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是乔恩的朋友莱门借助在乔恩家时带来的。是一只没脑子、并曾狂追自己尾巴数小时、三不五时会乱舔加菲的脸的狗。经常被加菲虐待(通常是由桌子上踢下去,沙发上踹开),但毫无怨言,爱好追车、散步以及捡棍子,梦想是飞行。脑袋是空的(苍蝇可以由左耳飞入右耳飞出;敲击会有回声;他也会趁加菲专心吃饭时在他背后大叫,使加菲惊吓而一脸栽在饭盆内。 Garfield

Born in June 19, 1978, is an orange, eat human food panmao. It is like a long time to eat, sleep, watch TV, dance in the fence (but often neighbors play), as well as on Odie and Jon. Its favorite food is lasagne, microwave oven roasted pork, coffee, donuts, (but the lasagna LED), most hated raisins, Cat Cookies and spinach, pizza sauce is the most taboo in anchovy. Will Jon fern pot when snack. But it is not to catch (unless it is) not to eat rats. Generally speaking, Monday brought disaster to it, but if the day is the exception it birthday June



Jon is friends with Jon Lyman brought in home. Is a no brainer, and was now his tail, three not five hours will be licking Garfield face dog. Often Garfield abuse (usually by the table play, the sofa kick), but without a murmur, like car chases, walking and picking up sticks, the dream is flying. Head is empty (flies can from left Erfei into the right ear out; knock there will be an echo; he will take to dinner to Garfield Garfield frightened face planted in rice bowl behind him cried out.

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