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class one_张希汀_和黄share price

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Hutchison Whampoa(和記黃埔有限公司), is an investment holding company based in Hong Kong. During the latter half year of 2012, the share price of Hutchison Whampoa fluctuated but all in all showed an upward trend. In 2012, when Hutchison Whampoa acquired Orange on Feb. 2nd, its share price picked up by around 19.1 after 6 month’s continuous decline. However, as the anti-monopoly investigation was launched by EU in June, the share price began to dip and in Aug. it dropped to 67.35. When Managing Director Jianning Huo responded with relevant transactions in exchange for the acquisition, there appeared a slight recovery in the share price, and then it ascended steadily from Dec. 2012 to the following year.

That’s all about Hutchison Whampoa’s share price. See more details in graph as follows.

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