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? 他昨晚聚会迟到了。 He was late for the party yesterday evening. ? 我恐怕我不明白。 I’m afraid I don’t understand. ? 我的数学老师想让我做写额外的作业。 My Maths teacher wants me to do some extra homework. ? 顺便问一下,你需要帮助吗?

? funny adj. 有趣的,滑稽的 ? ugly adj. 丑陋的

? compact n. 带镜的化妆盒 ? powder n. 香粉

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

登上 一位中年男人 一个八岁的男孩 坐在窗户附近 问关于数学的问 题 坐在电视对面 拿出 开始化妆 收起来/放好 慈祥的笑着

get on a middle-aged man an eight-year-old boy sit near the window ask questions about Maths sit opposite the TV take out begin to make up (one’s face) put away smile kindly

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

excited get on middle-aged opposite curiously funny powder compact 盒 ? kindly ? ugly ? amused

adj. 兴奋的 登上 adj. 中年的 prep.在……对面 adv.好奇地 adj. 可笑的,滑稽的 n. 香粉 n. 带镜的化妆 adv. 和蔼地 adj. 丑陋的 adj. 有趣的

1我决定带他乘火车去 2 她以前从来没有乘火车去过 3 她对她所看到的一切总是要问个明白 4 那位妇女穿着一件蓝色的大衣,戴着 一顶大而滑稽的帽子 1 I decide to take her by train 2 She had never travelled on a train 3 She asked questions about everything she saw 4 The lady was dressed in a blue coat, and a large , funny hat

1 火车开出车站后,那位妇女打开了 手提包,拿出了一个粉盒 2 她放好了粉盒,慈祥的微笑着 1 After the train had left the station the lady opened the handbag and took out he power compact 2 She put away her power and smile kindly

Lesson 141 Sally’s first train ride

Watch the video and answer these questions:
1. How old is Sally? She is four years old. four-year-old daughter 2. Why did Sally’s mother decide to take her by train? Because Sally had never travelled on a train before. 3. Where did Sally sit? She sat near the window. 4. What did the lady do after the train had left the station?
She opened her handbag and took out her powder compact.

5. Did Sally think the lady was beautiful? No, she thought that the lady was still ugly. 6. How did Sally’s mother feel? She felt embarrassed.

Passive Voice 被动语态

被动语态: 主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者,宾 语是动作的承受者。当动作的承受者作主语时, 就构成被动语态。 构成: be+动词的过去分词 1. We speak English. (主动语态) English

is spoken

一 般 现 在 时 的 被 by us. (被动语态) 动 语 some cakes. 态

Some cakes are made by mother.

2. They year.


ten computers last

Ten computers were bought (by them) last year. 一般过去时:S+was/were +过去分词

3.They will finish the work in ten days. The work will be finished (by them)

in ten days.
一般将来时: S+ will+be+过去分词


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