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The Best Present

best 最好的 get 得到;使得 wet 湿的 Ben and Ted are good friends. They always play together.

One day , Ted sees a water gun in Ben's hand , and he asks, "Who gave you the gun?"

"My grandpa," Ben says, and this is the best present I 've ever had."

"Why?" Ted asks.

"When I Play with it, I get everything wet. So my mom gives me five dollars for not playing with it ." Ben answers.

( ) 1. Ted sees a fire gun in Ben’s hand.

( )2. Ben tells Ted that the water gun is the best


( ) 3. When Ben plays with the water gun, everything

gets wet.

( )4. Ben gets ten dollars if he doesn’t play with the

water gun.

( )5. Ben likes the water gun because it’s fun to play



My Dog Doesn't Bite White 白色的 bite 咬;叮 nice 好的

Mike walks into a pet shop and sees a little white dog. He asks the shopkeeper ,"Dose your dog bite?" The shopkeeper says,"No, my dog dosen't bite." "What a nice dog," Mike says to himself . Then he bends down and tries to touch the dog .The dog bites him. "Ouch ! " he cries, "You said your dog did not bite!" The shopkeeper replies, "That is not my dog ."

( ) 1. Mike sees a little black dog. ( )2. Mike asks the shopkeeper if his dog bites.

( ) 3. Mike wants to buy that puppy.

( )4. The shopkeeper’s dog bites Mike.

( )5. The shopkeeper is not honest.

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