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? McDull (Chinese name: 麦兜) is a cartoon pig character that was created in Hong Kong by Alice Mak and Brian.

? McDull is a male pig who can be distinguished by a birthmark on his right eye. He has a heart of gold, but he isn't very smart and ordinary in every way.

?Nevertheless, he has many dreams. However, every time he tries, he fails; he is disappointed, but tries again, exploring other dreams.

? There are many meaningful words in the cartoon ,let’s enjoy it!

Thanks for my eyes, even if they are small, but they let me see the sun rise up and down, flowers bloom and fall.

Thanks for my nose, even if it looks so flat,but it let me breath the fresh air

Thanks the sun rise up again, and keep on lighting my dreams

Thanks the rain that granted by god ,it clean out the sadness and darkness from heart

Thanks for the days that I felt sad, I know the happiness is not far from me.

If you don’t respect me, I will respect you. If you don’t respect me again, I will also respect you. If you don’t respect me again and again. I will destroy you.

你不尊重我,我尊重你,你还不尊重 我,我依旧尊重你。你再不尊重我, 我就废了你。

Just cry whenever you want cry, smile whenever you want smile, Do not become false because of the falsehood of the world.
想哭就哭,想笑就笑,不要因为世界虚 伪,你也变的虚伪了。

? Catch some ZZZZS when you fell sad. It is better to harm the heart than the stomach

不开心睡一觉,就让它过去吧。伤 心还好,伤胃就不好了。

Thank you !

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