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道德经 英文

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An Investigation of DAO in Dao de jing
By G5

1. wisdom
/ ?w ?zd?m; ˋw?zd?m/ n [U] (a) experience and knowledge (shown in making decisions and judgements); quality of being wise (b) good judgement; advisability; common sense

/ ??f?r ?z?m; ˋ?f??r ?z?m/ n (a)short wise saying; maxim

? 3.perversion / p??v ???n; US -?n; p?ˋv???n/ n (a) [U] changing sth from right to wrong; perverting (b) [C] perverted form of sth; distortion [U] (a) (esp of sexual feelings) being or becoming unnatural or abnormal (b) [C] (esp sexual) taste or desire which has been perverted ? 4.aversion
/ ??v ???n; US ??v ??r?n; ?ˋv???n/ n [C, U] ~ (to sb/sth) strong dislike [C] thing that is disliked

/s?k?s ??kt; s?kˋs??kt/ adj (approv ) expressedbriefly and clearly; concise

/ ?b?skju?(r); ?b ˋskj?r/ (a)adj .not easily or clearly seen or understood; indistinct; hidden (b)verb. make (sth) obscure; hide (sb/sth) from view

/ ?kr ?pt?k; ˋkr?pt?k/ adj with a meaning that is hidden or not easily understood; mysterious

? 8.conspicuous / k?n?sp ?kju?s; k?nˋsp?kj??s/ adj (a)~ (for sth) easily seen; noticeable; remarkable (b)(idm ) con,spicuous by one's `absence noticeably absent when one ought to be present

/ ?n?d ?d??n?s; ?nˋd?d??n?s/ adj ~ (to sth) (fml ) belonging naturally (to a place); native

10. doctrine
/ ?d ?ktr?n; ˋdɑktr?n/ n [C, U] (any of a) set of beliefs held by a church, political party, group of scientists, etc

? 11.pompous / ?p ?mp?s; ˋpɑmp?s/ adj feeling, or showing that one feels, that one is much more important than other people

/ ?gr?v?t ?; ˋɡr?v?t?/ n [U] (a) importance (of a worrying kind); seriousness (b) solemnity

/ ?tr?nsen?dentl; ?tr?ns ?nˋd?ntl/ adj going beyond the limits of humanknowledge, experience or reason, esp in a mystical or religious way

? 14.prosaic
/ pr??ze ??k; proˋze?k/ adj (a) uninspired; unimaginative (b) dull and commonplace; unromantic

15. moralistic
/ ?m ?r??l ?st?k; US ?m ??r-; ?m ?r?ˋl?st?k/ adj having or showing definite but narrow beliefs and judgements about right and wrong actions

/ ?k ?zm?k; ˋkɑzm?k/ adj of the whole universe or cosmos

? 17. contemplation / ?k ?ntem?ple ??n; ?k ɑnt?mˋple??n/ n 1 (a) [U] action of looking at sth/sb thoughtfully 2 [U] consideration; intention

/ ?medls?m; ˋm?dls?m/ adj fond of or in the habit of meddling

/ ?k ɑ?d?nl; ˋkɑrdn?l/ adj most important; chief; fundamental

/ ?ju ?n??v ??sl; ?jun? ˋv?sl/ adj of, belonging to, affecting or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group

Lao Zi


Famous Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, Lao Zi (also known as Lao Tzu, Lao Tse or Lao Tze) was born at Ku Prefecture (today’s Luyi County of H

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