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1 What is the impression Sara made on you when you first know her

She was such a little girl that one did not expect to see such a look on her small face.

2 Why did some young officer?s wives try to make Sara talk to them ?

She was thinking of the big ship, of the lascars passing silently to and fro on it, of children playing about on the hot deck ,and of some young officer?s wives tried to make Sara talk to them and laugh at things she said.

3 Find at least 3sentences to show that the father and the daughter didn?t want to face the departure.

?Couldn?t you go to that place with me ,Papa? ?she had asked when she was five years old. ?Couldn?t you go to school ,too? I would help you with your lessons.?

His quaint little Sara had been a great companion to him, and he felt he should be a lonely fellow when, on his return to India, he went into his bungalow knowing he need not expect to see the small figure in its white frock come forward to meet him. So he held her very closely in his arms as the cab rolled into the big, dull square in which stood the house which was their destination,

?Here we are,Sara? said Captain Crewe ,making his voice sound as cheerful as possible.

4 Why didn?t Sara like the establishment when she first entered in it ?

Because even brave soldiers don?t really like going into battle.

5 Why did Miss Minchin say Sara was beautiful when she first met the little girl?

Because she said the same thing to each papa and mamma who brought a child to her school.

6 Why did the young women behind the counters say that Sara must be at least some foreign princess?

Because there were velvet dresses trimmed with costly furs ,and lace dresses and embroidered ones and hats with great ,soft ostrich feathers ,and ermine coats and muffs and boxes of tiny gloves and handkerchiefs and silk stockings in such abundant supplies that the polite young women behind the counters whispered to each other that the odd little girl with big ,solemn eyes must be at least some foreign princess.

7 In Miss Sara?s opinion, what should Emily look like?

She want Emily to look as if she wasn?t?ta doll really. She want Emily to look as if she listens when she talk to her .

8 In Miss Minchin?s opinion, What should Sara behave when her father left?

She expect that a child as much spoiled as she is would set the whole house in an uproar . If ever a child was given her own way in everything ,she is.

9 Why would Miss Minchin like to let Sara stand at the head of the line when they take the children to church, although she thought Sara?s clothes was ridiculous?

Because the clothes will look very well .Sara has been provided for as if she were a little princess.


1 What?s the relationship between Sara and Mariette?Companion

2 Why didn?t Sara explain in a very few words that she can speak French?

If Sara had been older or less punctilious about being quiet polite people ,she could have explained herself in a very few words. But as it was , she felt a flush rising on her cheeks.

3 Why didn?t Miss Minchin let Sara make her clear, when she tried to explain that she can speak French?

Because Miss Minchin was a very severe and imposing person ,and she seemed so absolutely sure that Sara knew nothing whatever of French and she felt it would be almost rude to correct her .

4 Since Sara was the show pupil, why did Miss Minchin hate her?

She thought Sara ought to have told her. But she knew Sara had tried and that it had not been her fault that she was not allowed to explain . And when she saw that pupils had been listening and that Lavinia and Jessie were giggling behind their French grammars ,she felt furiated.

Chapter 3

1 Why did Sara feel sorry when Miss Minchin shouted at Ermengarde?

Because Ermengarde stared so hard and bit the ribbon on Sara pigtail so fast that she attracted the attention of Miss Minchin ,who ,feeling extremely cross at the moment ,immediately pounced upon her.

2 What do little girls always say to each other by way of beginning an acquaintance?Ermengarde always say his father to Sara and Sara always say her Emily .

3 Is Sara a clever girl? How do you know it?She is a clever girl. Because she can speak French if she had always heard it.

4 What did Miss Minchin like to do when she was talking to others?Blame others

5 Why did Sara?s father ask Miss Minchin to let Sara have a playroom all to herself?

Because when Sara play she make up stories and tell them to myself ,and she don?t like people to hear her . It spoils it if I think people listen

6 How did Ermengarde believe Sara that they would catch something behind the door?

Ermengarde was sure it was something delightfully exciting.

7 Did Ermengarde love her father? Why? She didn?t. she would do anything desperate to avoid being left alone in his society for ten minutes. She was ,indeed ,greatly embarrassed.


1 As we can read from the book that Miss Minchin didn?t like Sara, but what did she do not to let Sara leave the school?

Because of her existence as well as the generosity of her father's appearance brought her vast wealth. Miss Minchin was far too worldly a women to do or say anything which might make such a desirable pupil wish to leave her school.

2 How did Sara deal with such a lot of exaggerate and untruthful praise?She treated as if it were a virtue

3 Why did Sara say that Lavinia was growing ,when Ermengarde said that she was horrid?

This was the result of charitable recollection of having heard Miss Amelia say that Lavinia was growing so fast that she believe it affected her health an temper.

4 What did Jessie once do to make Lavinia angry?She said Miss Minchin shows her off when parents come.

5 What did Sara usually do to win her so much favor of other girls?

Sara was friendly little soul ,and shared her privileges and belongings with a free hand. She was motherly young person and when people fell down and scraped their knees ,she ran and helped them up and patted the,, or found in her pocket a bonbon or some other article of a soothing nature. She never pushed them out of her way or alluded to their years as a humiliation and blot upon their small characters.

6 What did twenty years old mean to these little children?Twenty was an age the most daring were scarcely blod enough to dream of.

I have just received a letter from my old school informing me that my former head- master, Mr Regmald Page,

will be retiring next week. Pupils of the school, old and new, will be sending him a present to mark the occasion

. All those who have contributed towards the gift will sign their names in a large album which will be sent to the

headmaster's home. We shall all remember Mr Page for his patience and understanding and for the kindly

encouragement he gave us when we went so unwillingly to school. A great many former pupils will be attending

a farewell dinner in his honour next Thursday. It is a curious coincidence that the day before his retirement, Mr

Page will have been teaching for a total of forty years. After he has retired, he will devote himself to gardening.

For him, this will be an entirely new hobby. But this does not matter, for, as he has often remarked, one is never

too old to learn.

As the man tried to swing the speed-boat round, the steering-wheel came away in his hands. He waved

desperately to his companion, who had been water-skiing for the last fifteen minutes. Both men had hardly

had time to realize what was happening when they were thrown violent1y into the sea. The speed-boat had

struck a buoy, but it continued to move very quickly across the water. Both men had just begun to swim

towards the shore. when they noticed with dismay that the speed-boat was moving in a circle. It now came

straight towards them at tremendous speed. In less than a minute, it roared past them only a few feet away.

After it had passed, they swam on as quickly as they could because they knew that the boat would soon return.

They had just had enough time to swim out of danger when the boat again completed a circle. On this occasion,

however, it had slowed down considerably. The petrol had nearly all been used up. Before long, the noise

dropped completely and the boat began to drift gentlyacross the water.

'At the time the murder was committed, I was travelling on the 8.0 o'clock train to London,' said the man. '

Do you always catch such an early train ?' asked the inspector. 'Of course I do,' answered the man.' I must be at

work at 10.0 o'clock. My employer will confirm that I was there on time.' ' Would a later train get you to work

on time ?' asked the inspector. ' I suppose it would, but I never catch a later train.' 'At what time did you arrive at the

station ?' 'At ten to eight. I bought a paper and waited for the train.' 'And you didn't notice anything unusual ?' '

Of course not.' 'I suggest,' said the inspector, 'that you are not telling the truth. I suggest that you did not catch the

8.0 o'clock train, but that you caught the 8.25 which would still get you to work on time. You see, on the morning

of the murder, the 8.0 o'clock train did not run at all. It broke down at Ferngreen station and was taken off the line.'

Six men have been trapped in a mine for seventeen hours. If they are not brought to the surface soon they may lose

their lives. However, rescue operations are proving difficult. If explosives are used, vibrations will cause the roof

of the mine to collapse. Rescue workers are therefore drilling a hole on the north side of the mine. They intend to

bring the men up in a special capsule. If there had not been a hard layer of rock beneath the soil, they would have

completed the job in a few hours. As it is, they have been drilling for sixteen hours and they still have a long way to go

. Meanwhile, a microphone, which was lowered into the mine two hours ago, has enabled the men to keep in touch

with the closest relatives. Though they are running out of food and drink, the men are cheerful and confident that they

will get out soon. They have been told that rescue operations are progressing smoothly. If they knew how difficult it

was to drill through the hard rock, they would lose heart.

7 What?s Lottie?s strongest weapon? How did she get the weapon?

Her strongest weapon was that in some mysterious way she had found out that a very small girl who had lost her mother was a person who ought to be pitied and made much of. She had probably heard some grown-up people talking her over in the early days.

8 Why did Miss Minchin feel rather annoyed, when she flounced out of Lottie?s room?Lottie wailed more loudly than ever and

refused to be silenced.

9 How did Sara stop Lottie from crying?A new idea will stop a crying child when nothing else will.

10 Describe the beautiful picture of heaven.P48,49

11 Why did Lottie cry?She haven?t any mamma in this school


1 What is the greatest power that Sara possessed?

Her power of telling stories and of making everything she talked about seemed like a story ,whether it was one or not. 2 Find out at least 3 descriptions which show Becky was a servant girl.

She dogged out of sight like a jack-in-the-box and scurried back into the kitchen ,disappearing so suddenly that if she had not been such a poor little forlorn thing .

She blacked boots and grates ,and carried heavy coal-scuttles up and down stairs ,and scrubbed floors and cleaned windows ,and was ordered about by everybody.

3 Why did Sara raise her voice when Becky was working in her room?

Sara saw in two minutes that Becky was deeply interested in what was going on ,and that she was doing her work slowly I the hope of catching a word here and there.

4 How was Becky behave when she was found to listen to the story?

She sat down upon her heels as she knelt on the hearth rug ,and the brush hung idly in her fingers .The hearth brush fell from the work-roughened hand.

5 What did Sara think her mother will do, If she knew that Sara told stories to servant girl?

Sara?s mother knows that stories belong to everybody .

6 Are the stories about heaven from the Bible?No

7 Why did Becky save Sara?s room until the last?Because it rested her to go into it,

8 Who helped Sara, when she didn?t know whether she should wake up Becky or not?Miss Minchin

9 What did “an accident” mean when Sara talked to Becky?It not her fault.

10 Why did the author say that Becky was not the same one when she left Sara?s room?

She had an extra piece of cake in her pocket ,and she had been fed and warmed ,but not only by cake and fire .Something else had warmed and fed her ,and the something else was Sara.


1 What was the chief subject of conversation for weeks in the school after Captain Crewe sent Sara a letter to tell her an interesting story? P69

2. What did the pupils do during the time when Miss Minchin and Miss Amelia were taking their tea in the sitting room? Lessone for the day were over ,and they were sitting before the schoolroom fire, enjoying the time they like best

3. What would happen if the young pupils made an uproar?The old girls usually interfered with scolding and shakes.

4. Why did Sara enter the schoolroom together with Lottie?Sara was so fond of Lottie.

5. What did Sara have to do when she felt she would say something ill tempered?She had to remember things quickly to keep from saying something ill-tempered.

6. Why was Sara very angry when Lavinnia said “Your Royal Highness” and how did she deal with it? P74

7. From where could we know that Sara?s father couldn?t deal with the business?

From the letter a week before Sara?s eleventh birthday .Sara?s dad said he didn?t really understand business ,and all this seems so enormous.

8. Where would the feast be held on Sara?s birthday?

In Miss Minchin?s sacred room

9. Why did Becky pin Miss Amelia?s card on her gift for Sara?

Because Becky thought it wouldn?t be a proper present if she didn?t pin a card on and she had no card for herself so she pinned Miss Amelia?s card on her gift for Sara.


1 Instead of a little girl, what did Miss Minchin think of Becky?

Miss Minchin thought Becky was the scullery maid and scullery maids were not little girls .They were machines who carried coal scuttles and made fires.

2 How did Sara feel when Miss Minchin made a speech on her birthday party?

She felt rather uncomfortable and felt herself growing rather hot .As this was her party ,it was probable that the speech was about her ,It was not agreeable to stand in a schoolroom and had a speech made about you.

3 What attracted the pupils most among Sara?s birthday gifts?

The Last Doll attracted the pupils most. It was so magnificent that the children uttered delighted groans of joy and actually drew to gaze at it in breathless rapture.

4 What?s the relationship between Mr. Barrow and Sara?s father?

Mr. Barrow was Sara?s father?s solicitor.

5 Where was Becky when Miss Minchin had a talk with Mr. Barrow?

Becky was under the table ,which hid her by its tablecloth when Miss Minchin had a talk with Mr. Barrow

6 What information can we get from the words “The late Captain Crewe”?

The Captain Crewe was dead.

7 What happened to Sara?s father and his friend?

Sara?s father died of jungle and business troubles combined. They lost every penny.

8 Why didn?t Miss Minchin turn Sara into the street, since she knew that Sara had become a pauper?

Because it wouldn?t look well. Unpleasant story to get about in connection with the establishment .Pupil bundled out penniless and without friends.

9 What did Sara behave when Miss Amelia told her what had happened?

Her eyes seemed to get bigger and bigger ,and she went quite pale.

10 How can you understand the words “The last Doll”?

The last doll means this is the last doll that Sara?s father give her. Not because Sara doesn?t need doll but because her father was dead.

11 What did Sara have to do for her living?

She spoke French very well so she helped with the young children and she ran errands and helped in the kitchen .

12 Why didn?t Sara want to thank Miss Minchin?s kindness in giving her a home?

Because it?s not a home .


1 How did Sara spend her first night in the attic?

During its passing she lived through a wild, unchildlike woe of which she never spoke to anyone about her.

2 What information can we get from the sentence “she could be made use of in numberless directions”?

She was ordered to do lots of things. Everybody enjoyed ordering her. And it was frequently convenient to have at hand someone on whom blame could be laid.

3 Why did Sara want to study at night after a whole day?s work?

If she did not remind herself of things she had learned, perhaps she might forget them and she was almost a scullery maid, if she knew nothing ,she would be like poor Becky.

4 Why didn?t Miss Minchin want Sara talk to other children?P117

5 Who brought comfort to Sara when she was in deep loneliness?

Becky, Ermengarde and Lottie.

6 Why did Sara think that Ermengarde was not her friend at first?

Sara think that Ermengarde was like others.

7 What did Sara pretend her life to be when she was asked if she could bear living in the attic?

She pretended that she was a prisoner in the Bastille. She had been here for years and years and everybody had forgotten about her .Miss Minchin was the jailer and Becky was the prisoner in the next cell.

Chapter 9

1 What would happen to Sara if children were restless during the class?P128

2 How did Lottie know where Sara lived?p129

3 Why did Lottie say that she liked the attic?

One scarcely believed in the existence of Miss Minchin and Miss Amelia and the schoolroom and the roll of wheels in the square seemed a sound belonging to another existence.

4 Why did Sara believe that she could make friends with a rat?

Because Sara knew he wanted crumb for his children and he would come and get it .

5 Why did Sara say that Melchisedec was a person?

Because he was as polite as the human being.

6 In what way did Sara tell Becky that everything was well?

Knocked three times on the wall.


1 Did Ermengrade and Lottie always go to the attic? Why?

No, they didn?t.

Because they could never be sure when Sara would be there and could scarcely ever be certain that Miss Amelia would not make a tour of inspection through the bedrooms after the pupils were supposed to be asleep.

2 Why did Sara laugh outright but sometimes bite her lip and turn away when she passed a shop window and caught a glimpse of herself?

Because she looked very queer.

3 Why did Guy Clarence give Sara money?

He thought that Sara eyes looked hungry because she had perhaps had nothing to eat for a long time.

4 Why didn?t Sara refuse Guy Clarence at last?

There was something so honest and kind in his face and he looked so likely to be heartbrokenly disappointed if she did not take it that Sara knew she must not refuse him.

5 Why did Janet and Nora guess that Sara was not a beggar?

Sara didn?t speak like a beggar and her face didn?t really look like a beggar?s face Besides she didn?t beg.

6 In Sara?s opinion, why is it a good thing not to answer your enemies?

When you will not fly into a passion people know you are stronger than you are ,because you are strong enough to hold in your rage ,and they are not, and they say stupid things they wish they hadn?t said afterwards. There is nothing so strong as rage ,expect what makes you hold it in ---that?s strong.

7 Why did Sara fly into a passion and knock Emily off the chair one day?

Because Emily were nothing but a doll! She cared for nothing .she were stuffed with sawdust .she never had a heart .Nothing could ever make she feel .She were a doll!

8 Why did Sara wish that someone would take the empty house next door?

She wished it because of attic window which was so near hers. It seemed as if it would be so nice to see it propprd open someday and a head and shoulders rising out of the square aperture.

9 Why did Sara think that someone in the newcomer?s family must been in India?

Because they had got used to Indian things and liked them.

10 What?s the first impression the new comer made on you?

Gentle nice friendly and rich


1 Find at least 3 sentences to show the beautiful scenery of sunset.p160

2 What did Sara want to do when she finished all the work?

She wanted to slip away and go upstairs.

3 What disturbed Sara when she was looking out as usual one day?

A sound .

4 Why did Sara smile to the “lascar”

She felt absolutely sure he had come up to look at the sun ,because he had seen it so seldom in England that he longed for a sight of it. She had learned to know how comforting a smile ,even from a stranger ,maybe.

5 Who caught the monkey at last?

Ram Dass.

6 What did Miss Minchin want Sara to do when she was older?

When she was older she would be expected to drudge in the schoolroom as she drudged now in various parts of the house ,they woule be obliged to give her more respectable clothes ,but they would be sure to be plain and ugly and to make her look

somehow like a servant.

7 What had consoled Sara through many a bitter day?

She wanted to be a princess inside. This thought had consoled Sara through many a bitter day

8 What did other servants comment on Sara?

She was got more airs and graces than if she came from Buckingham Palace, that young one .

I lost my temper with her often enough ,but I would say she never forgot her manners.

9 Why would the wife of the neatherd be frightened if she found out what she had done?

Alfred the Great ,for instance, burning the cakes and getting his ears boxed by the wife of the neatherd.

10 Why did Miss Minchin box Sara?s ears when Sara was putting the French exercise-books together and thinking? And How did Sara deal with it?

Because she broke into a little laugh.

It took Sara a few seconds to control herself sufficiently to remember that she was a princess .Her cheeks were red and smarting from the blows she had received .


1 Whom was Mr Carrisford in search of?

2 What?s the relationship between Captain Crewe and Mr Carrisford?

3 Why should Mr Carmichael ask Mr carrisford questions in a quiet and cautious way?

4 In what way did Mr Carrisford think that he ruined poor Crewe?


1 How did Sara know that the monkey was homesick?

2 How did Sara make herself feel all right when things were horrible?

3 What did Sara find in the gutter?

4 what did Sara think when she met the poor girl?

5 Why was Sara tearful when she was in the bakery?

6 What did Sara do when she got the buns?


1 Who visited the attic one afternoon?

2 What did the men do in the attic?

3 What did the men want to do


1 Why didn?t Sara have dinner when she came back to school one day?

2 Who was waiting for Sara in the attic?

3 What cheered Sara up ?

4 What did Sara plan to do to help Ermengarde with all these books?

5 Why did Miss Minchin scold Becky?

6 What was Becky doing when Sara saw her very strange?

7 Who put an end of everything?

8 Who told Miss Minchin about the secret?

9 What was Sara thinking of when Miss Minchin was driven mad by the party?

10 What happened after Sara fell asleep?

Chapter 16

1 In what way did everyone know that Sara was in horrible disgrace?

2 Why didn?t people believe that Becky would be dispensed with

3 What did Minchin hope to see the next morning?

4 What did the magic bring Sara the next day?

5 What made Sara stronger?

6 What was another wonderful thing?

7 From whom did Miss Minchin think the clothing was sent to Sara?

8 In what way did Sara thank the Magician?

9 Who came to visit and spent a whole night with Sara?


1Why had Mr. Carmichael?s stay in Moscow been prolonged from time to time?

2 Who did Mr. Carmichael find in Moscow?

3 Why did Sara come to Mr Carrisford?s house?

4 Why did Mr. Carrisford sit upright so suddenly with such a change of expression?


1Sara was very sad when she was found by Mr. Carrisford who was the wicked friend, but later what made Sara give a start of joy?

2 What did Mr. Carrisford want to do after he found Sara?

3 Why did Miss Minchin come to Mr. Carrisford house?

4 What did Sara think of when Miss Minchin asked her to do her duty to her papa?

5What did Miss Amelia comment on Miss Minchin and herself?

6 Why did Miss Minchin begin to stand a little in awe of her sister?

7 Why didn?t Miss Minchin try to control the uproar?

8 Why did Becky cry when she heard the news?

9 What would happen to Becky?


1 Who/What serve the Princess Sara?

2 What did Sara plan to do for hungry children?

3 Who is Anne?

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