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风水:Fengshui; geomantic omen

阳历:solar calendar

阴历:lunar calendar

闰年:leap year


春节:the Spring Festival

元宵节:the Lantern Festival

清明节:the Tomb-sweeping Day

端午节:the Dragon-boat Festival

中秋节:the Mid-autumn Day

重阳节:the Double-ninth Day

七夕节:the Double-seventh Day

春联:spring couplets

春运:the Spring Festival travel

把中国的汉字“福”字倒贴在门上(听起来像是福到)预示新年有好运:turn the Chinese character for luck (fu) upside down to make “dao”(which sounds like arrival) and put it on your door to bring in good fortune for the new year

庙会:temple fair


年画:(traditional) New Year pictures

压岁钱:New Year gift-money

舞龙:dragon dance

舞狮:lion dance

元宵:sweet sticky rice dumplings

花灯:festival lantern

灯谜:lantern riddle

食物对于中国佳节来说至关重要,但甜食对于农历新年特别重要,因为他们能让新的一年更加甜蜜。 Food is central to all Chines festivals, but sugary snacks are especially important for Lunar New Year, since they sweetne up prospects for the coming year. 传统的佳节食物包括年糕、八宝饭、饺子、果脯和瓜子。

Traditional holiday treats include nian gao (rice pudding), ba bao fan (eight treasure rice), jiao zi (crispy dumplings), candied fruits and seeds.

四合院:Siheyuan/ Quadrangle



剪纸:Paper Cutting



象形文字:Pictograms/Pictographic Characters 偏旁:radical

战国:Warring States

人才流动:Brain Drain/Flow

铁饭碗:Iron Bowl

黄土高原:Loess Plateau

红白喜事:Weddings and Funerals

儒家文化:Confucian Culture


火锅:Hot Pot

《诗经》:the Book of Songs

《史记》:Historical Records/ Records of the Grand Historian

《西游记》:The Journey to the West

唐三彩:Tri-color Pottery of the Tang Dynasty/ The Tang Tri-colored Pottery



京剧:Beijing Opera/Peking Opera

秦腔:Crying of Qin People/Qin Opera

相声:Cross-talk/ Comic Dialogue

电视小品:TV Sketches/TV Skit

太极拳:Tai Chi

天坛:Altar of Heaven in Beijing

故宫博物馆:The Palace Museum

敦煌莫高窟:Mogao Caves

小吃摊:Snack Bar/Snack Stand

春卷:Spring Roll(s)

莲藕:Lotus Root

北京烤鸭:Beijing Roast Duck

门当户对:Perfect Match/ Exact Match

《水浒》:Water Margin/Outlaws of the Marsh 文房四宝(笔墨纸砚):”The Four Treasure of the Study”/ “Brush, Ink-stick, Paper, and Ink-stone” 兵马俑:Cotta Warriour/ Terracotta Army

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