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艾什莉·奥尔森 (Ashley Olsen)和 玛丽·凯特·奥尔森 (Mary-Kate Olsen) 是异卵双生姐妹,1986年6 月13日出生在美国加利福尼亚。 奥尔森姐妹 (Olsen Twins) 作为美 国最红的电视明星和街拍明星,赚 钱的速度比印钞机都快!她们出生 才9个月就在电视系列节目《合家欢》 大出风头,4岁时又出演系列片“在 家过节”。每年,奥尔森姐妹 (Olsen Twins) 名下出品3000万销 量的音像制品和4000万册销量的书 籍,2003年,奥尔森姐妹 (Olsen Twins) 入围《福布斯》杂志评选的 “世界最富有的百位女性”排行榜。

It follows 17 year old twin sisters Roxy Ryan (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Jane Ryan (Ashley Olsen) over the course of one day spent in New York. They have their journey to New York. Jane goes there for presenting a speech and hopefully winning a college scholarship of Oxford. And her rebellious sister Roxy who loves singing heard that her favorite band “Simple Plan” will have a video shooting in Manhattan. So she skips the class for her demo to the group. Things get complicated when they are on their way.

Jane and Roxy's plans go wrong when a mix-up lands them in the middle of a black market music piracy scheme. The girls are chased from Chinatown to Times Square to Harlem by assassins, politicians and a truancy officer Lomax. Romantic interest comes in the form of a Senator's son Trey and a bike messenger Jim.

Jane and Roxy got on a stranger’s car to New York. However, this man was going to kidnap them because Roxy got his computer chip which was related to the pirated CD by accident. Luckily, they escaped finally. But suddenly, Jane found that her dayplanner was left on the man’s car. They never thought that it would cause them to get in the middle of a black market deal involving the computer chip.

They broke into a hotel’s room where the dog Reinaldo ate the chip which would be used to exchange Jane’s notebook. They have no choice but to take it with them. Then they came to Simple Plan’s video site. There they were chased by Lomax and the kidnapper Bennie. Finally, they escaped but fell into the sewer. After a series of accidents, the two sisters had a quarrel and went their separate ways.

On the speech, Jane and Roxy made it up and the kidnapper was arrested by Lomax. Meanwhile, Jane won the scholarship. Certainly, Jane fell in love with the bike messenger Jim and Roxy with the senator’s charming son Trey. Their dreams both came true finally!

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