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The Maiden In The Garden

One day Wu Fang, a handsome and rich young man, limbed up a tall tree to look for bird's nests. As he looked down over the high wall of a nearby house, he saw a beautiful young girl under a tree. She was sewing and singing to herself. He found her voice as beautiful and sweet as the nightingale's. Wu Fang was immediately attracted to her. When he went back to the house, he asked his parents who she was. They told him her name was Chen Lien and that her father was a rich merchant. Wu fang then asked his parents to arrange for him to marry Chen Lien.

A matchmaker was sent for and all things were done as they should be. Finally the wedding day came but Chen Lien was worried and sad. Much as she was beautiful, there was an ugly scar on her left eyebrow. She was afraid that Wu Fang would be unhappy over that scar.

Before long many guests arrived with lost of lovely gifts. Through her heavy veil, Chen Lien saw her husband smiling and laughing among the guests. Finally the ceremonies and feasting were over and the last guest had gone home. The time came for the bridegroom to lift the veil from the face of his bride. As he did so, the ugly scar on Chen Lien's left eyebrow came into view. There was a look of unhappiness on Wu Fang's face and Chen Lien began to cry.

Chen Lien dared not look straight into her husband's face. She spoke softly, still with tears in her eyes.

"Didn't the matchmaker tell you about the ugly scar on my left eyebrow?" Wu Fang shook his head.

"It's all right," he said, "After all, it's only a small scar. But do tell me, my wife, how you came to have it."

She looked up and said," It happened many years ago when I was only a little girl, my parents took me to visit some relatives in Guangzhou. While they were talking, I went into the garden to play. A little boy from across the road threw a big stone over the wall and it hit me just above the left eye. It left a deep cut on my left eyebrow. After some days the cut healed but the ugly scar remained. We never did find out the little boy's name for he was also a visitor there."

At this Wu Fang's face turned pale for a minute. "Oh, my poor wife," he said. "I am so sorry. Will you ever forgive me?"

Chen Lien was very surprised. But before she could speak Wu Fang had given her the answer.

"It was I who threw the stone that hit you. I was the little boy across the road. After hitting you with the stone I was afraid and quickly ran away to hide myself. All these years I have been ashamed of myself and have tried to find the little girl. Now I realize it is you, my good wife, to whom I have done such a great wrong."

Wu Fang want to fall down on his knees before her but she would not allow it. Then he called for the best artist in the land and had him paint a new eyebrow over the scar. It was done so well that no one could say it was not real.

Although the tale is not very romantic, but it's a happy and fatal story.

Little Cao Chong weighs an elephant

One day ,somebody sent Cao Cao an elephant.Cao Cao wanted to know its weight, but there was nothing big enough to weigh it on.

Cao Chong told his father he could weigh the elephant if he had a big boat and a lot of heavy stones.

Cao Cao and some other people were very surprised, but still he ordered his men to get everything ready.

When they led the elephant down into the boat,the water came up,then Cao Chong marked the water line.

Then they drove the elephant onto the bank and put the heavy stones in the boat until the water came up to the same line.

At last,Cao Chong told the men to weigh each of the stones.In this way,he weighed the elephant.


2014. 5. 1


Once upon a time, there was a princess whose skin was as white as snow. Therefore the King had named her Snow White. Unfortunately, the mother of this princess had died early.

After a short while, the King married another Queen.

The new Queen owned a magic mirror. Every time, the queen would ask the mirror, “Who is the most beautiful lady in the world?” The answer always was, “It is you.”

One day, however, the magic mirror answered the Queen, “Snow White is the most beautiful one in the world.

The Queen got very angry so she ordered a hunter to kill Snow White in the forest without telling the King.

But the hunter didn?t want to kill the princess, so he set her free.

Snow White met seven dwarves in the forest and was living happily together with them. The Queen thought the princess had died, so she asked the mirror, “Who is the most beautiful lady in the world?” The mirror answered, “Snow White is the most beautiful one in the world.”

The Queen was utterly disturbed. She disguised as a benevolent granny and gave a poisonous apple to Snow White.

Snow White died as soon as she ate the poisonous apple. Her death broke the hearts of the seven dwarves. They intended to hold a big funeral.

At that time a handsome prince of a neighboring country passed by. When he saw the beautiful Snow White, he couldn?t help but kiss her.

Suddenly, Snow White spitted out the poisonous apple which had been stuck in her throat and came to life again.

The prince took Snow White back to his palace and planned to hold a wedding. The Queen changed back to what she was-a wicked witch, when she found out that Snow White was still alive. Riding on her magic broom and carrying her magic sword, she flew to the prince?s palace. But when the Queen was flying above the palace, lighting stuck down on her and she died.

The prince and Snow White lived happily ever after. Cao Chong weighed an elephant One day during the Three Kingdoms period, someone sent a giant elephant to Cao Cao.

He ordered his ministers to figure out how to weigh it.

However, all of his ministers had no idea how to do it. At that moment, Cao Chong, Cao Cao's son, said, "First, drive the elephant into a big ship in the river and mark the level of the water on the side of the ship. Then, substitute the elephant with stones and keep piling them on until the water reaches the marked level. Finally, weigh the stones. The weight of the elephant will be equal to that of all the stones."

After hearing Cao Chong's idea, all the ministers praised him repeatedly, "Good idea! Good idea!"

Cao Chong was only six years old at the time.

The Policeman and the Thief

Once, a new policeman caught a thief in a small town, and decided to bring him back to the police station in the city. On their way they came to a shop where bread was sold. “ We have no food, and we must be hungry after a while. Let me go into the shop and buy some bread for us. Wait here for me.” The thief said.

The policeman agreed with him and waited in the street for a long time , but thief didn’t come out of the shop. The policeman began to be worried ,and ran into the shop, he couldn’t see the thief but the back door of the shop. The policeman had to go back to the police station alone, and he was very unhappy.

Luckily, the policeman caught the thief at the same place the next day. When.they walked though the same street and the same shop, “ Wait here,” said the policeman “ Last time you ran away from the shop. This time , I’ll go into the shop and buy the bread , and you must wait here for me.”

A camel and a goat

One day, a camel met a goat on the road. They walked along the road together. After a while, they saw a tall tree, there were many leaves on it. The camel opened his mouth and ate the delicious leaves. But the goat was too short to eat them. The camel said to the goat, “ Look, I can eat the leaves. I am taller than you, so I?m better than you.” The goat said nothing. They still walked along the road. Suddenly, they saw much green grass inside a wall. But there ?s only a small hole in the wall. The camel couldn?t go into the wall. The camel couldn?t go into the wall through the hole. But the goat could. He ate the nice grass and said to the camel, “ I can eat the grass, so I?m better than you.”

Dear friends, who?s better? Do you know?

新版本The Little Match Girl

It was snowy and dark on a new year?s Eve. Many people were getting together in their warm homes. A poor little girl was still walking in the streets with no shoes. There were some matches in her hand.

“ Matches! Matches!” the little girl cried in a low voice. No one heard her when they were passing by. She didn?t sell any matches and no one gave her a coin. The wind was blowing strongly and the snow was falling down on her long hair. She felt cold and hungry.

Lights were shining from every window. But the little girl was afraid to go home without selling one box of matches, because her father would beat her. “ Ah, a burning match may warm me up!” she thought. She lit three

matches. When the matches were burning , she saw a warm stove, a delicious roast goose and a beautiful Christmas tree. But all these disappeared when the flames went out. Then she lit a fourth match. A kind old woman was standing there.

“ Grandmother ! ” cried the little girl, “ Take me with you.” Her grandmother held the girl in her arms.

On the morning of the new year, the girl was lying against the wall, dead. 风清月朗 2014-4-30

Mozart—the Wonderful Boy

Do you know Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? The great composer, Mozart, started writing music when he was just a little boy. Here?s a story about Mozart when he was a child.

Father Mozart used to give his daughter, Nannerl , music lessons on the piano. And little Wolfgang Mozart was in the room . He watched and listened to

every note his sister played . One day ,when her lesson was over ,he asked ,” May I have a lesson, papa?”

“Your are too little!“said Father Mozart.

When Father Mozart and Nannerl, left the room, little Wolfgang went up to the piano and pressed the keys. He smiled. The music sounded beautiful. Father Mozart heard him and came to see him. Wolfgang was playing well without any help. Father Mozart decided to give his little boy music lessons. Soon Wolfgang played as well as his big sister, Nannerl. He learned so quickly that his father was very happy. But when Wolfgang started to write music by himself, Father Mozart was very surprised .No one could believe that a little boy of five could write such beautiful music. He was an amazing child, a born musician.

风清月朗制作 2014-4-30

The monkey and the moon

One day, a little monkey is playing by the well. He looks in the well and shouts : “Oh! My god! The moon has fallen into the well!”

An older monkeys runs over, takes a look, and says, “Goodness me! The moon is really in the water!” Another older monkey comes over. He is very surprised as well and cries out,“The moon is in the well.”

A group of monkeys run over to the well . They look at the moon in the well and shout: “The moon did fall into the well! Come on! Let?s get it out!”

Then, the oldest monkey hangs on the tree up side down with his feet on the branch . And he pulls the next monkey?s feet with his hands.

All the other monkeys follow his suit. And they join each other one by one down to the moon in the well.

Just before they reach the moon, the oldest monkey raises his head and happened to see the moon in the sky. He yells excitedly “Don?t be so foolish! The moon is still in the sky!”



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