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With the autumn wind blowing, leaves flying, and on Tuesday we are having Chinese evening class. Teacher Hun arranges us to see the video, of which the theme song is that ‘Dust Weighing toward Yi light rain’, about the greatest poet-saint in

centuries—Du fu. That makes us so groggy .As one lines can be repeated up to five times , Grindelia who sit beside me can’t help sinking her head in the arms ,burying herself in her sleep . I am hesitant weather to remind her of reality or let her whir.

At this time , with the sound of zinging ,the screen has broken down, and the lights in classroom has put out as well .Only by the glimmer from the hallways can I catch a glimpse of shadows that reflect running students like the scalded cats outside the classroom . From the footsteps of Teacher Hun, I know he is going to find out what happened. I look back over my shoulder, and classmates become invisible in the dark. In Fact, the sky today definitely is without moon light or shimmer of stars. What I can hear is the discussion like the scuttling and the rustling of the rats.

Grindelia, my quiet desk mate, then, seems to vanish.

Suddenly, the lights lit with rat-a-tat of the windows near the hallway. Then alien students are knocking the windows with their dirty hands. They are utterly crazy. How much effort we had made to cleanse the windows! I immediately set out to the front door saying fling abuses—‘What a crowd of stupid ghosts’. But before I arrive the front door ,someone is trailing me back to the classroom .That is the hand of Sheryl ,who sits on the place near the front door .She keeps her eyes on mine .The empty eyes hurts me profoundly madding my mind swimming.

I realize something incredible and horrible. The students appearing behind the windows are abnormal. As a normal guy, they can’t be high up in the air for the windows are at least 1.7m above the floor .CROPSE? ALIEN? RIGHT! GHOST? Definitely, they are vampires .I don’t know how these thoughts cross my mind, but I can sure that is a truth. My body becomes stiff. My drawing angry disappears, a longing to close the door and window forces my hand towards the handle to close the door.

But a dried-up hand is reaching out to rub my hand nearly. Fear and guilty laden my heart .At this moment, Sheryl protects me bearing the attack from the vampire for me. And she disappears once the hand torches her. I am amazed.

And then Teacher Hun comes back with a treasured sword and fizzle clothes.

Incantations fly from his mouth in end. I help him to close the door stiffly. Teacher Hun is deserved called Underworld Boss Hun (UBH).How can he survived from the large numble of vampires. Classmates are all amazed, but only scream “amazing” as this situation is only a dream.

I can nearly predict that only I can survive them casting about the solution anxiously while a purple light flash .And a thirty-year-old swordsman comes up to the door and goes out, then I can only hear the screams of vampires and sniff the scent of boiling blood. It is Bob who just survives us .Although the swordsman with stubble is similar to Bob; Bob is only 17 years old yet. He is not only a formal student in our class but also a swordsman from Middle Ages. Things open my eyes today.

And someone is trailing my head; I look back over my shoulder. Grindelia is calling my name. And I think I have just had a dream .But Grindelia confesses that she is a time traveler and processes the ability to control the deranged time .The dream is not just a dream and it is the war between the darkness and light .In fact, everyday she has to work in the “dream”. Today, it is an accident that I break into her war. Hun and Bob are also her companions. The last words she says is that she will cancel my memory tomorrow, so I WRITE the story down forever

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