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The Final Paper for NCE3

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The Final Paper for NCE3-PART ONE Exam

NAME_________ SCORE________ PART1 单项选择题(25)

1. — How long are you staying in China, Alice?— I don’t know. _________.

A. It depends on B. It doesn’t matter C. Never mind D. It depends

2. Do you have anything _________, sir?

A. to be washed B. to wash C. washing D. being washed

3. Nowadays, many farmers in our country want to ________ rural life and make a living in cities.

A. break up B. run out of C. keep up with D. break away from

4. — What’s the main idea of the passage, Julia?

— I’m sorry, Mr White, I can’t make _________ of it. It’s beyond me.

A. sense B. understanding C. judgement D. idea

5. — Did Roger fix the computer himself?

— He _________ because he doesn’t know much about the computers.

A. has it fixed B. had fixed it C. had it fixed D. fixed it

6. — Why did you _________ the second paragraph of your rewritten composition?

— Because I thought it was off the point.

A. make out B. leave out C. figure out D. put out

7. The Chinese people _________ 56 nationalities, each of whom has their own characteristics.

A. is consisted of B. is made of C. consists of D. is made from

8. My camera can be _________ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

A. adapted B. revised C. fit D. adjusted

9. With a lot of difficult problems _________, the new manager felt like a cat on hot bricks.

A. settled B. to settle C. being settled D. settling

10. I feel it is your wife who _________ for the spoiled child.

A. is to be blamed B. is going to blame C. is to blame D. should blame

11. Paul failed in the exam again because he _________ confidence to pass it.

A. lacked of B. was lacking of C. was lacking D. lacked

------------------------------------------------ROBIN 1


12. Every politician admits the great power of _________.

A. a press B. press C. the press D. presses

13. Our government must _________ the pace of construction in order to meet the demands of

ordinary people.A. make up B. break up C. bring up D. speed up

14. One of the ball sports, volleyball, is very interesting _________.

A. to watch B. to be watched C. to be watching D. to watching

15. _________ with so much trouble, we failed to complete the task before the due time.

A. Faced B. Facing C. Face D. To face

20. The school isn’t the one I really wanted to go to, but I suppose I’ll just have to ______it,

A. make the best of B. get away from C. keep an eye on D. catch up with

21. Since people are fond of humor, it is as well in conversation as _______ else.

A. anything B. something C. anywhere D. somewhere

22. English is a language shared by several diverse cultures, each of ______ uses it somewhat differently. A. which B. what C. them D. those

23. The professor could tell by the _____ look in Maria’s eyes that she didn’t understand a single word of his lecture. A. cold B. blank C. innocent D. fresh

24. A bank is the place ______ they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when

it begins to rain. A. when B. that C. where D. there

25. --- How’s your new babysitter? -- We ____ ask for a better one. All our kids love her so much.

A. should B. might C. mustn’t D. couldn’t

26.---Shall I introduce you to Jim?

---__________. We’ve met.

A. As soon as possible B. There’s no need C. Not at all D. It’s my pleasure

27. We should not_______ what we can do today till tomorrow.

A. take off B. give out C. put off D. come out

28 Many children, _______ parents are working in big cities, are taken good care of in the village.

A. their B. whose C. of them D. with whom

29. With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth each year.

A. is washing away B. is being washed away

C. are washing away D. are being washed away

30 Please do me a favor----_______ my friend Mr Smith to Youth Theater at 7:30 tonight.

A. invite B. inviting C. to invite D. invited

------------------------------------------------ROBIN 2


PART2 完形填空题(30)

One afternoon I was sitting at my favorite table in a restaurant, waiting for the food I had ordered to arrive. Suddenly I ___36___ that a man sitting at a table near the window kept glancing in my direction, ___37___ he knew me. The man had a newspaper ___38___ in front of him, which he was ___39___ to read, but I could ___40___ that he was keeping an eye on me. When the waiter brought my ___41___the man was clearly puzzled (困惑) by the ___42___ way in which the waiter and I ___43___each other. He seemed even more puzzled as ___44___went on and it became ___45___that all the waiters in the restaurant knew me. Finally he got up and went into the ___46___. When he came out, he paid his bill and ___47___without another glance in my direction.

I called the owner of the restaurant and asked what the man had ___48___. “Well,” he said, “that man was a detective (侦探). He ___49___ you here because he thought you were the man he ___50___. ” “What? ” I said, showing my ___51___. The owner continued, “He came into the kitchen and showed me a photo of the wanted man. I ___52___ say he looked very much like you! Of course, since we know you, we told him that he had made a ___53___. ” “Well, it’s really ___54___I came to a restaurant where I’m known, ” I said. “___55___, I might have been in trouble. ”

36. A. knew B. understood C. noticed D. recognized

37. A. since B. even if C. though D. as if

38. A. flat B. open C. cut D. fixed

39. A. hoping B. thinking C. pretending D. continuing

40. A. see B. find C. guess D. learn

41. A. menu B. bill C. paper D. food

42. A. direct B. familiar C. strange D. funny

43. A. chatted with B. looked at C. laughed at D. talked about

44. A. the waiter B. time C. I D. the dinner

45. A. true B. hopeful C. clear D. possible

46. A. restaurant B. washroom C. office D. kitchen

47. A. left B. acted C. sat down D. calmed down

48. A. wanted B. tried C. ordered D. wished

49. A. met B. caught C. followed D. discovered

50. A. was to beat B. was dealing with C. was to meet D. was looking for

51. A. care B. surprise C. worry D. regret

52. A. must B. can C. need D. may

53. A. discovery B. mistake C. decision D. fortune

54. A. a pity B. natural C. a chance D. lucky

55. A. Thus B. However C. Otherwise D. Therefore

PART3 新课标改错题(10)

After I finished the school this year, I began to took for work. Now several month later, I still hadn’t found the job that I was interested. Last Sunday morning I received a phone call from a man calling him Mr. Smith. He said to me on the phone, “I hear you do very well in your studies, I may have a job for you.” I entered his office with a beaten heart. How I hoped that I will go through the job hunting talk ------------------------------------------------ROBIN 3


today and he would take him on as a lab assistant. But to my surprised, what he said disappointing. He only needed a model.

1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______4. _______ 5. _______ 6. _______

7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______10. _______

PART3 写作(30) 假定你是李华,你的一位美国朋友Jane在中国学习中文两年,即将回国。现在由你给她发E-mail,邀请她参加为她举办的欢送会,要点如下:

(1)祝贺 她顺利通过考试,她的学习进步很大,为她骄傲; (2)感谢她帮助你们学习英语;

(3)时间:星期六晚六点;(4)地点:阳关俱乐部(The Sun Club)302房间;





(3)参考词汇:欢送会 farewell party

Dear Jane,

Congratulations on your passing all the exams.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Yours faithfully,

Li Hua

------------------------------------------------ROBIN 4

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