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By shadow 2014/03/19

Beauteous white roses are blooming peacefully in the wizard’s secret garden. Someone could hear the voice of blooming while someone might see the sequel fading.
secret ['si:kr?t] n.秘密,奥秘 adj.秘密的,机密的 sequel ['si:kw?l] 继续,续集;结局,结果,后果

It was said there is a circulation of love in this world , the only thing can be seen is the beginning but no ending . Someone wants to make a start whereas someone wants finish. It is all like that.
[? s?:kj??le ? ?n]
n.流通,传播,循环 然而,尽管

[? we?r? ? z]

Ali is moving on in this world for a long long time even cross over dreams . No matter how long the journey is ,how dark during the night , from the bottom of his heart. There are his parents warmly accompany.

Holding you in my arms and falling asleep just like holding Major JNocturne . My breath is full of flarour of yours. How deep your dream is as if your will never wake up again and it is called fate. flarour [? fle?v?(r)]n.风味,气味,滋味

vt.给…增加香味,给… 调味

I believe I was the ugly duckling , even without the swam fate , I also have happy life.

I believe that the relatives who passed away will become stars ,look us in the sky.
mysterious m??st ??ri?s]

I believe that thick snow must bury mysterious kingdom centuries ago.

I believe that life is no rehearsals stage , we should try our best to play a good role until the stage end.

rehearsals [ri?h ?:s?l]

I believe time is the best cure.

I believe I will meet my love in a corner.

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