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Unit 4
What’s the best movie theater?
Section B 2a-2e
Wang Feifei

1. The chair is very comfortable. The sofa is more comfortable the chair. The cinema makes the sofa pretty comfortable . I find it so comfortable to sit. It has the most comfortable seats in the town . The boy sits comfortably there. However, Town Cinema has the most uncomfortable seats of all. 2. She truly cares about me. She is more careful than any other students in our class. She is the most careful girl in our class. She writes the most carefully of all, but sometimes she is careless . What makes her so careful? 3.Do you like yesterday’s talent show? Miss Li is talented in dancing. She is the most talented actress I know.
Rules: 1. 比较级和最高级两种形式: +er、est或前加more,most 2. 原级、比较级和最高级标志词: 原级:very ,quite ,pretty, so, really, as….as 比较级:than ,much, a lot , a little , 最高级: of, in , I know 3. 形容词变副词: ly结尾,如seriously, carefully, comfotably 4. 变反义词: +un, dis, less be +adj; adj+n.,find/keep/make +( sth/sb) +adj 5. 形容词副词位置: v.+adv ; adv +v.,adv+adj, adv +adv

Expressions bout traits and talent:
1 adj: the tallest / the quietest / the smartest/ the biggest/ the thinnest /the fattest//the friendliest/ the healthiest/ the busiest /the heaviest /the funniest/ /the most talented/the most exciting/ the most popular/the most hardworking/ the most beautiful / the most serious/ the most outgoing 2 adv: the fastest/highest/the most beautifully/the most quietly/the most loudly/ the most clearly/ the most seriously/ the most clearly/the most comfortably/ the best

1. Can read the passage and anwer questions 2. Be able to make comparisons using superlatives.

Read the passage. Which three talent

shows are mentioned?

1. American Idol 2. America’s Got Talent 美国偶像 美国达人秀

3. China’s Got Talent 中国达人秀


Read the passage again and find the answers to the questions.

1. What do talent shows have in common? They try to look for the best singers, the most talented dancers, the most exciting magicians, the funniest actorsand so on. 2. Who decides the winner? That’s up to the people who watch it. 3. Why do some people not like these shows?

Because some people think that the lives of the performers are made up.
4. Why do some people like these shows? 5. What do you think of these shows?

Because if people don’t take these shows too seriously, they are fun to watch. I think they can give people a way to make up their dreams come true.

指导:1.读这五个问题,带着问题去读短文。 2.在短文中划出相关问题的依据,并作出回答。

2d--1 Underline all the superlatives in the passage.
In common the best the most talented the most exciting the funniest Decision the best the most beautifully

谁是达人? watch sb.do sth

more and more popular越来越 流行

寻找最优秀的 歌手、最有天赋的舞者、 最令人兴奋的魔术师、 最滑稽的演员等等。

中国达人 秀

共同, 公共

be up to sb. 由某人决定 play a role in在…中 发挥作用/扮演角色 not+all,both, every,every 的不定代词 为“部分否 定”-“并非每 有些人认为 这些表演者 的生活是编 造的。 重要的是它 们给了人们 一个能让他 们的梦想实 现的方式。

Pay attention to your pronunciation and intonation.


In common
the best the most talented the most exciting the funniest

the best the most beautifully





In my class. … is … because he can ... Talents
the best chess player the most talented dancer the most interesting writer the fastest runner


写作指导: ?形容词或副词的最高级 ?because ?一般现在时态;

? ?
? ? ? ?

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 抱最好的愿望,做最坏的打算。
He laughs best who laughs last. 谁笑到最后,谁笑得最好。 The finest diamond must be cut. 玉不琢,不成器。 He knows most who speaks least. 大智若愚。



1.Better your article! 2.Preview your next lesson.

? ? ? ?

… is the funniest in class. …is the most hard-working of the girls. … jumps the highest and runs the fastest in we class. In all the subjects, … is the most interesting subject, but … is the most difficult subject.

? ? ? ? ?

…is the thinnest and the most serious I know. In our class, .. is the most serious student. In our class, ..is the tallest student. … dances the worst. … can play the guitar best.

most talented dancers: Jenny is the most talented dancers because she can dance like a fish. most exciting magicians: Liu Qian is the most exciting magicians.

funniest actor: Linda is the funniest actor because she can sing like a parrot.

背第二段 2c会做

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