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Sesame Opens the Door

Long ago, two brothers live in a village. The elder brother was very rich, but the younger brother was very poor. The rich brother reluctantly helped his poor younger brother. The younger brother depended on selling grain for his living. He had a difficult time making a living. His wife and child were often hungry.

Once the younger brother pushed his cart of grain and passed by a big mountain. It was strange that it was bare only stones were everywhere. In a gaze, he saw 12 men come from the foot of the hill. They were tall and loud. The younger brother guessed that they were robbers. And he quickly hid the cart in the bush. He climbed up a big tree and watched them. They reached the foot of the mountain and called, “Sesame, sesame. Open the door!” The mountain split open. The 12 men walked into it. Then the mountain door closed again. In a while, the mountain door opened again, and the 12 men walked out. They returned the bright place again. Only one man said, “Sesame, close the door!” Soon, after the mountain door again closed without any trace. And the 12 men walked away. When they were gone, the younger brother jumped down from the tree and also shouted at the mountain, “Sesame, sesame. Open the door!” The mountain split in front of him and he walked into the cave. He saw a bright light glowing. There were piles of gold and jewelry everywhere. He thought for a while. He filled the sacks with gold, he didn’t touch the jewelry. And then walked out the mountain. He said to the door, “Sesame, Sesame. Close!” The mountain closed immediately. He pushed his cart home. From then on, his wife and child didn’t need to worry, and he often helped the poor.

Very quickly, the money was used up. He walked into the mountain again. He didn’t touch the jewels, he just filled the sacks with gold. The third time, he thought he should take more. So he went to the house of his elder brother to borrow a large bamboo basket. The elder brother was puzzled by his younger brother’s sudden richness. When taking the large bamboo basket, he secretly smeared pitch underneath it. When the younger brother returned it, he discovered a gold coin on the pitch. He ran immediately to the house of his younger brother and asked, “What did you put in the basket you borrowed from me?” The reply of the younger brother was “Grain.” The elder brother pointed at the basket base, showed the younger brother and said, “Tell me the truth, otherwise, I’ll send you into prison!” The younger brother had to tell him the truth.

The next day, the elder brother mounted to a horse and planned to transport all the wealth to his own home. He went into the mountain very smoothly. He decided to take the diamond first. He tried to pack a lot. But he was too excited to remember the formula for him to step out of the door. The more worried he was, the more confused he got. He forget the code, so that he couldn’t come out.

Just then, those robbers returned. They discovered the elder brother. The robbers laughed and said, “You are so bold. You dared to steal from robbers and even stole for three times.” The elder brother quickly tried to explain but the robbers didn’t believe him and cut him into pieces and buried him.

After that, nobody dared to go into that bare mountain again.




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