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Paragraph 1 (114 words)

The Boy Who Cries Wolf

A boy sits on the hillside watching the sheep. He is bored and sings, “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!” The villagers run up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. But they find no wolf. The boy laughs. “Don?t cry ?wolf?,” says an angry villager, “when there?s no wolf!” Later, the boy sings again. They come and leave angrily once again.

Later, he sees a REAL wolf. He sings out loudly, “Wolf! Wolf!” But the villagers think he is playing tricks again, and so they don?t come. At last, the sheep scatter.

Nobody believes a liar, even when he is telling the truth!

Paragraph 2 (92 words)

The Four Bulls and the Lion

A hungry lion walks round and round under a tree. He is looking at four bulls living nearby. He always tries to catch one of them, but always fails. Each time he comes near, the four bulls turn their tails to one another. The lion can only see their horns.

At last, the bulls have a quarrel. They divide. The lion catches them one by one and soon he has eaten all of them.

The story tells us: When united, we?re strong; when divided, we?re weak.

Paragraph 3(102words)

The Fox and the Cat

A fox boasts to a cat “I have a hundred ways to escape my enemies”. “I have only one.” says the cat, “but that?s enough.”

Just at that moment, they hear hounds coming toward them. The cat jumps up a tree at once and hides herself in the leaves. “This is my way to escape. What about yours?” says the cat. The fox thinks of one way. Then of another. When he is thinking, the hounds catch the fox!

This story tells us: one safe way is better than a hundred, if you cannot escape.

Paragraph 4 (94 words)

The Fox and the Crow

A crow is sitting high up in a tree. He has a piece of meat in his beak. A fox comes and sees the crow. He thinks, “I?d like to get that meat.”

“Oh crow.” calls the fox “Your voice is the most beautiful in the world! Please sing a little song for me!” The crow has never heard anyone say such sweet words before. He opens up his beak and he begins to squawk and sing.

The meat falls down into the waiting mouth of the fox below.

Paragraph 5 (98 words)

A Race between a Rabbit and a Tortoise

A rabbit meets a tortoise in a forest. He says to the tortoise,” Let?s have a race!” ”A race? Ok!” The elephant is the judge.” ”Ready…Go!”

The two begin to run. The rabbit runs fast and the tortoise walks slowly .The rabbit can?t see the tortoise behind. He sees a big tree. ”Ah-oh!” he yawns. He lies down and falls asleep under the tree.

The tortoise keeps walking and is the first to get to the finishing line. The tortoise wins! He says, “I?m slow, but I?m number one! Why? ” (98 words)

Paragraph 6 (99 words)

The Wind and the Sun

One day, the wind and the sun have a quarrel. The wind says: “I am more powerful than you!” The sun says: “Well, let?s have a contest. See that man on the horse? Let us see which of us can take his coat off.”

The wind blows hard. The man feels cold and does up all the buttons of his coat. The wind fails. Then the sun comes out from behind a cloud. He shines. The man feels hot and takes off his coat.

The sun says, “Through gentle power, I got my way.”

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