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1.Hercules and the waggoner

A waggoner was once driving a heavy load on a very muddy road.

Suddenly the wheels of the wagon sank into the mire, and the horse could not pull them out.

The waggoner threw down his whip. He knelt down and prayed to Hercules. “Hercules, help me,please,“ he said.

But Hercules appeared to him, and said, “Man, don?t kneel there. Get up and put your shoulder to the wheel.“






2.The two pots

There were two pots on the bank of a river. One was made of brass, and the other was made of clay.

When the water rose they both floated off down the river. The earthen pot tried to stay away from the brass one.

So the brass pot cried out, "Fear nothing, friend, I will not hit you."

"But I may come in contact with you," said the earthen pot. "If I come too close, whether I hit you or you hit me, I shall suffer for it." After that the earthen pot floated away.




●“但是我有可能会和你接触,”瓦锅对铜锅说,“如果我离你太近,无论是你碰到我,或者是我自己不小心碰到你,我都会碎的。” ●然后,瓦锅就漂走了。

3.The milkmaid and her pail

A milkmaid was going to the market. She carried her milk in a pail on her head.

As she went along she began calculating what she would buy after she had sold the milk.

"I?ll buy a new dress, and when I go to the ball, all the young men will dance with me!"

As she spoke she tossed her head back. The pail immediately fell off her head, and all the milk was spilt.

The girl went back without anything. She felt very sad. "Ah, my child," said her mother. "Do not count your chickens before they are







4.The young thief and his mother

A young man was caught stealing, and sentenced to death three days later.

He wanted to speak with his mother before the execution. Of course this was granted.

When his mother came to him, he said, "I want to tell you something." He said something but she could not hear. He whispered again, and when she came close to him, she put her ear to his mouth. He nearly bit off her ear. All the bystanders were horrified.

"It is to punish her," he said. "When I was young I began stealing little things, and brought them home to mother. "Instead of punishing me, she laughed and said, ?It will not be noticed.? It is because of her that I am

here today."






5.The eagle and the arrow

An eagle was flying in the sky. As soon as it saw a rabbit, it swooped down on its prey.

Suddenly it was hit by an arrow.

It fluttered slowly down to the earth, and blood was pouring from the wound.

When the eagle looked down, he found that the shaft of the arrow was feathered with one of its own plumes.“Alas!”it cried.“We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.”






6.The miser and his gold

Once upon a time there was a miser. He hid his gold under a tree. Every week he used to dig it up.

One night a robber stole all the gold. When the miser came again, he found nothing but an empty hole.

He was surprised, and then burst into tears.All the neighbors gathered around him.

He told them how he used to come and visit his gold.

"Did you ever take any of it out?" asked one of them. "No," he said, "I only came to look at it." "Then come again and look at the hole," said the neighbor, "it will be the same as looking at the gold."



●一天晚上,一个小偷挖走了所有的金块。 守财奴再来查看时,发现除了一个空洞什么都没有了。



●问明了原因后,一个邻居问:“你使用过这些金块吗?” “没用过,” 他说,“我只是时常来看看。”“那么,以后再来看这个洞,”邻居说,“就像以前有金块时一样。”

7.The fox and the lion

When the fox first saw the lion he was terribly frightened. He ran away, and hid himself in the woods.

The second time, however, he came near the lion. He stopped at a safe distance, and watched him pass by.

The third time they came near one another.

The fox went straight up to the lion, and stayed the whole day with him. He asked the lion how his family was, and when they would meet again.

They soon became good friends.


●狐狸第一次见到狮子时非常害怕,赶紧藏到森林里。 ●当他第二次遇到狮子时,则站在附近看狮子经过。



8.The goose with the golden eggs

One morning a countryman went to his goose?s nest, and saw a yellow and glittering egg there.

He took the egg home. To his delight, he found that it was an egg of pure gold.

Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs.

The countryman became more and more greedy. He wanted to get all the gold at once, so he killed the goose, when he looked inside, he found nothing in its body.


●一天早晨,一位农夫发现自家的鹅窝中有一只金灿灿的蛋。 ●他将蛋带回家,惊喜地发现这是一个金蛋。



9.Belling the cat

Long ago, there was a big cat in the house. He caught many mice while they were stealing food.

One day the mice had a meeting to talk about the way to deal with

their common enemy. Some said this, and some said that.

At last a young mouse got up, and said that he had

a good idea.

"We could tie a bell around the neck of the cat. Then when he comes near, we can hear the sound of the bell, and run away."

Everyone approved of this proposal, but an old wise mouse got up and said, "That is all very well, but who will tie the bell to the cat?" The mice looked at each other, but nobody spoke.


●从前,一所房子里面有一只大猫,他抓住了很多偷东西的老鼠。 ●一天,老鼠在一起开会商量如何对付他们共同的敌人。会上大家各有各的主张,最后,一只小老鼠站出来说他有一个好主意。 ●“我们可以在猫的脖子上绑一个铃铛,那么如果他来到附近,我们听到铃声就可以马上逃跑。”


10.The hare and the tortoise

The hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals. "I have never been beaten," he said, "when I run at full speed, no one is faster than me."

The tortoise said quietly, "I will race with you." "That is a good joke," said the hare. "I could dance around you the whole way."

The race started. The hare darted almost out of sight at once. He soon stopped and lay down to have a nap.

The tortoise plodded on and on. When the hare awoke from his nap, he saw the tortoise was near the finish line, and that he had lost the race. ●兔子向动物们夸耀他的速度,“我从来没有失败过,”他说,“当我奔跑时,没有人比我更快。”




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