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A Midsummer Night's Dream ——《仲夏夜之梦》

Author: William Shakespeare

ACT 1 (In the city)

旁白:there was a law in the city of Athens which gave to its citizens the power of forcing their daughters to marry whomever they pleased. For if a daughter refused to marry the man her father had chosen to be her husband, the father has rights to put her to death.

Egeus: Hermia, you have to marry Demetrious, the best guy in the city.

Hermia: But I don’t love him. I’ve fallen in love with Lysander.

Egeus: Lysander? Is he better than Demetrious? No!

Hermia: Oh! Dad! Demetrious had ever said that he love my friend, Helena, and she, a sweet lady also love him deeply.

Egeus: No matter what you say, I’ve decided to let you marry to Demetrious.

Hermia: I won’t give my heart to the person who I never like.

Egeus: If you don’t marry Demetrious, I’ll use the rights to put you to death according to our law!

Hermia: Oh! Please, please do not! My dear father! Don’t you love me any more? Don’t give me up, please!

Lysander: Sweet Hermia, my love! What’s going wrong? Let me wipe your heart-breaking tears!

Hermia: My father said that unless I marry Demetrious, he’ll put me to death!What can I do?

Lysander: Fear not and hear me. Tomorrow night, I’ll wait for you in the wooda few miles outside the city. If you really love me, going far away from this sad city with me.

Hermia: I will ,because I love you so.

Lysander: Keep promise, See you tomorrow night!

Helena:I will go to tell Demetrious of fair Hermia’s flight.

Act 2 (In the forest)

旁白:There is a kind of flower in this forest.The juice of that little purple flower ,laid on the eyelids of those who sleep,will make them,when they awake,love madly the first thing they see.????

Oberon: Fetch me the flower!

Puck: Yes,my lord.

Oberon: Oh! Who comes here?Well, I am invisible.Let me listen to their conference.

Demetrious: I don’t love you at all, so you don’t follow me.

Helena: Even though you treat me like that,I still love you the

mote. Please let me follow you even I am like your dog.

Demetrious: I am sick when I do look on you!

Helena: But I am sick when I look not on you.

Demetrious: Let me go. Cause I so hate you!

Helena: Don’t leave me alone. Please stay, though you kill me.

Oberon: The poor lady! I have to help her. Welcome, wanderer,have you get the flower?

Puck: Yes, Here it is.

Oberon: There has been a sweet lady here, who is in love with a cruel youth.

If you find him sleeping, drop some of the love-juice in his eyes.


Oberon:Make sure, when he awakes he loves this lady.

Puck: Don’t worry, my lord, your servant shall do so.

Puck: Ah! Who is here? This is him, And she is the lady.

I’ll drop the love-juice in your eyes. Hey! It’s so funny!

Helena: I am out of breath in chasing.Who is lying there? Lysander! Good sir, if you are alive, awake.

Lysander:What a pretty beauty! Helena, I would go through fire for your sweet sake.

Helena: Do not say so, Lysander. Don’t you love Hermia?

Lysander: I don’t love her at all. For me, she is just a black raven,

and you are a white dove.

Helena: Oh! Why was I born to be mocked and thought nothing of by everyone? Is it not enough, young man? That a lady, of one man refused, should of

another be so abused!

Lysander: Helena,my love??

Hermia: Lysander! Lysander! Where do you go? No sound? No word! If you hear me, please talk to me! I faint almost with fear. Where do you go?

Demetrious: you are here, my dear Hermia! I found you for a long time.

Hermia: Do you see my Lysander?

Demetrious: who care? I would like his being my dog's food.

Hermia: Out,you dog! Did you really kill him? You are a devil! Lysander,I'm sure I will find you!

Demetrious:She is so angry. I’d better stop following her. I have to take a rest. I'm too tired tonight!

Oberon: Puck,Did you finish your work?

Puck: Sure, I did. And the woman is by his side,when he waked, of course she must be seen.

Oberon: Hey! He is there! What did you do? Why does the cruel man still sleep here? You must have made a mistake!

Puck: Did I? Oh, I’m sorry.

Oberon: It’s ok,now you can finish it. Just be careful, do not make a mistake again.

Lysander: Why should you think that I should woo in scorn? I just hope you could love me.

Helena: Do you give Hermia up? You should vow to her.

Lysander: My heart to her is but as a guest, now my heart is to you as a son comes home, never leave.

Demetrious: Oh! Helena, perfect godness!Oh! Let me kiss your hand.

Helena: Oh! Spite! You both love Hermia, and now you both mock me!

Demetrious: Lysander, keep your Hermia. Helena is mine!

Lysander: No! Helena, what he said is a lie!

Helena: you make me confused. Who should I believe in?

Hermia: Lysander! You are here! Why did you leave me so unkindly?

Lysander: Because I do not love you, don’t you know?

Hermia: You speak not as you think. It cannot be.

Lysander: All I say is true. I do hate you and love Helena. You can be out of hope. Don't go,gentle Helena,please hear my excuse.My love,my life,my soul,fair Helena!

Demetriou: If you want to win Helena’s heart, follow me now.

Hermia: What change is this? Oh! You thief of love! What, have you come by night and stolen mylove’s heart from him?

Puck: Look! How careful I am! I’ll release the magic. When you are awake, everyone will findtrue love. This is really a happy ending!

Act 3 (Another side of forest)

旁白:These people ,at no great distance from each other,sleeping on grass-plot.

Hermia: Oh! Lysander, the doings of the night are too strange! Do you still love me or not?

Lysander: I am still crazy about you! But I dreamed I love Helena ……how mad!

Hermia: I had the same dream!

Helena: Me, too. Now I just wonder if Demetrious love me as in the dream?

Demetrious: Honey, Don’t worry. I’m yours.

Hermia: Oh! Here comes my father!

Egeus: You! You dare to get far away! I’ll beg the law upon your head! Demetrious, I’m so sorry!

Demetrious: Don’t say that. Now the lady I want to marry is Helena.

Egeus: Is it true?

Lysander: Yes, it is. Please, please let Hermia marry me too, I’ll bring her happiness, I swear.

Hermia: Oh! Dad! Please, he is really a perfect guy.

Egeus: Hmmm…, since Demetrious wouldn’t marry you, I will no longer oppose your marriage with Lysander. Now, you lovers, can we come home?


Puck: Look! What the sweet couples they are! I like to see their smiling face??

Oberon:and to hear their laughter.

旁白:And now I hope no one will be so hard to please as to be offended with this

pretty, harmless “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

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