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Good morning, dear teachers,

I’m number…It’s my great pleasure to be here sharing my

Part 1 Analysis of the teaching material:

1. Function and position of this lesson.

It’s the functional and communicative type of comprehensive training courses. On the basis of mastering the sentences 2. Teaching aims

According to the new national English curriculum, I set 3 aims.

(1)Knowledge aims

the students are able to master and apply the sentences“when do u …”“I …at… “ and to communicate and perform in the real situation.

(2)Ability aims

Through this course, students will achieve the initial use of English communication ability, Training the students’ abilities of capturing, getting, and processing information.

(3)Emotion aims

Training students the spirit of cooperation and good writing habits.

3. Teaching importance and difficulties

Importance and difficulty are the application and writing about the sentences

Part 2 Teaching and studying methods

The main instructional aims of learning English in Primary School are to cultivate students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and their good sense of English language. So I choose CLT in my class.

Ss are the center of all teaching activities. They should take an active part in learning process.

Part 3 Teaching Procedure

Step 1 Warm up (5min)

(2)I’ll have a revision to review important words TPR or showing some pictures.

(3) we’ll have a free talk between T—S and Ss—Ss to review the sentence patterns.

The purpose is to form better English learning surrounding and arouse students’ interest by singing and doing some total physical response.

Step 2 Pre—reading (15 min)

1, I‘ll introduce the background of the dialogue (story), such as

2,let Ss imagine no answer here.

Purpose: Arouse the pupils’ interest and offer them the chance to

apply the sentence by setting the questions.

Step 3 while—reading

1, Let Ss read the dialogue quickly with the . circle—(words)\(underline --sentence) the answers and check it. this time ,I’ll write the main sentences at the BB, emphasize the writhing.

3, I’ll ask some else Qs, such as …(about why, what ),in order

that Ss can understand the dialogue further .

4,let Ss read the dialogue quietly and find out the problems

they still have.

At last, I’ll play the tape, Ss listen and imitate, ask them to pay

attention to pronunciation and intonation.

Purpose: (1)The pupils can understand the dialogue step by

step by setting the reading tasks from easy to difficult. (2)Train

their abilities of capturing the information.

Step 4 Post—reading (15min) 多人) to act the

dialogue out, then have a show in class. Retell the passage,(文本)

2, I‘ll offer them a passage about the dialogue (text) with

blanks. Let Ss complete it.

3, make a survey (group work \ let’s play).

4,A challenge for Ss.i ‘ll offer them another passage .let Ss talk

in groups and then finish related Qs.

Purpose: To train the students’ abilities of speaking, reading,

writing and comprehensive skills

Step 5 Summary(3min)

I‘ll encourage Ss summarize what they have got in this class.

And lead them to summarize the reading skills of reading courses and reading strategies.

Step 6 homework (1min)

I’ll give Ss assignments

1. Listen and repeat twice, try to imitate.

2. Write the basic sentences.

3. Try to retell the short passage according to the dialogue.

[Purpose]: the home work can consolidate what they have learned in this class.

Part 4 blackboard design,

That is my blackboard design,

UNIT 1 this is my day Part A

Phrase structure

Get up when do you go to work?

Eat breakfast I go to work at 9:00 in the evening. Go to work

That’s all my teaching ideas. Thanks for your listening.

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