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This holiday, I read a book named “Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp”. It is a famous myth written by an English writer named Judith Dean. It tells us a story about how a “good-for-nothing” man becomes to a rich by an enchanted lamp. When Aladdin was a boy, he just want to play. His family is poor, though he talked and laughed and played with his friends all day at the market. But one day, Abanazar went to Aladdin’s house and said that he was Aladdin’s uncle .By accident, he got the enchanted lamp with his “uncle” while he knew he wasn’t his uncle, he was a magician . Abanazar was so afraid with the enchanted lamp and he ran away. Aladdin used the enchanted lamp to get food and money. Soon, Aladdin and his mother were rich.

Five years later, he married the Sultan’s daughter, Princess Badr-al-Budur. And he built a very beautiful palace for her. They lived very happily.

But soon, Abanazar came back and deceived the lamp from the princess. That’s not finish, he stole the palace and the princess to the Morocco. Aladdin was very angry, he went to Morocco by the jinnee of the ring, he rescued the princess and took the lamp away.

Afterwards, Aladdin and his princess lived happily.

From this story, I think, Aladdin is really a lazy boy. He is really good-for-nothing. But he can do one thing, that is calling the jinnee. As you know, it’s a good thing. But in our real life, we don’t have a jinnee.

Most of you has many wishes, but we can’t just want to find short cuts. If we just want to live off the labour of others, we will be good-for-nothing.

Everybody has a beautiful dream , but it just lives in our hearts and we can’t see it. In fact, we are the jinnee in our life. We can let the dreams come true, as long as we can try hard and work hard. So believe ourselves, we’re the jinnee of ourselves.

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