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<一>. A: Hello, Bob!

B: Hello, Jane, How are you?

A: Fine, thank you. And you?

B: I’m fine, too.

A: Bye-Bye.

<二> A: Hello,Dick!

B: Hi. Bob.

A: Hurry up, Bob. It’s time for class.

B: See you later.

A: So long.

<三> A: Hello, Bob!

B: Hi! Tony!

A: They are my friends.

B: This is Jane. This is Dick.

A: How do you do?

B: How do you do?

A: Nice to meet you.

B: Nice to meet you.

Hurry up! Tommy.



<四> A: What time is it,mum?

B: It’s seven thirty.

A: Oh, It’s time for school.

A: Bye-Bye,mum.

B: Bye.

<五> A: Hello,Jane!

B: Hello,Bob.

A: What will you do this evening?

B: Do my homework, how about you?

A: Me too.

B: See you tomorrow.

A: See you tomorrow.

<六>A: Hi, Jane.

B: Hi, Molly!

A: Is she your sister?

B: No, she is not my sister, she’s my classmate, she’s Betty. A: How do you do?

B: I’m going to the shopping center now.

A: Bye-Bye.

B: Bye.

<七> A: Hi, Bob. Where are you going?

B: I’m going to Bei Hai park.

A: Where are you going?

B: I’m going to Bei Hai park too.

A: Let’s go together.

B: OK.

A: Hi, Tommy.

C: Hello. Bob.

B: Hurry up and get on the bus.

A: See you later.

C: Bye.

<八> A: Hello, This is Jane speaking.

B: I’m afraid she’s out.

A: Where has she gone?

B: She’s gone to the supermarket.

A: When is she coming back, please?

B: She’s coming back at 4 O’clock. Can I take a massage for her?

A: No, thank you, Good-Bye.

<九> A: I’m rather tried. I think I’ll go right to bed. What about you?

B: I’m going to read the newspaper for a while.

A: Aren’t you sleepy?

B: Not very. I had a nap on the train.

A: Well. Good night. See you tomorrow.

B: Good night. See you tomorrow.


<一> A: Jane. Can you come to the Birthday Party for Bob on Sunday.

B: I’m sorry I’m afraid I can’t. My grandma is in a hospital and I’ll go to see her. A: I’m sorry to hear that.

B: Say Happy Birthday to Bob OK?

A: No problem. And say hello to your grandma, bye-bye.

B: Thank you. Bye.

<二> A: Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Beijing Zoo?

B: I’m sorry I don’t know. I’m a stranger here. You can ask her.

A: Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Beijing Zoo?

B: Go down this road and then turn left. You can see a bus stop. And you can take Bus

NO.27.from there, then you’ll find it.

A: Thank you very much.

C: That’s nothing.

<三> A: What subjects do you have at school? Jane, Do you know?

B: I’m sorry, will you repeat it again?

A: What subjects do you have at school?

B: We have Chinese ,English, Maths, music, P.E. and…

A: Good. But pay more attention next time.

B: OK.

<四> A: Do you know Jack’s telephone number? I have something to tell him. Tomorrow

will have a football match.

B: Let me see .I’m sorry. I’m afraid I don’t.

B: Oh! What a pity!

A: You can ask Mick. Maybe he knows. Here’s the telephone number for Mick.

<五> A: Morning Jane.

B: Morning Betty. Oh, I’m sorry .

A: Why?

B: I left your picture book at home again.

A: That’s all right. Bring it next time.

B: Can you go home with me after school?

A: OK.

<六> A: Hi, Tommy, Hurry up.

B: Sorry, I’m late. My bike is broken.

A: How come?

B: I don’t know.

A: All right. It’s you ticket. Let’s go.

B: I’m very sorry for keep you waiting for a long time.

A: It doesn’t matter.

<七> A: I’m awfully sorry for my being late. Miss Black.

B: Why are you late again?

A: Something wrong with the bus on the way. I have to walk to school.

B: That’s all right. Don’t be late next time.

A: Thank you, teacher.

<八> A: I’m sorry, Mum.

B: What’s the matter, dear?

A: Mum, I have broken your new vase. Today I want to clean the room and the table. I want to make you happy, but…

B: It doesn’t matter, but you must take care of everything.

A: I’ll do my best.

<九> A: Hi, Mr. Bolton. I’m very sorry.

B: What for?

A: I didn’t give back the books in time. It’s overdue.

B: That’s all right. Next time you shouldn’t.

A: Thank you, Mr. Bolton. Bye-Bye.

B: Bye.


<一> A: It’s sunny today. Shall we go to the park?

B: That’s a good idea.

A: But what’s the weather like?

B: It’s fine.

A: All right. Let’s get ready.

<二> A: This is Xiao Lan. May I speak to Mary?

B: Hi, Xiao lan. It’s Mary here.

A: Merry Christmas to you.

B: Merry Christmas to you, too.

A: It’s very cold here. It’s snowing. What’s the weather like in Sydney?

B: It’s very hot.

<三> A: Good morning, Uncle Bear. How’s the weather today?

B: Let me see. It looks like rain today.

A: Really? What will the weather be like tomorrow?

B: It’ll be fine.

A: Can we hold the sports meeting tomorrow?

B: I think so.

<四> A: Tommy, It’s raining. Put on your raincoat.

B: OK. Where’s my raincoat?

A: Here you are.

B: Thank you.

<五> A: Is it a fine day today?

B: I don’t think so. There is much wind today. Oh…

A: It’s windy today.

<六> A: What a big snow.

B: It’s very nice, everything is white.

A: Wake up, wake up, little bear. Let’s play.

C: Er…what’ s the weather like?

B: It’s snowing.

C: Oh, It’s cold. I want to sleep.

<七> A: I’ll go out. How’s the weather today?

B: It look like rain. You’d better take an umbrella with you.

A: But there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

B: Weather is changeable at this time of the year.

<八> A: Hello, where are you from?

B: I’m from the South Pole.

A: The South Pole?

B: Yes, it’s very cold there. I can here this morning. How many seasons in a year here? A: There are four seasons in a year.

B: What are they?

A: They are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

B: What’s the weather like in the seasons?

A: It’s warm in spring, it’s hot in summer, it’s cool in autumn, it’s cold in winter.

<九> Betty: Hello. This is Betty. Who is that?

Mary: It’s Mary here, Betty, I’ll come to your town to travel.

B: Great! Here is in spring now.

A: What’s the weather like in spring?

B: It’s often windy in March. It’s always warm in April and May. But it rains sometimes. A: Thank you very much.


<一> A: What are you doing,Betty?

B: I’m reading a story book.

A: Oh, dear! Don’t read in bed. It’s bad for your eyes.

<二> A: Whose jacket is it?

B: It’s mine.

A: Don’t put your jacket here! Put it over there, please.

B: Ok. I’m sorry.

<三> A: May I come in?

B: Do please.

A: I’m sorry I’m late. My watch doesn’t work.

B: It’s all right. Don’t be late next time!

A: Sure.

<四> A: Betty, read this word please.

B: I’m sorry. I can’t.

A: Be bold. Don’t be shy!

B: Sorry, I can’t.

A: Who can help her?

C: I can. t-o-u-c-h, touch.

A: Very good.

<五> A: Goodbye, mum, I’ll go to school.

B: All right. Don’t run. It’s early now.

A: What’s wrong, Tommy?

B: I ran to school. I broke my leg.

<六> A: Don’t play with that!

B: Why not?

A: It’s sharp. You’ll cut your finger.

B: Never mind.

<七> A: The light is red.

B: Oh, sorry. I didn’t notice it.

A: Don’t hurry! Tommy, wait.

B: Look! The light is green now. Let’s go.

A: All right.

<八> A: Hi! Betty. I have a new picture book.

B: May I have a look?

A: Of cause. Let’s sit here and read it.

B: All right.

A: Hi! Jane and Betty. Don’t read in the sun. It’s bad to your eyes. B: Thank you! Let’s go into the room.

<九> A: Come on, run quickly. Don’t walk!

B: I’m tired.

A: Look at me, jump.

B: What’s wrong, my friend!

A: I don’t know.


<一> A: Look! There are some horses. May I ride a house?

B: Yes, go ahead, but be careful.

A: Don’t worry!

<二> A: Hello!

B: Hello! What’s in your hand?

A: It’s a kite. Let’s fly it.

B: That’s great.

A: Look out, the car is coming.

B: Thank you.

<三> A: What’s the weather like?

B: It’s a windy day. The weather is getting. Take care of yourself. A: Thank you mum.

B: Bye.

A: Bye.

<四> A: Who is on duty today?

B: I’m, teacher.

A: What are you doing there?

B: I’m cleaning the windows.

A: Be careful.

B: Ok! Thanks a lot.

<五> A: Good afternoon.

B: Good afternoon. Can I help you?

A: No. Thanks. I can do it myself.

B: Be careful. Don’t cut your finger.

A: Ok. Thank you.

<六> A: Be careful when crossing the street.

B: What can I do for you? Madam.

A: No. Thanks. I just say something with my baby.

B: Your baby?

A: Yes. Here is my baby, it’s here.

B: Bye.

A: Bye.

<七> A: What can I do for you?

B: I’ll take a vase for my grandma. You know, next Monday will be her birthday. This is a gift for her.

A: That’s great. It’s wonderful. Handle with care !”

B: Thank you.

<八> A: Look! Here is an old man and his dog coming.

B: Maybe he is a blind person. Let’s help him.

A: Good afternoon. Sir.

B: Good afternoon.

A: Don’t sit here, please.

B: Here is a notice “Mind The Wet Paint ”.

A: Thank you for your kindness.

<九> A: Good morning, Sir. Can I help you?

B: Good morning. I’d like a double room with bath from tonight for five days, please. A: That’s all right. Your name, please.

B: John Robert.

A: Here is the key and please look at it: GUARD AGAINST FIRE. Be cautious.


<一> A: Betty, Miss Li is ill, we should go to see her.

B: Ok. When shall we go?

A: We’d better go after school!

B: All right, see you after school!

A: See you!

<二> A: Tommy, what are you doing? Come here!

B: I’m playing the video game.

A: Don’t play. You should clean your room first. What a mass!

<三> A: Betty, Don’t watch too much TV.

B: This TV play will finish at once.

A: You should go to bed early. Tomorrow we’ll go to the zoo.

B: Ok.

<四> A: Mum. Look at these new photos.

B: Who’s he?

A: He’s my new friend. His name is Bob.

B: Is he a good pupil?

A: Yes, he studies very hard. But he’s a bit slow.

B: You should help him…

<五> A: Good afternoon, can I help you?

B: Yes.

A: What do you want to eat?

C: I want a hamburger, Chicken and Cola.

B: A bottle of beer, fish and Chicken and a bowl of noodles. A: Anything else?

B: Just OK.

A: Here you are.

B: You shouldn’t eat too fast!

<六> A: What are you doing?

B: I’m painting my room.

A: Take care.

B: Wa…

A: Ha…You should take more care.

<七> A: What are you doing?

B: I’m doing my homework.

A: You’d better use a ruler.

B: But I haven’t. May I borrow yours?

A: Ok. Here you are.

B: Thank you.

A: Don’t mention it.

<八> A: I’ll go fishing. Do you want to go with me, Jane?

B: Of course. But it looks like it might rain. We should stay at home. A: Ok, we’ll go tomorrow.

<九> A: Where shall we go next Saturday?

B: We’d better go to the beach. We can swim there.

A: But I can’t swim.

B: You should learn. Take it easy, I’ll help you.

A: Really? Thank you.


<一> A: Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the bus stop?

B: Sure, it’s over there.

A: Thank you.

<二> A: Excuse me, how can I get to a shopping center?

B: Sure. You can take Bus No.4,and get off at the third stop. A: Thank you very much.

<三> A: Excuse me, how can I get to Beijing Station?

B: Go down this road, turn right at the second crossing and you’ll see the station. A: Thank you very much.

B: You’re welcome.

<四> A: Could you tell me the way to the Friendship Store?

B: Turn left at the next lights and ride two blocks.

A: Is it far from here.

B: No. It takes only ten minutes by bike.

A: Thank you.

B: You’re welcome.

<五> A: Excuse me, please. Could you tell me how to get to Bei Hai park.

B: Walk down this road; take the fourth turn on the right. Then you’ll see it.

A: Is it for?

B: No, it’s only about five minutes walk.

A: Many thanks.

B: Not at all.

<六> A: Excuse me, sir. Is there a post office near here?

B: Yes, the nearest one is at the third cross of this road.

A: I’m a stranger here. How can I get there, please?

B: Just walk down the road for a few minutes and you’ll see it on your left.

A: Thank you very much.

<七> A: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the Wang Fu Jing Book Store?

B: Yes, of course. Would you like to walk there or take a bus?

A: Er…Is it far from here?

B: It’s just about 15 minutes walk. Go along this street, on the second crossing, you’ll find it on your left.

A; Then I’ll walk. Many thanks.

B: Not at all.

<八> A: Excuse me, could you show me the way to the railway station?

B: Oh, it’s quiet far from here. I’m afraid you’ll have to take a bus.

A: Do you know where the bus stop is?

B: Cross the street, turn right, and go ahead until you get second cross road, you can see the bus stop is over there.

A: Thank you very much.

<九> A: Excuse me, how can I get to the zoo, please?

B: You can get there by bus.

A: Which bus shall I take?

B: You can take the bus No.7 to go to the zoo.

A: where’s the bus stop?

B: Go straight and turn right .You can see the bus stop there. Look, the bus is coming . A: Thank you very much. Goodbye!


<一> A: Hi Jane. You look very happy.

B: Yes. Look at my new skirt.

A: Oh. How nice! I have a new skirt.

B: What colour is it?

A: Look, it’s pink and white.

B: What a nice skirt.

<二> A: What colour is the hill?

B: Green. And the blue lake.

A: What colour is the house?

B: The white house, the red roof, and the yellow door. A: What colour is the wood?

B: It’s brown. Dad. My dog is black.

<三> A: what colour is it ?

B: …It’s green is it?

A: Er…

B: It’s red. It’s a red flower. It’ yellow flower.

A: It’ green , it’s red ,it’s yellow.

<四> A: What’s that ?

B: Panda.

A: What colour is it ?

B: Grey. It’s a gray pander.

B: Is it a pander , too?

A: No, It’s a bear.

B: What colour is it?

A: It’s brown .It’s a brown bear.

<五> A: Tommy, have you got a ball pen ?

B: Yes, I have .But it’s missing now.

A: What colour is it?

B: It’s red.

A: Is this your ball pen ?

B: Oh, yes, where did you find it ?

A: In the reading room.

B: Thanks a lot ,

A: Not at all.

<六> A: Look! What a beautiful rainbow!

B: What colour can you see?

A: Red, yellow ,pink, green, blue, orange…oh, so many colours.

<七> A: Madam, What can I do for you?

B: Will you show me the dress, please.

A: Sure, What colour do you like?

B: Green.

A: What size do you want?

B: Size L.

A: Here you are.

B: May I try it on?

A: Certainly.

B: Thank you. Ok. I’ll take it. Here’s the money.

A: Ok!

<八> A: What beautiful colours!

B: Betty, is that yellow dress nice?

A: Yellow? No, it’s Pink.

B: Oh, purple, red, green… It’s so wonderful !

A: What colour is it after all.

B: I don’t know. I think it can change too many colours.

A: What colour do you like best?

B: I like red best.

A: Do you like that orange sweater?

B: Yes, Maybe my mother will give me one on my birthday. A: You’re so lucky.


<一> A: Excuse me. Can you drop off the letter for me?

B: Of course.

A: It’s very kind of you.

<二> A: Betty.

B: Yes?

A: Could you pass me the medicine.

B: Certainly. Here you are.

A: Thanks.

<三> A: Oh, It’s raining now. Could you lend me your raincoat, please?

B: Sure.

A: Thank you.

<四> A: Excuse me, Can you help me.

B: Yes, of course.

A: Would you please close the window?

B: I’m afraid I can’t. It’s too high.

<五> A: Jane.

B: Yes?

A: Can you help me?

B: Sure.

A: Pass me the big hammer, please .

B: Here you are.

A: It’s very kind of you. Jane.

<六> A: Can you help me, Sir?

B: Yes.

A: Could you carry these boxes upstairs for me?

B: I’d like to, Miss.

A: Be careful. It’s very kind of you.

B: You’re welcome.

<七> A: Hello, Jane.

B: Hello, Betty.

A: I want to see my grandma. will you please lend me your bike this afternoon? B: Ok, sorry. My bike is bad. You see, I’m repairing it.

A: That’s all right.

<八> A: Excuse me I want to buy something. Would you please take care of my baby?

B: Oh, I’d like to. There’s a children’s playground in our shop.

A: Thanks a lot. I wonder where is the powdered milk.

B: It’s over there.

A: It’s very kind of you.

B: Not at all.

<九> A: We’d better take a group picture here.

B: We should ask somebody to help us.

C: OK. Excuse me, Sir. Could you please take a picture for us?

D: Yes, of course.

C: Thanks a lot.

D: You’re welcome.

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