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Favourite carrots

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egg sandwich coke milk juice What’s my favorite food? I like egg, milk, juice…… But I like sandwich very much! So…… Sandwich is my favorite food. What’s your favorite food? Ask your partner and write it down! Answer the question. carrot He is They are . . Honey is . Candy is . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1、Rabbit eats for breakfast every morning. A、eggplants B、carrots C、tomatoes 2、Everything looks very . A、tasty B、delicious C、yummy 3、He eats egg, but it’s too . A、dry B、wet C、salty 4、He drinks milk, but it’s . A、sweet B、dry C、funny One morning, rabbit is very . So he jumps on the table and tastes the food one by one. He eats eggs, but it’s too . He eats a sandwich, but it’s too . He taste , but it’s too sweet. He drinks , but it’s . He doesn’t like any of them. He loves . Carrot are his . 1. Do you think the rabbit have a good habit to eat? 2. Why? 3.What can we learn from the text? What do you eat for breakfast? Name egg Rabbit √ juice bread milk √ √ sandwich water √ Write down your daily meal Meal Favorite What do you eat? food How many? sandwich Example:eggs(two), sandwich(three), milk (one) breakfast lunch supper 1、Read the passage three times. 2、写作文:According to your daily meal, choose one part (breakfast/lunch/supper) to write.

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