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’move your way through chaos’

by insatiable

_Map size: Tiny + super tiny under


_Sphinx give 8k exp- free (just say yes:p)

_Boot of Travel and Crown of Seeing out of town- free

_Necro town BANNED (all necro heroes disabled)

_ALL is random, NOthing linked

_Towns at level 4 (citadel built)

_Most animals are ‘Random level’ and ALL set to ‘Friendly’ (Likely to join), Tent and Middle guards (set to Unlikely) and Underground phinix guards (set to Normal)

_DIPLOMACY is good to have (i guess..) (30k - 30precious of each - 60 w/o), several banks and 3 abandoned mines each- no gold option

_For players to meet, need to kill tent, in underground (Guards lev7, 18-22) and Lev7 in middle (34-42)

_Boot of Travel and Crown of Seeing out of town- free

_DISABLED: Instant travel, Boots of open road, Boots of travel, Crown of seeing, Scrolls, Wands, Pendant of mastery, necro amulet

_Few heroes disabled (unsuitable for map), to promote Random town play, since no taverns [Grawl(inf), Dirael(sylv), Wyngal(sylv)]

_Author has put some sex in it so feel free to touch yourself while playing, enjoy _Oh and.. plz do NOT play sober!

_BLUE advantage: Surface Area slightly smaller, more compact than red

_RED advantage: +1 lev2 random dwell

+1 lev3 random dwell

+1 lev1 shrine

(all guarded)

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