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Function of Writing


To Get along with Your Roommates
Directions: Write a composition entitled To Get along with Your Roommates. You should write at least 120 words based on the following outline given in Chinese.

1. 室友之间的冲突在校园里 常有发生 2. 冲突的主要原因 3. 室友之间如何和睦相处
phenomenon reasons suggestions

The General Structure of Writing
Topic Paragraph
General statement limiting Thesis statement

Explanation 1

reason 1 reason 2

Explanation 2

Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2

General How sentence

to Get along with your

Evidence as a supporting Roommate sentence

Roommate conflicts among college students are often heard on campus Thesis over recent years. Study shows that statement these conflicts make the excitement of campus life grow grey. This essay is to explore some of the causes and ways in which we can do to cope with this problem.
phenomenon (general statement + evidence+thesis statement)

Reason 1

Reasons for Conflicts

Reason 2

It is often the case that many of these conflicts spring from trivial things such as the time when to turn off the light and space where to store their luggage or personal belongings. When personalities don’t mix, the specifics can tear roommates apart and cause serious conflicts. Besides, different attitudes towards certain issues may aslo lead to these conflicts.

Suggestion 1

Ways to deal with conflicts

Suggestion 2

Roommate conflicts are harmful and need to be settled. Though many people think that school discipline can soften the conflicts, I believe learning to be tolerant with each other can play a more constructive role because it teaches students flexibility and the art of compromise. Meanwhile, communication contributes to the solution to this problem since many of these conflicts stem from misunderstanding.
What can be done to help the disabled?

Useful Expressions
There is no denying …
No sensible man will deny …

Few man will deny … It goes without saying …

There is no doubt …

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