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英文歌 (2)

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1.《dying the sun》2.《yesterday》3.《let it be》4.《don't cry》5.《a love before time》6.《Je m appelle》7.《prtty boy 》8.《eversleeping》9.《just one last dance 》10.《never had a dream come true》

1、Give Me Jesus-- Fernando Ortega;2、Lullaby-- David Roth;3、The Promise-- Secret Garden;4、Bandari-- Annie’s Wonderland;5、The Cranberries—Dying in the sun;6、Savage Garden—Two beds and a coffee Machine。

1.《lonely》2.《going home》3.《Lemon Tree》4.《just anther》5.《Never Grow Old》6.《More Than I Can Say》7.《more than love 》8.《long long way to go》9.《It's a Heartache》10.《I want it that way》

①《lubov 》,②《this love》③《you don‘t belong》④《relax,take it easy》⑤《right here 》⑥《bye bye baby (remastered album version) 》⑦《say i love you 》⑧《sorry》

1.《catch me if i fall》2.《how to love》3.《until you》4.《as long as you love me》5.《my happy ending》6.《i'm not going anywhere》7.《smile》8.《 i will come to you》9.《cut》10.《eternal flame》

1.《she》2.《I love you》3.《breaking free》4.《god is a girl》5.《I think of you》6.《only love》7.《everytime you kiss me》8.《moonlight shadow》9.《as long as you love me》10.《far away from home》

1.《Yeah 》2.《All Rise》3.《Sometimes》4.《Losing Grip》5.《Skater Boy》6.《Swear It Again》7.《Nobodys Fool》8.《Too Much To Ask》9.《When The Angels Sing》10.《Because You Loved Me》

《Everybody》--Ingrid Michaelson;《Mmmbop》—Hanson;《Let The Sun Shine In》—Frente;《Me And You》--Lucky Twice ;《I Remember》—Mocca;《Josephine’s Shop》--My Little Airport;《Whap-Pa(Original)》—Radu

1.《Realize》2.《Amarantine》3.《I See You》4.《Day Too Soon》5.《Need You Now》6.《Stupid In Love》7.《When You're Mad》8.《The Climb》9.《You Belong With Me》10.《Welcome To My Life》

1.《Beat It》2.《Slow Rumer》3.《Eskimo Kiss》4.《Oceanside》5.《If I Were You Tamia》6.《Don’t Ever Donna Lewis》7.《Whatever You Like》8.《Let them come》9.《Echo Off the Sky》10.《Cried Me A River》

①《Bubbly》—Colbie Caillat;②《Cry on my shoulder》--Melissa McClelland;③《Take a now》—Rihanna;④《Who says》—John Mayer;⑤《Just one last dance》—Sarah Conner;⑥《Angle》—Sarah Mclachlan

1.《eh eh》2.《superman》3.《come on over》4.《breakaway》5.《second time around》6.《if you come to me》7.《not like the movies》8.《jump then fall》9.《back to december》10.《my boyfriends jeans》

1.《Mad》2.《My All》3.《Craigie hill》4.《If I Were A Boy》5.《Need You Now》6.《I Got You》7.《I Look To You》8.《Butterfly Fly Away》9.《Butterfly Fly Away》10.《We Can Work It Out》

1.《Feel》2.《Five Days》3.《Breakaway》4.《forgotten》5.《Because of you》6.《I'm With You》7.《trave

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