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I have always been a huge fan of Disney movies, but "Frozen" has exceeded my expectations and totally frozen me to the lowest degree. This movie will take you to the world where both beautiful and dark magic lies. Talking about the movie, Disney has changed the definition of love through their wonderful story. Frozen is a complete entertaining movie that has many funny, sad and jaw dropping moments. As far as animation concerns, you don't to worry about that when you are watching a movie created by Disney. Frozen offers exceptionally good animation and characters so far created by any production company. The most hilarious character you will find in this movie is 'Olaf'; he will make you laugh out loud with every dialogue. The movie delivers splendid animation, beautiful world of ice and a very important message for all of us. Frozen is a complete 3D family show for all genders and truly deserves an Oscar.有些人值得我融化”,真爱并不一定是爱情

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