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dad,where are we going.(爸爸去哪儿)

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1."Dad, Where are We Going?" Teaches Us How to love Hunan TV's new program, " Dad,Where Are We Going?" has won high phrase since it debuted last month. The program invited five fathers, who are all famous people , and their children to travel together to complete certain tasks. They are Zhang Liang and his son Tian Tian, Lin Zhiyin and his son Kimi, Tian Liang and his daughter Cindy, Wang Yuelun and his daughter Angela and Guo Tao and his son Shitou(stone).During the trip, the program recorded the whole process of how the five pairs of father and child get over the difficulties designed for them. But what make this TV show so popular? Except the design on the activities and the real emotion in this real people show, the most important thing is the

feeling of resonance among the TV viewer. The question children ask most is not "Dad, where are we going?", but the question "Dad, where are you going."

From the debut, we can see it that most children didn't used to traveling with their dad. Tianian drug for his mother's leg and keep saying :" I won't go, I want to be with my mom. I will go where my mom go." When arriving the first place, Tian Liang ' s daughter Cindy just keep crying and shouting :"I want my grandma, I want my grandma." From this we can see it that it is because their dads didn't spend enough time with children and that is what causes their kids have the sense of unsafe to stay alone with their dad.

"The sense of belonging" is the key point to make this show stand out. Nowadays, most dad have no time to spend with their child. When facing the living things of their child and the child's moody, they don't know how to deal with it. It is all because they have lost the sense of belonging. Some of them are busy with work ,some think that look after child is mother's job, and some just give iPAD and TV to their child, but for looking after child, getting along with their child, accompany them ,educating them, they just have no idea. At this time, the appearance of "Dad, where are we going" give dads the chance to revise. They started to think" what if I spend three days with my kid? What would I do to put my baby to bed? What would I make for the breakfast? How to calm them down when they are moody? How should I communicate with them and get their trust?" Love is an art

The book “the art of love” Fromm use a whole chapter to explain the importance of love from parents .In this book , it explained: the relationship between children and father is different from that between children and mother. Mother presents the home to raise children , she is the land and the ocean. However, father represent the other side of a children life. It is the world of

thinking ,of relationship, of rules which full of adventure and imagine. Father is the road leader of the children’s life. As a child, they need love from mother, but they also need love from father’s side. This point is similar to our “yan fu ci mu”(father is the one who is strict while mother is the one who is kind) pattern.

For Chinese parents, they want to love their child but don’t know how. It is because after the two World Wars, with the growth of economy , people started to

pursue for the enjoyment of physical .People’s value started to change. They lives in a world filled with competition ,so they lose the ability to love and in the same time , have no time to learn.

This show give us the chance to learn how to love and the art of love. How to be a good parent?

When the psychologist Li Xue put her comment on this show, she talked about

these 5 fathers, she think they have a very low participation in family life and they all have a reason that they have their career. However, it is the

reflection of their lacked ability in loving and it is also a kind of escape in some degree.

With the show’s keep going, we can see it that the ability of dads can be improved. When Tian Liang facing the crying of his daughter Cindy, he can take care of it with a big patience .When Lin Zhiyin’s son Kimi refuse to finish tasks alone, Lin Zhiyin now can push his son to do these tasks alone though he worried a lot. Although a bystander at first place , Wgng Yuelun now has

exchange his role to a participator. These changes all tell us one thing, dads have the ability to love, they can do it very well, but they hadn’t realized the importance of accompany the child , respect them, getting to know them and their responsibility to child until they join the show.

2.Wu Qilong Exposed Himself That He Would Spend the Spring festival With Liu Shishi

It hasn’t been a long time since Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi announced that they have started a relationship and have received benediction from Internet Users. Recently, Wu Qilong shared his happiness with his fans on the press conference and said that he would spend the Spring festival with his girl friend Liu Shishi. On 16, Wu Qilong attended the press conference of the new teleplay “Head for Happiness” as a protagonist. When asked whether he is happy or not ,Wu Qilong expressed his happiness “No matter you are happy or not, I am very happy right now.” But he prefer not to share the details of his happiness with us.

At the conference, he also talked that he had to take some intimate scenes with the heroin. Would he answer to his girlfriend ? For this question, he told us that he and Liu Shishi wouldn’t restraint on work-things with each other. He think there is no necessary for them to act as lovers in each teleplay. He also

said happily that he would spend the spring festival with Liu Shishi. th

3.Only four television stations have gotten the allowance to hold the New Year’s Eve

Last year, a big war on New Year’s Eve exposed among 15 television stations, and the investments of each station was more than 300,00 thousand yuan. But for this year, under the stress of the State administration of Radio’s restraint on the amount of the stations which is going to hold the New Year’s Eve and it’s advocating for “cut the budget on the Eve”, only three television stations has gotten the permission of holding the New Year’s Eve, they are Dragon TV, Hunan TV and Guangdong Satellite. All the three stations who have gotten the

permission have announced that they will cut sharply on the budget of the Eve: the show would be fantastic but simple, make full use of the resources they have

already got. They would focus on the creativity to hold the Eve.

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