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哆啦A梦 3

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? Nobita poor in all respects so that affect the future of posterity living. So Nobita's posterity bring Doraemon to help Nobita. ? The cartoon is full of fun and attract many people.


Do you know them ?

Computer pen 电脑笔

Gulliver tunnel 格列佛隧道

Memory Bread 记忆面包

Angels lead the way 引路天使

Arbitrary door 任意门

Bamboo dragonfly 竹蜻蜓

?Bring Doraemon's magic props,go into Doraemon 's world.

Character attributes card
Honegawa Suneo 小夫

Kouta Takeshi 胖虎
Minamoto Sizuka 静香

Nobi Nobita 大雄 Doraemon 哆啦A梦

? Doraemon is a very cute blue machine cat .He has a round head, big mouth, chubby body and short legs. His neck hung a small golden bell . ? Doraemon has a name, called tinker bell. He loves to eat causeway to burn very much . ? Doraemon is a universal doraemon, when in trouble,he can help his master Nobi Nobita resolve the crisis, he is not only clever, but also brave .He uses everything in his bag well .His bag has everything what is helpful for you .

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