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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a lovely girl. She likes red hats. So her mother calls her little Red Riding Hood.

Her grandma loves her very much. But now she is ill. Her mother is busy. So she asks little Riding Hood to see her grandma. In the forest, a wolf sees little Red Riding Hood, “Look, little Red Riding Hood. I have children for lunch. The path goes to her grandma's house.”

The wolf comes to grandma's house and eats grandma. Then he wears grandma's glasses and clothes, and lies in her bed. After a while, little Red Riding Hood comes to grandma's bed. To her surprise, grandma's mouth is very big. So she asks, “Grandma, why is your mouth so big?” “I eat little girls with this mouth.”And he rushed at little Red Riding Hood.

“Help! Help!”The wolf runs after little Red Riding Hood. At this time, a hunter passes through the house. He shoots the wolf and saves little Red Riding Hood. Then he cuts the wolf and grandma comes out.

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