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Let me tell you some

about U.S. TV series


tv is broadcasted in the form of season. ◎ One season usually has 20~30 episode.
◎ It ◎ The

is broadcasted one episode a week.

Emmy awards(美国电视剧艾美奖 ) which is usually held in Sept. marked the opening of the new broadcasting season from Sept. to April (the following year).

it come to the Festivals and big events like Christmas and Olympic games , the series will go off air for Weeks even months.
◎ Audience

◎ When

ratings is very important . When a series have a low audience rating , the series will be cut

The Vampire Diaries

It's about a family love, friendship and love story. Because the protagonist is two vampire and a human. Elena Gilbert is a seventeen year old girl, she has two good friends Bonnie, Caroline. In seventeen day she met Stefan and his brother Damon, the most surprising thing they actually is the legendary vampire. They had another breathtaking, each other between affection become more strong.

? Vampire(吸血鬼)

? Werewolf(狼人)

? Hybrid(吸血鬼和狼人的混血)

? Doppelganger(二重身)

? Witch(女巫)

? Traveler(旅行者)

Two Broke Girls

she comes from a poor working-class family.

was born rich but is now disgraced and penniless due to her father.

Their dream

? That's your brand. The muscle and the hustle. The double-D's and the ditz. (这是你们的招牌。一个勤奋一个瞎忙活。波霸姐和无 脑妹) ? That temp place is soul-sucking, And I didn't even know I had a soul to suck. (这临时工简直是在折磨姐的灵魂,而且咱居然还有灵 魂能被折磨.) ? You know, every time I come here, I'm surprised yo u're still open. (每次我来这,都很惊讶这店居然还没有倒闭)



Leonard Raj




CCTV dubbed the big bang

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