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· Brief Introduction

Ⅰ.Show on:ABC (American Broadcasting Company) Ⅱ.Main idea: All fairy tales are true and magic is coming. There is still goodness in everyone. Ⅲ.Place:Storybrooke (童话镇)

Main Characters


*Full name:Snow White *Character in Storybrooke: Mary Margaret Blanchard *Characteristic:Beautiful Brave Clever *Classic lines: I will always find you. (PS:this "you" refer to Prince Charming)

*Full name:Prince Charming *Character in Storybrooke: David Nolan *Characteristic:Handsome Intelligent Gentle *Classic lines: I will always find you. (PS:this "you" refer to Snow White) They are pretty in love with each other,aren't they?

Emma Swan
*Full name:Emma Swan *Characteristic:Savior Confused Strong *Classic lines: Never underestimate (低 估)someone who's acting for their child. (PS:She is the the crystallization of love of Snow and Charming.)

Evil Queen

*Full name:Evil Queen *Character in Storybrooke: Regina Mills *Characteristic:Evil Clue Powerful *Classic lines: I shall destory your happiness if it the last thing I do.

The Dark

*Full name:Rumplestilskin *Character in Storybrooke: Mr. Gold *Characteristic: "Crocodile" in Peter Pan as well as the son of Peter Pan The monster in Beauty and the beast *Classic lines: All magic comes with a price.

I will wait for in Storybrooke

That's all
Thank you for listening



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