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According to the legend, Dong Yong was a man of Qiancheng (today's north of Gaoqing County, Shandong) in the East Han Dynasty. His mother died when he was young and the family moved to Anlu (in today's Hubei) to avoid the war.


Later, his father died and Dong Yong sold himself to a rich family as a slave so as to bury his father.


When he was on his way to work, Dong Yong met with a woman under a pagoda tree and she said that she was homeless. So they got married.


The woman wove 300 bolts of cloth in one month and bought back Dong Yong's freedom. 女子以一月时间织成三百匹锦缎

When they passed the pagoda tree on their way home, the women told Dong Yong she was the daughter to the Emperor of Heaven and was ordered to help him repay the debt.

为董永抵债赎身,返家途中,行至槐荫,女子告诉董永:自己是天帝之女,奉命帮助董永还债。 With that said, she flew away. Henceforth the pagoda tree was renamed "compassion for piety". 言毕凌空而去。因此,槐荫改名为孝感。

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