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Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen 《两位感恩节的绅士》

By O.Henry
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Summary Details Characters Impression


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1. Summary
There is an appointment that the Old Gentleman invites the poor man named Stuffy Pete to dinner on every Thanksgiving Day. But this year, the 10th Thanksgiving Day, before Stuffy meets the Old Gentleman, he has been invited to a big meal, however, he doesn’t want to upset the Old Gentleman, and follows him to a restaurant and eats up all the food. Finally, they both faint away(晕倒) on their way home, and they are both hospitalized(送· · · 进医院治 疗). Stuffy faints away for he is so full. On the contrary, the Old Gentleman is weak, because he has eaten nothing for three days. 3

2. Details
On every Thanksgiving Day, the poor man Stuffy Pete takes his seat in Union Square to wait for the Old Gentleman who invites him to dinner, which seems to an appointment, even a convention.
每年感恩节,穷人斯塔弗·皮特都会坐在联合广场等待请他吃饭 的老绅士。这似乎已经成为了一个约定,甚至可以说是一个惯 例。



2. Details
2. But this year, on the 10th Thanksgiving Day, before Stuffy meets the Old Gentleman, he has already had a big meal, because he passes by a mansion(豪宅) in which live two old ladies of ancient family and a reverence(崇敬、敬畏) for conditions, and one of their traditional habits is to admit and banquet(宴请) the first hungry wayfarer(旅人) to a big meal, who passes through their doorway after noon.

但是今年,第10年的感恩节,在斯塔弗见老绅士之前,已 经享用了一顿丰富的大餐,因为他刚巧经过一幢住宅,里面 住着两个出身于古老家族、尊重传统的老太太,她们有一个 传统习惯就是在正午过后把第一个饥饿的过路人请进来,让 他美美地吃上一顿。

2. Details
3. Every Thanksgiving Day for nine years, the Old Gentleman has found Stuffy, led him to a restaurant and watched him eat a big dinner. That is a tradition that he is trying to make. Moreover, he is a staunch(忠诚的) American patriot(爱国 者), and considers himself a pioneer(先锋、先驱) in American tradition.
九年来,每到感恩节,这位老绅士都会找到斯塔弗,然后 带他去一家餐馆,看着他饱餐一顿。他想让这件事成为一 种传统。这位老绅士是个坚定忠诚的爱国者,自认为是美 国传统的倡导者之一。 6

2. Details

4. Stuffy knows what the Old Gentleman thinks, so he tells him nothing, follows him to a restaurant routinely and eats up all the food the Old Gentleman orders.
斯塔弗知道老绅士的想法,所以他并没有把自己已经 饱餐一顿的事情告诉老绅士,而是惯例地跟着老绅士 去到一家餐馆,把老绅士点



2. Details 5. They part as they do each year at the door, the Old Gentleman going south, Stuffy north. Then they both faint away on their way home, and they are hospitalized at last.
他们就像以前一样,在门口分了手。老绅士朝南走, 斯塔弗朝北走。然后,在回家的途中,他们都晕倒了, 最后被送进医院。


2. Details
6. Stuffy faint away for he is so full. On the contrary, the Old Gentleman is weak, because he has eaten nothing for three days.
斯塔弗晕倒是因为吃得太饱。相反,那个老绅士身 体很虚弱,几乎快饿死了,因为他已经有三天没吃 一点东西了。


Stuffy Pete, undereducated, tries his best to finish his dinner so as to fulfill the old gentleman’s wish. At the beginning, he would have told the old gentleman that he was full. But he doesn’t, he chooses to obey the appointment. The old gentleman, who owns only a little money, still keeps an appointment to invite the poor man to dinner. He thinks highly of honesty, not money. He would rather starve than break his promise.


Obey an appointment

↓ Keep one’s promise ↓

Honesty is very important in many aspects of our life. If we are honest, we will be trusted and respected by others. By contrast, once you lie, people will never believe you even if you tell the truth.

A good example of this is the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".


They don’t understand or pretend not to understand that honesty is the biggest fortune humans own, and that it is the prerequisite(先决条件) for doing everything well.

In short, bear in mind that we should be honest all the time.

Thank You

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