. ____________(not stay) out too late, Wendy .

42. My uncle plans _____________(study) in London next year.

43. The __________(story) are very interesting .

44. Kitty is arriving on Sunday , the ____________ (five) of January.

45. I can spend 20 ____________(many) minutes in bed now .

四、 请把Betty 与Tim 之间的对话重新排列,使句意通顺,将正确的序号写在横线上。(5%) Is Bob In ?

Betty Tim

46. Bye! 51.Hello, Bob .

47.Hello! 6503794 52.Ok.Thanks . Goodbye!

48.Oh, sorry! He‘s not at home . 53.Hi, Betty. This is Tim .

49.No, this is Betty. 54.Is Bob in ? Betty!

50.Fine, thanks, Tim. 55.How are you ?

( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )

第 Ⅱ 卷 (50%)


Mrs. Wang lives in Nanjing now. She is 102 years old. People often ask her

she can keep healthy in her life. Mrs. Wang says everyone live to 102 if he eats eggs give her energy. So she doesn‘t snacks because she doesn‘t think they are healthy food. She seldom eats meat too. She usually And meals , she usually has an apple or a banana. Mrs Wang does some exercise too. She thinks she is still young.

―Do永远) ? I‘m sure you can if you have a good lifestyle!‖

Mrs. Wang says to us .

( ) 56. A. what B. when C. where D. how

( ) 57. A. can B. should C. need D.must

( ) 58. A .lunch B. breakfast C. supper D.dinner

( ) 59. A. is having B. are having C. has D. have

( ) 60. A.tired B. happy C. well D. excited

( ) 61. A.often B.usually C. always D. never

( ) 62. A.pork B.rice C. beef D.meat

( ) 63. A.beside B. in front of C.behind D.between

( ) 64. A.a year B. a week C. 2 o‘clock D. half an hour

( ) 65. A.young B. old C. luck D. hungry

六、 阅读理解:根据短文内容选择正确答案。(每题2%,共30%)


C.On Wednesday(10:30—12:00) D.On Wednesday(10:00—11:30)

( ) 68.If you want to ask something about the basketball match, you can call A.62603941 B.70504266 C.58796324 D.99687241

( .

A. watch the basketball match and have the swimming lesson

B. see the film Superman and go to the concert

C. have the swimming lesson and go to the concert

D. watch the basketball match and see the film Superman

( A.87.5 yuan B.40 yuan C.8 yuan D.16 yuan


Today is Sunday, so Peter doesn‘t go out. He asks his parents about the traditional Chinese clothes. Mother tells him that Qipao is the traditional dress for women in China. It is usually made of colourful silk and sometimes made of cotton . Many women in the West like it very much too. Father can remember that all the VIPs wore Tang suit(唐装)at APEC in Shanghai. They all looked smart in the traditional Chinese clothes. Many young people find it cool to wear the clothes in their own styles. Many young people find it cool to wear the clothes in their own styles. Peter‘s cousin says the modern clothes are better. Finally, they think the fashion should be comfortable first.

( )71.Where does Peter talk with his parents?

A.At home B.At school

C.At APEC in Shanghai D.At a fashion show

( .

A.cotton B.leather C.silk D.paper

( A.modern style B.Tang style

C.the style from the 1980s D.their own styles

( )74.Peter‘s A.sister B.brother C.grandfather D.cousin

( A.beautiful B.cheap C.comfortable D.expensive


The New Year‘s Eve party was going on when the bell rang. A tall man opened the door and came in. Nobody knew him, but the host went over and took him in. The man sat there happily for

an hour and drunk. Then he said, ―invited me to this party. I don‘t know you, or anyone else here. My wife and I wanted to go out in our car, but one of your friend‘s cars was in front of our gate, so I came here to find him, and my wife is still waiting in our car!‖

( )76.When did the story happen?

A.At 7:00 B.In December

C.On New Year‘s Eve D.When the bell rang

( )77.The ―bell‖.

A.time bell B.doorbell C.church bell D.bell for class

( .

A.one of his friends B.his brother C.his classmate D.his teacher

( )79.The tall man‘s A.a long time B.two hours C.a half hour D.an hour

( A.happy B.surprised C.worried D.afraid



泳运动,平时喜欢购物、交友、看电影等等。请你根据她的职业特点和爱好,发挥你的想象力,综合考虑住所的四周环境,为她选择一处理想的住所,并简要说明理由。60字左右。(10%) Carmen’s ideal home







B. work C. for D. girl ( )1. A. word

B. third C. first D. air ( )2. A. shirt

B. burn C. nurse D. church ( )3. A. pupil

B. farmer C. serve D. worker ( )4. A. teacher

B. arrive C. apple D. about ( )5. A. around

B. come C. o'clock D. official ( )6. A. computer

B. visitor C. forget D. or ( )7. A. mirror

B. learn C. ear D. early ( )8. A. earth

B. dirty C. bird D. purple ( )9. A. later

B. diver C. manager D. member ( )10. A. birthday


A. after B. star C. apple D. take ( )1. bank A. shoe B. go C. country D. stop ( )2. office A. excuse B. plane C. evening D. left ( )3. west A. this B. there C. mother D. mouth ( )4. south A. side B. cinema C. bike D. find ( )5. minute A. bread B. earth C. please D. head ( )6. east A. what B. where C. when D. whose ( )7. who A. fool B. book C. boot D. food ( )8. look A. down B. know C. row D. yellow ( )9. brown A. lamps B. books C. cats D. lessons ( )10. cars



1. What a hot day! Look! Maria is s_____________in the river.

2. We must keep our classroom c_____________every day.

3. I like many f_____________, such as(比如) bananas, apples and strawberries.

4. N_____________is the eleventh month of the year.

5. Ben has a busy day on Friday. After school he is very t_____________.

6. Some students don‘t like math, because it‘s _____________(困难的).

7. My _____________(业余爱好) is playing tennis.

8.This question is very_____________(容易的). Every one of us can answer it.

9.1 need more_____________(西红柿)to cook soup. Can you buy some for me?

10. Last Sunday Amy _____________ (拍) many photos in the park.

B) 用括号中所给动词的适当时态填空 (0.5×10=5分)

1. My father (play) basketball.

2. What about (play) football now?

3. Miss Li lives on the (two) floor in this building.

(sheep) are there on the hill?

6.Listen! The students (visit) her grandparents at the weekends?


( )1. How interesting_______ !

A. a film B. the film is C. is the film D. is it the film

( )2. _______a book and two rulers on the desk.

A. There is B. Have C. Has D. There are

( )3. Wang Lin can _______ many new things after school.

A. makes B. make C. to make D. making

( )4.— _______ your sister _______ your homework last night?

—No , she _______.

A. Did…do, did B. Does…do, doesn‘t C. Do…do, doesn‘t D. Did… do, didn‘t ( )5.—_____________ do you go back to your hometown ?

— Twice a year

A. How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often

( )6. —How many ______ are there in your school?

— There are twenty-one.

A. woman teacher B. woman teachers C. women teacher D. women teachers ( )7. Mr Smith is _______father. They are twin sisters.

A. Mary 's and John's B. Mary's and John C. Mary and John's D. Mary and Johns' ( )8. I often help my mother _______ clothes.

A. wash B. washing C. washes D. washed

( )9. If it _________rain tomorrow ,we'll have a picnic in the park.

A. won't B. doesn't C. isn't D. don't

( )10. —Your father is sleeping now. Could you ______ the music a bit ?

—OK, mum.

A. turn up B. turn down C. turn on D. turn off

( )11. The white shirt is as as the yellow one.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

( )12. The man______ a stick (手杖) is my grandpa .

A. and B. of C. with D. for

( )13. More and more foreign friends enjoy __________ to Peking Opera.

A. listen B. to listen C. listening D. listened

( )14. The teacher often tells us __________ the classroom clean and tidy.

A. keep B. keeping C. to keep D. kept

( )15. It‘s ___________ here. Please don‘t take off your coat.

A. cold B. hot C. dark D. quiet

( )16. There's _______________ with your watch . Time is not right .

A. wrong something B. something wrong C. wrong nothing D. nothing wrong ( )17. —We are going to have a picnic tomorrow. What's the weather like,Mike?

—Why not ____ the radio and listen to the weather report?

A. turn on B. turn off C. take away D. find out

( )18. The Olympic Games is coming. You‘d better ______ the tickets as early as possible.

A. get B. to get C. getting D. got

( )19. —What did you do last night?

—I did my homework and__________TV.

A. watch B. watched C. will watch D. am watching

( )20. —Why not go and play football outside?

— __________.

A. Yes, I think so. B. It's a good game C. That's a good idea D. Of course we do.

五、完形填空 (1×10=10分)

rest after lunch, but she hard Wei Hua's pen was broken, so she needed a a new pen at a shop. When she reached home she had a short rest and drank a cup of water. After that she helped her parents. She quickly cooked the the for nine. She went to bed before a quarter to ten.

I asked Wei Hua this question: ―

―Yes, I do‖, she answered, ―I like to keep busy!‖

B. afternoon C. night D. morning ( )1. A. evening

B. a few C. some D. a little ( )2. A. few

B. works C. will work D. is working ( )3. A. worked

B. before C. in D. on ( )4. A. after

B. long C. old D. new ( )5. A. blue

B. found C. bought D. took away ( )6. A. borrowed

B. and C. or D. so ( )7. A. but

B. saw C. looked at D. noticed ( )8. A. watched

B. lunch C. supper D. tea ( )9. A. breakfast

B. rest C. work D. writing ( )10. A. reading

六、 阅读理解:根据短文内容选择正确答案。(2×15=30分)


( )1. If you work as a driver in the restaurant, you may ______.

A. never pay for meals B. pay a little for meals

C. work on weekends D. work in the afternoon

( )2. If you buy the house, you ______.

A. may pay more than ¥150, 000 for it

B. must have breakfast in the kitchen

C. have to take a bath in the public bathroom

D. may live on the south side of the city

( )3. Any customer with a Tianjin Daily of June 1, 2005 will get a small present from ______.

A. every supermarket B. Huanghe Road

C. Tianjin Daily D. Yingbin Supermarket

( )4. When will the concert be?

A. Julu1, 2005 B. June 8, 2005

C. July 3, 2005 D. June 25, 2005

( )5. If two adults and two students want to go to the concert, the tickets will cost RMB______.

A. 220 Yuan B. 440 Yuan C. 270 Yuan D. 370 Yuan


Most English people have three names: a first name, a middle name and the family name. Their family name comes last. For example, my full name is Jim Allan Green. Green is my family name .My parents gave me both of my other names.

People don‘t use their middle names very much. So ―John Henry Brown‖ is usually called ―John Brown‖. People never use Mr, Mrs or Miss before their first names. So you can say John Brown, or Mr Brown; but you should never say Mr John. They use Mr, Mrs or Miss with the family name but never with the first name.

Sometimes people ask me about my name. ―When you were born, why did your parents call you Jim?‖ they ask.‖ Why did they choose that name?‖ The answer is they didn‘t call Jim. They called me James. James was the name of my grandfather. In England, people usually call me Jim for short. That‘s because it is shorter and easier than James.

( )6.Most English people have____ names.

A. one B. two C. three D. four

( )7. ____ is Jim‘s family name.

A. Jim B. Green C. Allan D.James

( )8. English people use Mr , Mrs or Miss with ____ .

A. the family name B. the first name

C. The middle name D.the first name and the middle name

( )9. The teacher‘s name is Mary Joan Shute. Her students call her ____.

A. miss Mary B. Miss Joan C. Miss Mary Joan D.Miss Shute

( )10. People usually call the writer Jim instead of James because _____.

A. It‘s the name of his grandfather B. It‘s easier for people call him

C. It‘s the name that his parents chose for him D.It‘s more difficult than James


It‘s Sunday morning. The students of Class 3 are giving their classroom a good cleaning.Miss Huang, their teacher, is working with them. The children are busy. Some are carrying water; some are cleaning the windows; others are sweeping the floor. Zhang Hua is putting up a map on the wall. It is a map of China. Wang Fei and Wei Qing are mending some broken chairs. The children are listening to the radio while they are working. The classroom looks nice and bright after the cleaning. The children are very happy. They go home for lunch at noon.


( )11.The children are playing in their classroom on Sunday morning.

( )12.Miss Huang, their mother, is working with them.

( )13.There is a map of China on the wall.

( )14.Two of them are repairing the broken chairs.

( )15.They are singing while they are working.


时间:2011年6月25日11:00-11:50 满分:100分

一. 语音知识 : 请区分划线部分的读音,如有一种写―1‖;两种读音,填―2‖;三种读音,填


( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 二. 单项选择: (20%)

( )1.I bumped into a few foreign friends _ in the street.

A. a few days B. other days C. the other day D. the other days

( )2.The weather will change _ the next few days.

A. in B. for C. after D. at

( )3.The train _ an hour ago.

A. leave B. left C. leaves D. is going to leave

( )4.Can you _ when the dance is over?

A. drive me B. carry me C. pick me up D. pick up me

( )5.They will win the match, _ ?

A. aren‘t B. shall they C. will they D. won‘t they

( )6.I‘ll wait _ you return.

A. to B. from C. for D. until

( )7.Is there _ in the book?

A. special something B. something special

C. special anything D. anything special

( )8. _ will the concert last?

A. How long B. How soon C. Where D. What

( )9.The Thames is the _ river in London.

A. famous B. most famous C. more famous D. famousest

( )10.The beautiful city has only five people _ the square mile.

A. for B. at C. to D. in


1. Women‘s Day is on the e________ of M___________.

2. Today I am f________. But yesterday I was busy.

3. The movies star is very f_______. Many people know him.

4. Christmas is the most important festival in w________ countries.

5. You look pale. You‘d better go to see a d___________.

6. We needn‘t buy Ricky a bike. He has a new one a__________.

7. Do you usually make a shopping list b__________ you go shopping?

8. Thursday is the f________ day of the week in the UK?

9. The box is h_________. I can‘t carry it.


1. My father _______(like)________(play) baseball.

2. He__________(visit) the farm next week.

3. Look! The baby panda ____________(get) down from the tree.

4.She___________(be) short in 2002, but now she____________(look) taller.

5. My sister swims very _____________(well). But my brother swims (well) than my sister.

6. Miss Chen _____________(start) from Macao two hours ago. All of the students _____(wait) her here now.

五. 按要求改写句子(10分)

1. A cat is looking for something to eat. (改成过去时)

A cat ________ _________ for something to eat.


_____________ _____________ do I need to take this medicine?

3. I like the actor Paul Smith best. ( 改为同义句)

_______ ________ actor is Paul Smith.

4. We ate lots of delicious food last Spring Festival. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ you __________ lots of delicious food last Spring Festival?

5. I jump higher than my brother. (改为同义句)

My brother ________ __________ than me.



One day an eagle met a seagull at the beach.The eagle thought it was bigger and stronger than

the seagull.‖I can fly higher than you.I‘m the strongest bird in the sky.Let me show you around my country.‖it said.

―Thank you.That‘s very kind of you.‖said the seagull.

The eagle and seagull flew for an hour over a thick jungle.They could see many different animals and plants.

―Look!This is the biggest jungle in my country.Is it big?‖asked the eagle.

―Yes,it‘s huge,‖said the seagull.

Half an hour later they flew over a high mountain.This is the most beautiful place in my country,said the eagle.It‘s the highest mountain.The most dangerous animals live here.

―It‘s fantastic!‖said the seagull.

The eagle wanted to see the seagull‘s country. ―If you‘re not too tired,can you show me your home?‖it said.

―Yes.Sure! ‖I‘m not tired.‖Said the seagull.They flew off over the sea.After five hours,the eagle was very tired.

―Are you near your home yet?‖it said.

―Oh,no.It‘s still a long way sawy,‖said the seagull.‖This is only the beginning of the ocean!‖

( )1.How many animals are there in this story?

A.There B.Two C.One D.Four

( )2.Where did they meet?

A.At the beach B.In the jungle

C.On the mountain D.In the zoo

( )3.What‘s the Chinese for‖seagull‖?

A.海马 B.海狮 C.海鸥 D.海豚

( )4.How didi the eagle feel at the end of the story?

A.It felt happy B.It felt angry

C.It felt tired D.It felt cheated

( )5.Do the most dangerous animal live in the highest mountain?

A.Yes,they do B.No,they don‘t

C.Yes,thsy are D.No,they aren‘t


Sick men and women were sitting on their chairs in the doctor‘s waiting room. They all looked sad except Tom. He was playing with some cards. Just then the doctor came to say he was ready for the next one. Tom jumped up and came into the doctor‘s room. Before Tom could say a word, the doctor made him lie(躺) down on the bed. ―Now let me listen to your heart.‖ Tom tried to speak, but the doctor told him not to say anything. ―I‘ll take your temperature.‖ Tom tried to sit up, but the doctor stopped him. After a while, the doctor said, ―Well, you don‘t have a fever(发烧), boy. In the fact, there‘s nothing wrong with you.‖ ―I‘m quite well, doctor.‖ Tom said. ―I just came here to get some medicine for my grandma.‖

( ) 1. In the doctor‘s waiting room Tom______.

A. looked sad B. was playing with some cards

C. was talking with others D. was very happy

( ) 2. Before the doctor listened to Tom‘s heart, he_______.

A. asked Tom how old he was B. asked Tom to sit down

C. made Tom lie down on the bed D. talked with Tom for a few minute

( ) 3. The doctor thought_______.

A. Tom had a fever

B. there‘s something wrong with Tom

C. there‘s something wrong with Tom‘s heart

D. nothing is wrong with Tom

( ) 4. Tom came to the doctor‘s room because he______.

A. was ill B. wanted to see the doctor

C. wanted to get some medicine for his grandma

D. had a fever

( ) 5. Which is right?

A. Tom played with some cards in the doctor‘s room.

B. The doctor told Tom to enter his room quickly.

C. The doctor looked over Tom‘s grandma

D. Tom‘s grandma needed some medicine.


Last Sunday I saw the worst storm in years. It came suddenly and went On for more than three hours. After lunch, I went into my room to have a Rest . The air was hot, and all was quiet.

The strong wind started blowing into my room. Pieces of paper on my

Desk flew high into the air and some flew out of the open window. As

I ran out to catch them, big drops of rain began to fall.

When I came back into the house, it has raining harder and harder. I tried Very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loud sound from the back

Of the house. I ran out of my room to find out what it was a big tree

Had fallen down and broke the top of the back room.

( ) 1. The storm happened( ).

A. in the morning B. in the afternoon

C. while I was in the back room D. while I was in the garden

( ) 2. Before the storm came , the weather was ( ).

A. cold B. cool C. hot D. warm

( ) 3. The storm went on for ( ).

A. over three hours B. three hours

C. less than three hours D. two hours.

( ) 4. The wind blew some of the paper( ).

A. all over the floor B. out of the door

C. into the back room D. out of the open window

( ) 5. The top of the back room was broken because of ( ).

A. the hot air B. the crashing sound C. the rain D. the falling

七. 写作 10分

每一个人都有自己的理想,或大或小,心中都有追求,以我的理想(My Dream) 为题, 用英文写一段话, 字数60字左右.

My Dream






1. _______ all the cities in China, shanghai is the largest.

A. In B. At C. With

D. Of

2. Yesterday the teacher told us the earth _________ round the sun in 365 days.

A. goes B. went C. is going

D. will go

3. In this country, it is very _________ in November, but it is much ________ in December.

A. coldest; cold B. colder; colder C. cold; colder D. colder;


4. --- _________you finish your composition in time? --- I am afraid _________.

A. Can; not B. May; mustn‘t C. Must; needn‘t D. Can;


5. There are________ stars in the sky, but some of them are too far to be seen.

A. thousands B. thousands of C. thousand of D.

several thousand

6. Wei Hua won ________.

A. the girls‘ 200 metres B. the girl‘s 200 metres

C. the girls‘ 200 metre D. the girls 200 metre

7. Can you see _________ in the picture?

A. something unusual B. anything unusual C. unusual something D.

unusual anything

8. Let‘s _________ him __________ an interesting story.

A. to hear; speak B. to hear; talk C . listen to; say

D. listen to; tell

9. You‘d better_________ him a letter at once.

A. to write B. write C. writing

D. to writing

10. It‘s too difficult. Why _________ the teacher for help?

A. not to ask B. not asking C. don‘t ask

D. not ask

11. Mary is ill and she doesn‘t feel like _________.

A. to eat something B. to eat anything C. eating something D. eating anything

12. Little Tammy is a _________ girl.

A. five year old B. five-year-old C. five-years-old

D. five-years old

13. Rose is an _________ but she is in ________ right now.

A. Japan girl; American B. English woman; Japanese C. English girl; Japan D. America; England

14. I like the _________ in the garden.

A. yellow small flowers B. flowers small yellow

C. small yellow flowers D. flowers yellow small

15. How dirty your coat is! _________ and __________.

A. Take your coat off; give it me B. Take it off; give it to me

C. Take off your coat; to give me it D. Take off it; it gives me

16. Mr. Hyde‘s possible full name (全名) is _________.

A. Emma Hyde B. Hyde K. John C. Hyde Bill D. Peter A. Hyde

17. –--Who is not here, Lily? ---_________. --- __________? ---- He is fine now.

A. It‘s Jeff; How are you, Jeff B. Jeff is at home; How about you

C. Jeff is; How is he D. I‘m on duty today; Is Jeff all right

18. --- Would you like some green tea with sugar? --- _________.

A. I‘d like milk B. I would C. No, please D. Yes, please

19. --- Jim. Where is your homework? --- _________. I forgot it.

A. Hurry up B. This way, please C. Oh, dear D. Over there

20. ---Is Lily a girl‘s name? --- Yes, _________. --- Thank you. --- __________.

A. all right; That‘s all right B. that‘s right; That‘s all right

C. that‘s right; All right D. all right; All right


Mr. White is a farmer. Last month he drove his truck to town and the way his truck knocked down a boy and hurt him. He sent the boy to a at once. He paid a lot of money for that, but the boy‘s parents wanted to get money from him. So they said their son could lift his right arm above his head.

Mr. White‘s lawyer came and asked the boy a few questions in the court.

―Now, my boy,‖ he said, ―you last month, weren‘t you?‖

―Yes, sir‖ said the boy.

―And you can‘t lift your right arm now, can you?‖

― , sir.‖

―Could you us how you lift your right arm?‖

Slowly the boy lifted his right arm before his nose.

―Poor boy,‖ said the lawyer. ―And how high you lift it before the accident?‖

―Oh, very high,‖ said the boy proudly and the went up right over his head.

1. A. by B. in C. at D. on

2. A. farm B. house C. hospital D. court

3. A. more B. many C. a little D. little

4. A. easily B. usually C. no longer D. nearly

5. A. was hurt B. were hurt C. hurt D. were hurted

6. A. No B. Yes C. Not D. Yes, I can‘t

7. A. tell B. say C. ask D. show

8. A. can B. could C. must D. did

9. A. can B. could C. must D. do

10. A. boy B. lawyer C. arm D. nose



Mike must get up before half past six on weekdays, but he cannot get up so early in the morning. He often gets up at a quarter or ten minutes to seven and forgets things before he goes to school. So he often buys school things in a shop on his way to school. The shop opens early in the morning. It opens at half past six every morning. It sells cheap things, but they are something not very good. Mike often says, ―I‘m not going to that shop. The things in the shop are not dear, but they aren‘t good enough.‖ But he cannot get up early and he cannot remember to put away his school things before going to bed and to take all the things in the school bag! He has to go to that shop often.

1. What time does Mike often get up on weekdays? He gets up at ________.

A. half past six B. a quarter to seven C. a quarter past seven D. five minutes to seven

2. What does Mike often do on his way to school? He often goes to _______.

A. a shop to see his classmates. B. a shop to buy something to eat or drink

C. a shop to buy some of his school things he forgets to take before leaving home

D. opem a shop on his way to school

3. Why does Mike often buy things on his way to school? Because ________.

A. He doesn‘t put his school things away before going to bed

B. He often forgets to take all the things in the school bag before leaving home

C. He thinks the people in the shop are very friendly to him and he is glad to see them

D. He thinks the things in the shop are very cheap

4. What do you know about the things in the shop? The things in that shop are _______.

A. very dear B. very good C. Mike‘s favourite things D. very cheap

5. What time does the shop open in the morning? It opens at _________.

A. 7:00a.m. B. 6:30a.m. C. 6:45a.m. D. 7:15a.m.


Miss Green is very fat and she is very heavy. So she goes to see her doctor. The doctor says, ―There isn‘t anything wrong with you, but you eat too much. I think you must go on a diet. Here‘s a book for you to read. You must eat the things on page 15. Read it carefully and eat the things for ten days, and then come to me again.‖

Miss Green takes the book home and reads it carefully, and begins her diet.

Ten days is over now. Miss Green comes to see her doctor again. The doctor finds she is still very fat. So he says, ―Do you eat the things on page 15 of that small book now?‖ ―Yes, I do.‖ Miss Green says. The doctors cannot say anything.

The next day, the doctor goes to see Miss Green in the afternoon. It is teatime. Miss Green is eating potatoes; ―Why are you eating potatoes? They‘re not in your diet.‖

―But doctor,‖ Miss Green says, ―This is teatime. I eat my diet on breakfast time,

lunchtime and suppertime. This diet doesn‘t tell me anything about my tea.‖

6. The doctor ________.

A. is a woman B. is a not man C. sells books on diet

D. ask Miss Green to eat the things on the diet

7. Miss Green only eats her diet _________.

A. at home B. at work C. the doctor‘s D. at meal- time

8. The doctor doesn‘t know _______.

A. why she is still very fat before he goes to see her B. where she lives

C. how she gets so fat D. what she usually eats in the afternoon

9. Miss Green eats _________.

A. twice a day B. three times a day C. four times a day D. potatoes all the time

10. Miss Green likes _________.

A. eating a lot B. eating a little C. eating nothing D. drinking tea


Mr. Johns went into his teashop again one morning, and sat n one of his seats at the counter. Many other people also came in, but most of them did not stay long. After fifteen minutes, a young man and a young woman came in. There were only two empty seats at the counter, one is on Mr. Johns‘ left, and the other is on his right. The young man sat on one, and the young woman on the other, but Mr. Johns immediately asked to change places with him so that the man and the woman could be together.

―Oh, that isn‘t necessary,‖ the young woman said, but Mr. Johns insisted. When the young man and the young woman were side by side, the young man said to her, ―Well, this kind old man wanted us to sit together, so may I introduce myself? My name is Jack. What‘s yours?‖

11. One morning Mr. Jones came into the teashop and ______.

A. sat at the counter

B. found on seat for him to sit on because many people also came

C. seemed to stay longer than all the other people

D. gave his seat to the young man and the young woman

12. After the young man and the young woman came in, _______.

A. Mr. Johns thought they came too early

B. Mr. Johns thought they were friends or husbands and wife

C. the young man asked Mr. Jones to change places

D. they wanted to be together

13. When the young woman said, ―That isn‘t necessary‖, Mr. Jones _____.

A. didn‘t understand her B. knew well what she meant

C. was afraid not to change places with her D. decided to stay a little longer

14. ________ before Mr. Johns met them in the teashop.

A. The young man got to know the young woman outside

B. The young man and the young woman didn‘t know each other

C. The young man and the young woman knew each other well

D. The young man and the young woman wanted to have some tea together

15. Which of the sentences is true?

A. Mr. Johns came to this teashop for the first time.

B. Most of the people didn‘t leave the shop until it was closed.

C. There were no other empty seats at the counter except the two beside Mr. Johns.

D. It seemed that the young woman wanted to change places with Mr. Johns.


1.She looks l________ her mother.

2. Listen carefully. Being a good l___________ is very important.

3. It is a w_____________ book, so everyone wants to read it.

4. When the teacher came into the classroom, we stopped t__________.

5. Some things are not as e________ as we think. They‘re difficult.


6. I am very busy now. (改为同义句) I am very busy __________ _________ ________.

7. Kate has lunch at school, _______ _________? (改为反意疑问句)

8. He went to bed at eleven last night. (改为同义句)

He ________ __________ to bed ___________ eleven last night.

9. I like English best. (改为同义句)

English is my _____________ _______________.


10. 海洋世界充满着各种危险的海洋动物。

Ocean world _______ ________ ________ all kinds of _______________ sea animals.

11. 我们的朋友遍天下。We have friends _______ ________ _______ _________.

12. 我们将从ABC开始。We‘re going to __________ __________ ABC.



Many people in Taiwan eat a lot, but they are not r__________healthy. They want to look for a w_________ to make t___________ healthy. So they b__________ to care about what they e_______. They know that vegetables and fruits can h___________ develop a healthy body. Food like these b__________ people‘s best choices, even if (即使) they c_____________ more. If these vegetables and fruits can be c____________, they will become more p_____________.




41. Don‘t read 42. Does, have 43. What‘s your 44. When do 45. younger than


46. flew 47. boating 48. is having 49. tomatoes 50. to play 51. carries 52. the tallest 53. us 54. twentieth 55. listening

六、 综合填空

56. first 57. January 58. becomes 59. delicious 60. shopping 61. dinner 62. watch 63. from 64. money 65. things


2008年广州市小升初16所民校联考英语试题答案 一、单词分类 Job: E F J L Q

Animals: A D I K R U Clothes: C G M P S Drinks: B H N O T

二、1. B 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. A

三、1. fourth 2. flag, stars 3. library 4. swimming 5. made 6. caught 7. different


五、1. may 2. Speaking 3. were 4. weren‘t 5. went 6. did 7. way 8. straight 9. Take 10. the


1. Spring/ Summer/ Autumn/Winter. 2. No, it isn‘t.

3. ***(e.g. Wednesday)

4. On foot. / By bus/ bike/ car/ metro/ subway. 5. Fish/ Chicken.


1. Did, study 2. taught 3. Does, clean 4. reads 5. will come/ is coming

6. dancing 7. make 8. Does, have 9. play


(一)1. T 2. T 3. T 4. T 5. F

(二)1. C 2. C 3. A 4. A 6. A

(三)1. F 2. F 3. F 4. F 5. T








31. already 32. before 33. invite 34.light 35. change 36. round 37. taxi

38. still 39. lies 40. are collecting 41. Don‘t stay 42. to study 43. stories 44. fifth 45. more



七、 略


2011年广州市13所民办学校小升初联合素质检测考试 一. 语音知识

1. yet[j]; yes[j]; cry [ai]; silly [i], 三种 2. early [?:]; hear[i?]; near[i?]; ear[i?],两种

3. mended [id]; invited [id]; called [d]; arrived[d],两种 4. choose []; chess[]; watch []; chemistry[k],两种

5. key [i:]; keep[i:]; wine [不发音]; west [e],三种 6. wash[]; fat[]; about[?]; after[a:], 四种 7. fact [k]; cut[k]; cost[k]; ceiling[s],两种

8. above[]; moment[]; to[u:]; opposite[]四种 9. trip[tr]; trick[tr]; tree[tr]; metre[t],两种 10. see [s]; best[s]; discover[s]; miss[s], 一种

二 单项选择

1. C the other day 表示―不久前某一天;前几天的意思‖,用于过去时,在这里符合题意―我前几天在街上遇见了我的几个外国朋友。‖

2. B 题干的意思是―接下来几天的天气会发生变化。‖―几天‖是一段时间,一段时间用介词for.

3. B "ago"是过去时的提示词。所以这里应该用leave的过去式left. 题干的意思是火车一个小时前开走了。

4. C. pick up 有―用车接载(人)‖的意思,符合题意,舞会结束后你能开车接我吗?Pick up是动副短语,宾语是人称代词时要放在pick和up中间。

5. D 反意疑问句前面是肯定陈述,后面要用否定问句,主语保持一致,所以选C。

6. D 这句话的意思是我会等到你回来。Until是―直到.....‖的意思,符合题意。 如果后面没有―you",则可以选C,Wait for sb.

7. D 形容词special修饰不定代词要后置。另外这是一般疑问句,something要变anything. 8. A how long 是问―多长时间 ?‖, how soon 是问―多快?‖,where是问―哪里‖,what 是问―什么‖。Last在这里作动词,是持续的意思。―音乐会将持续多长时间‖,所以选A。 9. B三者以上(伦敦不止三条河)相比用最高级,famous 是多音节词,最高级加most。

10. D 句意为这座美丽的城市每平方英里只有5个人。

三 根据句意及首字母提示,将句子所缺单词补充完整。

1. eighth, March.―妇女节在三月八日‖。三月八日的英文表达为the eighth of March.

2. free. 从后面―昨天我很忙‖以及中间but表示的转折,可以得知前面是说我今天有空,―空闲的‖用单词―free‖。

3. famous. 后面many people know him说明他很出名,―出名的‖用单词famous。

4. western. 圣诞节是西方节日,这是常识。这里要用形容词,西方的,"western"

5. doctor. pale 是苍白的意思。―你看起来脸色苍白‖,说明需要看医生,doctor.

6. already. 前面句子的意思是我们不需要给Ricky买自行车。可以推出Ricky已经有一辆了,所以用already, ―已经......‖。

7. before. 这句话的意思是你购物之前都会列一张购物清单吗?―在.....之前‖用before.

8. fifth 英国是把星期天作为一周开始的第一天,所以星期四是一周的第五天。这里要用序数词fifth.

9. heavy 由后面我搬不动这个箱子可以推出它很重,用heavy.

四 用动词的适当形式填空。

1. likes, playing. My father 是第三人称单数,谓语动词like要加s, like doing sth. 喜欢做某事为固定搭配。

2. Will, visit. next week提示句子为将来时,所以用will visit

3. is getting. Look!提示动作正在发生,所以要用现在进行时。

4. was,looks. 后面出现的now说明2002年已经过去了,所以第一空用过去式was,第二空她现在看起来很高,用一般现在时,因为look没有进行时。注意第三人称单数谓语动词加s.

5. 第一空没有比较,用副词原型well,后面与my sister 做比较,用比较级better.

6. 第一空后面的ago提示用过去时,started;后面的now提示用现在进行时,等待某人是用短语wait for sb., 所以填are waiting for

五 按要求改写句子

1. 将句子改为过去时,要用动词的过去式。is的过去式是was, 所以是A cat was looking for something to eat.

2. 3 times a day意思是一天三次,表示频率。就频率提问要用"how often".

3. like...best最喜欢,形容词favourite也是最喜欢的意思,所以可以改为my favourite.

4. 改一般疑问句要把助动词提前,且助动词要用过去式,后面的实义动词要用原型。所以这里改为: Did you eat lots of delicious food last Spring Festival?

5. 句意为我比我哥哥/弟弟跳得高。它的同义句就是我哥哥/弟弟跳得比我低。低用low,low的比较级为lower. 同时要注意主语为第三人称单数,谓语动词加S。所以可改为:My brother jumps lower than me.

六 阅读短文,选择最佳答案。


1.B文中提到的animal只有seagull 和eagle。所以选B。

2.A 原文第一句话" an eagle met a seagull at the beach"能直接得出答案。

3.C 从文中第一段能得知seagull是鸟类,从最后一段话得知它生活在海边,所以是海鸥。

4.C 由倒数第三段最后一句话"the eagle was very tired"直接得出答案。

5.A 文中第六段最后两句话"it's the highest mountain. The most dangerous animals live here"说



1. B文章第二句话―they all looked sad except Tom‖, except是―除了‖的意思,大家都看起来很悲伤,除了Tom。后一句―he was playing with some cards",所以答案选B。

2. C文章第六句话"before Tom could say a word, the doctor made him lie down on the bed"意为Tom还来不及说一句话,医生就让他躺在床上。所以答案选C。

3. A 文章最后医生说:"you don't have a fever", 所以他之前以为Tom had a fever.

4. C 文章最后一句话揭示答案。

5. D A选项错误,因为Tom 是在Doctor's waiting room里玩牌。B选项不符合原文,因为医生没有这样说;C选项错误因为Tom's grandma并没有来到医院。文章最后Tom说来给grandma拿药,说明grandma需要药。


1. B 文章第一段倒数第二句 ―After lunch‖,可以从中推断出风暴发生的时间为下午。

2. C 文章第一段最后一句"the air was hot"揭示答案。

3. A原文说more than three hours,超过三小时,over也有超过的意思,所以选A。

4. D 第二段第二句直接得出答案。

5. D 最后一句话"tree had fallen down and broke the top of the back room.







D A C A B A B D B D B(D) B C C B D C D C B


D C A C D(B) A D A B C




like listener wonderful talking easy


,,6.at the moment 7.doesnt she 8.didnt go until

9.favourite subject


10.is full of dangerous 11.all over the world

12.start from (start with)


really way them begin eat help become cost cheaper popular

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