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Let’s guess a person(人)
She is a Chinese girl. She is Ben’s classmate. She has a twin sister.

They look the same, but she is
taller than her sister. Her sister is

twenty minutes younger than her.

1. Who did she meet? 2. What did they do? 3. What did they talk about? 4. Why did Su Hai go to the park? 5. When did she go to the park?
6. Who is Jimmy? 7. How old is Jack?

Choose another title for the text 为课文另选一个标题

A. Su Yang’s Twin Sister B. Ben’s Brother

C. Brothers and Sisters
D. A Special Sister and A Special Brother

Who is the special sister / brother?

Why do we say they are special?

A: Who is …(比较级)than xxx ? B: xx is .

A: Whose school bag is heavier , yours or mine ?

B: Yours is , I think . his or hers

ours or theirs

1. Su Hai’s aunt is younger than Su Hai’s mother. 2. The man in black is Su Hai’s uncle . 3. Su Hai’s father is older than her uncle. 4. Su Hai’s uncle is taller and stronger than her father.

Q1:Who will be the goalkeeper ? Liu Tao .

Q2:Why ? Because it’s his ball .


Everyone wants to be the goalkeeper

F Mike is 165 centimetres(厘米). T


1.I’m_____( tall ) than David. 2.Who’s _____ (young), you or your brother? 3.Which is _____( long), the Chang Jiang River or the Yellow River . 4.David’s bag is ______(heavy) than ______( I ). 5.Mike is as ______(old) as his good friend .

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