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Greek Mythology

Θεογον?α Theogony
? ‘Theogony’

means ‘the birth of the gods’

? One

of the earliest Greek texts we have
by Hesiod sometime in the 700s

? Written


? An

epic poem in dactylic hexameter

Θεογον?α Theogony
? Things

to Remember:

? Theogony

is one written version of a diverse and already-ancient tradition- Hesiod didn’t create it himself is not a sacred text like the 圣经 or

? Theogony


Things to Notice
? The

gods are part of the universe- they did not create the universe gods, especially the early ones, are both anthropomorphic and literally natural phenomena (eg. Gaia is the Earth but also a woman with a womb who can feel pain)
are immortal (不朽) and powerful, but NOT all-powerful (全能)

? The

? Gods

In the Beginning….

Ouranos (天)

Gaia (地球)


Pontos (海洋)


The Second Generation
Gaia (地球) Ouranos (天)

Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetos, Theia, Rheia, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys & Kronos


Childbirth Troubles
? Ouranos

slept with Gaia and created many children, but would not let her give birth to them

? Gaia

swallowed a sickle and, when Kronos came to sleep with Gaia again, the youngest child, Kronos, cut off Ouranos’ penis (阴茎) and threw it in the sea
this way, the sky and earth were separated so that creatures could have space to live

? In

The Birth of Aphrodite (Venus)

? The

bubbles in the sea caused by Ouranos’ penis created Aphrodite, the goddess of love

The Third Generation
Kronos Rheia

Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus

More Childbirth Troubles
? Afraid

he would be replaced by his children, Kronos ate them when they were born tricked Kronos by giving him a stone wrapped in a blanket, which Kronos ate, thinking it was a child hid from his father until he had grown up enough to overthrow him

? Rheia

? Zeus

Further Thinking About Theogony
? Increasing

anthropomorphism (拟人论) in each generation (eg. Tartaros is the
Underworld but Hades rules the Underworld)

? There

is a pattern of mothers helping sons overthrow fathers
? Insecurity

of parents towards children ? Insecurity of husbands towards wives

The Triple Division
? Sky


- Zeus

? Sea


- Poseidon

? Underworld


- Hades

The Goddesses
Hera - Marriage

Hestia -

- Hearth (炉)& Home

Demeter -

- Agriculture

A Bit More About



God of Sky, Justice, Xenia (ξεν?α-好客) & prophecy (预言) Zeus’ first wife was Metis. Through her, he gave birth to Athena. Zeus’ second (and permanent) wife is Hera. Their relationship is not good.




Zeus & Hera give birth to Hebe (绽放青春), Eileithyia (childbirth), Ares (war) & Hephaistos (crippled but good at making things)
Zeus has many relationships with other women (even human ones!) which makes Hera extremely jealous.


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