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Interest and Hobby(兴趣 与爱好)

Step 1. Let’s write from memory. (默写)
喜欢———like 不喜欢——dislike 讨厌———hate 热爱——love 更喜欢——prefer 爱好——hobby 兴趣———interest 跳舞——dance 游泳———swim 滑冰——skate 唱歌———sing 跑步——run 绘画———draw 去钓鱼—go fishing 看报/杂志——read newspapers / magazines 玩电脑游戏—computer games 集邮——collect stamps 放风筝——fly kites 听收音机——listen to the radio 下棋——play chess 上网——surf the Internet

去划船——go boating 去野餐——go for a picnic 看电影——go to the movies / see a film 爬山—climb mountains 购物——go shopping 观光——go sightseeing 照相——take photos 和某人聊天——chat with sb. 喜欢……胜于——prefer…to… 弹钢琴/拉小提琴——play the piano / violin 对…….感兴趣——be interested in… 我喜欢做运动保持身体健康。 ——I like doing sports to keep healthy. 我爸爸对阅读感兴趣。 ——My father is interested in reading. 弹钢琴使我放松而且快乐。 ——Playing the piano makes me relaxed and happy.

Step 2. Let’s choose the right answer. (完形填空)
My hobby is collecting stamps. When I began, I collected the stamps all 1 , but there were too many, so

now I collect only Chinese and American ones, 2 I have friends in America, and I live in China. Some of my stamps are very nice, and they are all interesting. When you look at stamps carefully, they 3 you 4 about the history of their countries. My younger brother’s hobby is watching trains. He
goes 5 our station, and watches them there. When a train goes through the station, he writes 6 its name and

number. He likes watching trains very much, but I don’t. I went to the station with him one day, but it isn’t interesting, I thought. My sister’s hobby is sewing. She hasn’t got a sewing machine, but she sews with my mother’s. Sometimes she sews 7 hands, too. She makes 8 her clothes and when I tear my trousers, I take them

9 her and she mends them.
My father has a hobby, too. It’s gardening. Every Saturday afternoon and Sunday, and sometimes 10 other summer evenings too, he digs, or plants flowers, or cuts the grass.


) 1.A. country C. countries

B. countrys D. the country

( ( (

) 2.A. when
C. where ) 3.A. say C. tell ) 4.A. a lot C. a little ) 5.A. with

B. because
D .which B. speak D. teach B. a few D. many B. to

C. in

D. for

( ( ( (

) 6.A. to

B. up

C. down
) 7.A. use

D. on
B. with

C. in
) 8.A. most C. the most ) 9.A. away C. off

D. on
B. most of D. the most of B. up D. to


) 10.A. on
C. at

B. in
D. about

Step 3. Let’s fill in the blanks. (看图填空)
Mr. Brown is one of my friends. He likes running. He can also run very fast and likes to show people
fast he can run. One day, a thief got into his house 2 , took some of his things and ran ou

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