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?A:Excuse me

?B:Yes?How can I help you?

?A:I’m trying to watch an inflight movie,but I can’t hear the anything.

?B:Oh,I see .OK. Are your headphones plugged in correctly??A:Yes, you see. I plugged them in right here.

?B:OK.Let’s check the volume. Is it turned up?

?A:Yes,the volumn is turned up all the way.Could you just get me another set of headphones.

?B:Sure,I’ll be back soon with a new set of headphones.






?A:Excuse me. Can you open the bathroom door.B:OK.just one minute.A:Sir,I need you to open the door.B: I’m almost done,one second.A:We can smell smoke coming from the bathroom.Open the door now or we’ll unlock it from the outside.

B:OK.I’ll open the door.

A:Thank you sir. There is no smoking allowed on this aircraft.B:Oh really?

A:Yes, you can be fined lots of money for smoking on the plane. Please,don’t do it again.

B:I’m sorry . I won’t smoke on the plane again?????


?A:Sir ,sit down,please.

?B:But we just landed.

?A:The plane is still moving. Please sit down untill we get to the gate.

?B:I just want to get my bag.

?A:Sir,for your safety and the safety of others. You need to sit down untill the plane stops moving

?B:OK.I’ll sit down.

?A: Thank you.We’ll be at the gate shortly.You can stand up and get your bag.

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