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A Little Horse Crossing the River

There are an old horse and a little horse on a farm.

One day the old horse asks the little horse to send the wheat to the mill. The little horse is very happy. He carries the wheat and runs toward the mill. But there is a river in front of the little horse. He stops and does not know what to do next.

Just then ,Aunt Cow is passing by. The little horse asks, “Aunt Cow, please tell me. Can I cross the river?”

Aunt Cow answers, “It is not deep. You can cross it.”

When the little horse begins to cross the river, a little squirrel shouts at him, “Little horse, don’t cross it, you will be drowned. Yesterday one of my friends was drowned in this river.”

The little horse is very afraid. Finally he decides to go home and ask his mother. The old horse asks, “Why do you take the wheat back? What’s wrong with you, my child?” The little horse answers sadly, “There is a river in front of me. Aunt Cow said it was not deep. But the little squirrel said it was deep. What shall I do?” The old horse says, “My child, you should try to cross the river by yourself. If you do not try, how do you know the river is deep or not?” The little horse carries the wheat and returns to the riverside. At last, he succeeds in crossing the river. Now, he knows how deep the river is.

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