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1. Is there a bank n_______ here?

2. W_________ to our school.

3. There is a b________ under the tree. Let us go and sit on it.

4. There is a h________near our school, Many buses and cars are running on it every day.

5. There are many kinds of trees in the p________.

6. Some of them are h__________ of years old.

7. If you are late, you can take a t__________ to school.

8. Thank you very much . --- You are w________.

9. Is there a g_______ in your home.

10. Go s__________ along Centre Street, the bank is on your r__________.

11. Let me tell you something a________ my little doy snoopy. Snoopy is an A_________ d_______. He looks very lovely. He has t______ small eyes. Two big ears. F______ short legs and a s______ tail. Now he can p_________ many games. If I say” Go to s______.” he g______ to his bed and lies down. If I say “P_____ basketball!” He goes to catch a ball and put it into a basket. If I say:” Please d________ for us !” the he dance to the music.

12. Do you like to t_____ with others?


. all the time.

15.Tom d......that one day he can live on the moon,wwatching team in our school.


I am Bill. I am E_________ I come to C_____ with my parents. They work in a university (大学)and I study in a m______ school. We stay in a house near the university but it is far from(远离)my school. I get up at six in the m_______ and then have some b______ and m______ for breakfast. I go to school by bike. The first lesson b_______ at eight, so I must get there at seven forty-five. In China, l______ of people go to work by bike and you can see bikes h____and t_____. China is a “Country of Bike.”


A young man was swimming in the r 。He saw a fat man in the w near the he said to the fat man,“You've got a very nice dog.He's

The fat man sighed."But the dog isn't mine.'he said sadly."I've been w_ for more than an hour,but he s_ to have taken root beside my clothes.And if he's there,I dare not g_ my clothes.'

"Is there anything special in the p_ of your clothes?'the young man b_ interested."No,nothing but an order for two tons of spareribs."


population of it is much smaller than of America.It rains in Mexico.Different kinds of people live .All the people do not speak the same language.Spanish is spoken by Indian is spoken,too.Some people cities and the are popular in the cities,while the old ways of farming and life are also common in the countryside.More and more people come to live and work ing the cities every year.Many people around the world are to visit Mexico.


1.near 2.Welcome 3.bench 4.highway 5.palace

6.hundreds 7.taxi 8.welcome 9.garden 10.straight,right


12.talk 13.whole 14.quarrel 15.dreams







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