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动物庄园 (2)

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Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a representative work of George Orwell. The whole story is very simple, telling the story of the animals in a farm. One day, old Major, the prize Middle boar, called all the animals together, telling them about the dream he had had the previous night. Then he called on the animals to overthrow the human’s rule and to fight for their own freedom. After singing the song “Beast of England”, old Major died few days later.

Though old major died, his thought had spread among the animals. The two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon were chosen to be their leader. They finally drove their master Mr. Jones out and renamed the farm Animal Farm and made The Seven Commandments. And they worked hard to run and enrich their own farm. Things seemed to be normal, but the two leaders often held the different opinion when making a decision. In after the victory of the Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball decided to build a windmill. Without doubt, Napoleon thought it is no use and drove Snowball out of the farm with the ferocious dogs, saying Snowball is a traitor. And the animals believed that so Napoleon became the only leader of the animals.

In the following days, Napoleon required the animals to work hard for the farm. But gradually, what he did became very

strange. He decided to build a windmill, make deal with human and proclaim the privilege of pigs. Squealer would always convince them if they had any objection. Day by day, the pigs revised the principles and had all the delicious food and comfortable stall by saying it is equal. At the end of the story, the pigs could walk with their hind legs and they had dinner with human beings. From pig to man, and from man to pig again, it was impossible to say which was which.

Why would the animals’ dream finally broke? It was because they lack of the ability to think independently and choose reasonably. Animal Farm is a fable novel, it indicates the disadvantages of Monarchy. When Snowball was still in the farm, the decision would always be beneficial to all, just like the parliamentary system. But when he left, monarchy came, causing dictatorship. When one’s thoughts become the whole country’s will, fallacy becomes truth. But our education has never educated us with the way to think with our own mind and to do with our own will. We are instilled with the knowledge that leads to the appointed way. We are not the animals so education system has much to do.

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