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The Little Match-Girl

It was so cold and snowing .The last evening of the old year was drawing in. Though the cold and dark, a poor little girl, with bare head and feet, was wandering along the road.


She carried a small bundle of matches in her hand, and a good many more in her tattered['t?t?d] apron['epr?n]. No one had bought from her the whole day; no one had given her a half penny. Hungry and frozen,she went away.Looking so upset. Poor little thing.


Lights were shinning off all the windows, and it was a lovely smell of roast goose all down the street, making her even hungrier..


Her little hands were almost dead with cold. Oh,a little match may help. she drew one

out,.Pushing.How bright! How it burnt.it gave warm bright flame, just like a little candle.It was a wonderful light.The little girl felt she was sitting in front of a great iron-stove, the fire was burning so cheerfully! And the warm was so comforty. But the fire died away. The stove disappeared. And she was sitting there with the burnt match in her hand.


Another match was struck; it burnt and blazed, and when the light fell the apartment, the wall became transparent like a veil. She could see rght into the room . A table was covered with a shining-white cloth, and there was a roast goose stuffed with plums and apples .They seemed

deliciouslly.Sundenlly the goose jumped down the dish, and went straigt over to the poor girl. Then the match was burnt out, and there was nothing to see,but the thick,cold wall.


She again rubbed a match on the wall, and the light shone round her. And in the brightness stood her old grandnny, so brighten and shinning, so wonderfully and kind. "Grandnny," cried the little girl, "Oh, take me with you; I know you will go away when the matches go out; you will go away just like the warm stove and the lovely roast goose.Grandnny,take me with you!" Grandnny took the little girl in her arms, and they flew away in brightness and joy, high, high up towards the heaven.,and there was no more cold and no more hunger and no more pain.They were with God. 她又在墙上擦了一根火柴,火光把她四周照亮了。她的老祖母就出现在那在亮光里,清晰而又明亮。她看起来依然是那么的慈爱和温和。“奶奶!”小家伙叫起来,“啊!把我带走吧!我知道这火柴一熄灭,你就会象温暖的炉火,香喷喷的烤鹅一样不见的!奶奶,把我带走吧!”奶奶把小姑娘抱起来,搂在怀里。她们俩在光明和快乐飞走了,越飞越高,飞到既没有寒冷,又没有饥饿和痛苦的地方,因为她们来到了天堂。

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