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"I aspire to be, in Montgomery County, the one-stop-shop [the place for readers to go]for information in Montgomery County. You want to know what is going on crime wise,click the Montgomery County Sentinel. I want to go out to eat tonight, the MontgomeryCounty Sentinel. But instead of picking it up in our newspaper, go to our Web site," hesaid.

Mark Jorkowitz with The Project for Excellence in Journalism agrees. "They are prettywell positioned," Jorkowitz said. "I mean, the idea of having a specialized niche, ofproviding a specialized product, news product that other people don't provide is goingto be very much important and very much a precious commodity."

Karem says online readership is steadily increasing. The Sentinel is still financiallydependent on advertising in the print version. He is looking for new online advertisers."I think there is growth in this industry and I think there is room in this industry. And Ithink this industry will survive," he said.

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