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Humor doesn't typically come to mind in the same breath as depression. But humor can be an important ally in getting beyond the rigidity of thinking that accompanies depression and keeps people locked into a depressed state of mind. One goal of cognitive therapy is to change your perspective, your point of view. Humor is one way to change your view viscerally—and enjoyably.


Cultivating a humorous mindset helps you see yourself and any situation with a more supple mind so that you are not locked into a negative view. Depression is both caused by and causes the inability to see options and choices we otherwise would.


Humor fosters acceptance of our humanness and our foibles. It is not sarcasm or put-downs. What we are looking for is gentle, playful perspective that embraces humanness but never at the expense of others—or of ourselves. The goal is not to take life too seriously.


So how to foster good humor?


Choose to allow yourself to laugh at your own behaviors and beliefs—but not at yourself. Make that distinction clearly.


See your life not as a distraught drama but as a romantic comedy. Recognize the inherent farce-like quality in situations including sex and relationships.


Cultivating humor not only makes life more bearable, it makes you more attractive to others. Study upon study shows that a sense of humor is high up on the list of traits that most people seek in a partner.


Insert silliness. Fill your life with one goofy thing a day. Make an unusual observation about

someone. Or do something you normally wouldn't do. Wear something silly. You will learn that nothing terrible happens—and you may also discover that something good often happens. 做点蠢事。每天都做点蠢事。对别人进行与众不同的观察,或者做些你通常不会去做的事情,比如穿身愚蠢的衣服。你会发现,这不会有什么糟糕至极的事情发生——恰恰相反,常常会有好事情发生。

Puncture a rigid mindset with a mental exercise called "paradoxical intention."


Find the humor by saying, this makes me an utter wretch, a failure now and forever, a doomed and worthless subhuman, because I didn't get the part that I wanted or my partner isn't giving me the attention I want. Get into the exaggeration until you see the absurdity of seeing yourself as a "total failure."


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