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Twenty Years after Me

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Twenty Years after Me

学生:孙荻辉 学校:崇贤中学 指导老师:颜少芳 Almost everyone has dreams. Some dreams can come true, but some dreams are hard to realize .But I believe where there is a will, there is a way. Anyway, dream is very important to us. Remember whenever there is a dream, waiting for me to realize.

“It is twenty years later. I meet myself on a fine day. This morning I want to go to my company as usual. As a matter of fact, I have decided to be a business man when I graduated from high school since about twenty years ago. I had tried many kinds of jobs at the beginning period of time. For example, I used to sell newspapers on the train, worked as a waiter in a hotel, even if did some selling works in some small companies. Through the exercise of the first five years, I had understood the meaning of “stand”. The young man always needs to face the failure or the difficulties. After the exercise, he will understand how difficult it is to find a room for him in society.

Now I am a boss of a company which works regularly and can make lots of money for me. I always think how to repay the society .I would like to give some money to the Project Hope. I hope the money can help some poor children return to school and they will become a useful person in the future, I am very great that I can do something useful for the people in need.

“John, wake up. How to fall asleep on the couch?” I rubbed my eyes. Oh, that’s my mother called me. I recall a dream scenario, secretly in the heart said to myself “Grow up to be a good business man like the dream.” I believe I can make it succeed if I insist on it.

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