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——Howl's Moving Castle

? 简介:
Miyazaki is a famous Japanese director born on January 5,1941.He founded studio Ghibli along with Takahata. His work can compare with Disney’s and he has been named one of the most influential people by Time Magazine. His famous representative work are <Spirited Away> <Valley of the Winds> < Castle in the Sky>





Old Sufi Howl's Moving Castle



A girl named Sufi with her stepmother and two sisters live in a small town in Europe.

This maybe looks like
the old fairy tail act again. Sufi’s father died. So she took over the hat store.

One day, Sufi went to

visit her sister, but
two soldiers didn’t let

het go though. At this
time, Howl appeared to help her and carried her to her sister’s work place.

One day, Sufi was making her hat in her small store

A magic bad women from the plain came the store and made

Sufi a 60 years old

Sufi was so afraid, but she still pretended to be calm, to be courageous. Old Sufi stumbles to the plain to recover to be a young Sufi.

She met a scarecrow with a radish head. So she asked the scarecrow to help her avoiding the strong wind. So she was led into a secret castle. That was Howl’s moving castle. Ole Sufi lived here as a cleaner finally.

At here, Sufi met a magic fire named Calcifer who can move the big castle and the lovely boy Maluk and of course our handsome Howl. Howl is a Magician. He has very fantasy strength. His teacher is the chief magician of the country named Sarima.

Sufi had some
peaceful and wonderful days in the castle. She started to live her

own life and was
attracted by Howl gradually.

The war broke out

finally. The king
asked Howl to attend the war to protect his country. Howl always back home very tired. Until one day, he

told Sufi that he
hate the war. Sufi made up her mind to help howl.

They went to the Palace together. Then old Sufi met Sarima. She told her that Howl didn’t want to attend the war and suggested her to give it up. Sufi didn’t realized that it is Sarima’s trap in fact. Sarima almost killed Howl. Fortunately, Sufi helped him.

To avoided Sarima, Howl moved. He gave Sufi a beautiful garden and a magic ring.

Howl protected his country in his own way. He fight against the enemy by himself. Sufi decided to face the war with Howl. So she let the magic fire move the castle to follow Howl’s step. But at the same time, Howl lost his consciousness gradually and became a big strange bird.

Some strange things happened one by one. Sufi found a door by using the magic ring. She entered the door. To her surprise, she back to Howl’s childhood. She got to know that little Howl met the dying Calcifer and Calcifer didn’t want to die. So they signed a contract. It said that Calcifer’s magic can be used by Howl and Howl’s heart became the exchange. Therefore, Howl’s life and Calcifer’s life were li

nked together.

In the end, Sufi got back Howl’s heart and helped the dying Howl. She also broke the contract. At the same time, Sufi’s curse was broke and became the young Sufi as before.

The scarecrow also broke his curse after Sufi’s kiss. As a matter of fact, he is the prince of the neighbor country. He made a promise to Sufi that he will end the war after he came back to his country.

Although Calcifer got rid of the contract. He still liked living with Howl and Sufi. So he decided to stay here.

In the end of the

story, Howl’s castle
moving from the

plain to the desert,
from the ocean to

the peak. Howl and
Sufi live a happy life together.

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