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Lin Huaqin

The Origin of
Chinese characters
According to legend, a man called Cang Jie(仓 颉) had four eyes and he used his own eyes, observed all directions. And he invented a symbolic system called Zi — Chinese characters.

The Development of Chinese characters
the Oracle bone script 甲骨文

Dazhuan 大篆

li shu 隶书

Regular script 楷书

Chinese characters improve themselves Cursive script constantly to adapt to the changing times. 草书 At the same time, it has made tremendous (极大的) contributions to Chinese culture

the Oracle bone script 甲骨文

The oldest Chinese inscriptions are the Oracle bone script (BC.14-11). However, it should be noted that these 1,400 logographs include most of the commonly used ones.

The Script can also be called as "Script of Qin", which derived from "Dazhuan" .

大 篆

It was said that Li Si compiled and The Script emerged finally.

程 邈

In order to make writing more time-saving, Cheng Mao invented a new form which was appreciated by The First Emperor.

Regular script 楷书

It’s said that the Regular script (楷书) emerged in the Later Han period. It is a kind of more beautiful and simpler form and could set an good example for writing. So it is called “Kaishu” in Chinese.

It became popular in the Jin Dynasty (晋朝)as we know the famous calligraphers such as Wang Xizhi (王羲之), Wang Xianzhi(王献之) .

Cursive script 草书

Cursive script


Maybe the Cursive script emerged at the end of the Later Han period. The strokes are vivid and continuous. For writing of the Regular script was not time-saving enough and the Running script was hard to recognize, people invented this new form.

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